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Day 1 Pre-Show

Good morning, internet and welcome to corral painting with jeremy sutton right here on creative life. This is sally dominguez. Why on um evelyn danford, we're going to be your host for the following three days of this jam packed course, we have a lot to learn in the next three days. I'm really excited, really super excited about this, just having a look at the artwork around the room may excited little and what we're about to learn. Yeah, definitely a lot of creativity is gonna be flowing through this room over the next three days. Well, listen, guys, we're going to do about five minutes of pre show just to test our audio and video levels, make sure you can see if I'm here it's alright, make sure you jump in those chat rooms we want to hear from you. We want to know that everything's working properly so jump in there and let us know also where you're joining us from the love to give you guys shout out yeah also let us know what your experience is being with coral painter jeremy's colto...

n, I what what you're up to in terms of your experience and then we can convey to him, will you from and what you're thinking, what you're hoping for from this course I jump on those chat rooms and please let us know absolutely way all right, but we're going to start with our studio audience so I'm gonna ask if you could let us know your name where you're from, how we find you online if if you're online and what your experience level has been to diet with coral pinta let's take it away hi, my name is barbie catholic and I live here in the san francisco bay area from morgan hill, california and you can find me at images by becae I started with carell painter nine moved to ten and I'm mohr just self taught have taken a few classes and now I've just upgraded tio painter x three and I'm so excited to learn from the master in these next three days. Thank you, I'm giselle bonds I operate a boutique portrait studio in oakland positive images dot biz online my twitter handle is miss bonds m z is a zebra and I was introduced to paint her with version eight and I've had multiple opportunities to study jeremy and I can't wait to see what thirteen has to offer great thank you! Hi, I'm married day chardin and I'm from the san francisco bay area also I look down and you're stanford university in portola valley um I also I started with carell painter with version eight and a number of years ago I did take a workshop with jeremy at the studios andi I kind of haven't used it in a while so this is like a refresher for me and starting teo die back in and very excited for the next three days and excited to be with jeremy he's a great instructor I think we're all excited to be with jerry I'm paul to meson I'm from the south bay as well uh santa's a area silicon valley um and my handle would be to miss in portrait and I'm a professional photographer I've been a portrait photographer for a lot of years I met jeremy I don't know maybe ten years ago took many classes from him and I'm constantly studying and learning new things about painter realizing every time I take something I realized how little I really know about it and I've been dabbling with it for maybe twelve, fifteen years well we're glad you're here hi julie arizmendi and from clements california I'm really new to paint her and I need directions so that's why I'm here my brother in law's done some work with jeremy and raves about him that's why I'm here tj ransom and I'm a recent high school grad who was working on my portfolio and using painter too really step up my heart and I've actually had a long history of painter threw my mom actually since she's with their work and so I've just had it access with it since version eight andi I'm just now starting to really get into it. So I'm really excited. Great. I love that we have so many different experience levels as well. You know, someone you could definitely refresh on it. I think you mentioned that your refreshing, and they think all of us could do that at some point or another. Glad you're all here. Sally held out online. Who's joining way, have internationals online. This is exciting and a special call out to ninja, who is joining us from the philippines, where they have just survived the super typhoon and, uh, now, tuning into the show that's. Impressive way. Get couple time from southern oregon, just purchased. Kind of twelve. So exciting, bahamas. We have rice for I'm from seoul in south korea and golden, one from the bahamas. Welcome everyone and make sure you let us in a way from and what your experiences with girl pinta.

Class Description

Ready to explore the software program that’s changing the way photo art is created? Join creativeLIVE instructor Jeremy Sutton for an exploration of Corel Painter X3, a sophisticated tool for transforming photographs into fine art paintings. Drawing on his experience as a professional Painter artist, Jeremy will guide you step-by-step through the CorelPainter X3 interface and share his approach to painting from photo reference. Along the way, you’ll learn practical tips and shortcuts for using this powerful creative tool to its full potential in an efficient and empowering way. You’ll learn tips for choosing which of your images are best suited for photo painting and why. Jeremy will cover prepping images for painting, organizational systems that free you up to be creative, abstracting from the source, and resolving and refining your paintings. You’ll work with Painter’s brushes, paper textures, the new clone source and reference image panels, and more. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to enjoy painting with Corel Painter X3 and transforming your photographs into painterly artworks. All artwork samples shown are copyright 2013 Jeremy Sutton.



Excellent class, really loved watching and learning from Jeremy, only down side is the bonus material of a membership to Jeremy's Paint Box site and Creative Live ignoring my emails about my disappointment, so when you order this class, do not get your hope to high for the bonus material, other than that, Jeremy is a great teacher and his style of teaching is brilliant, lovely and pleasant to watch, highly recommended!