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Day 2 Pre-Show

Learning internet and welcome to intro to photo painting a creative approach with jeremy sutton right here in creative live today is day two we had a fun filled day yesterday not in a million and a I mean how incredible to see a master curl painter sit and draw on the spot incredible things incredible textures it was mind blowing I know and all the tip tip and tricks and right learning how to get in there and do it right yeah incredible fantastic well guys I didn't introduce ourselves originally but I'm evelyn danford and this is sally dominguez and they will be your hope we're going to do about five minutes a pre show just to test our audio and video levels make just make sure you guys can see us in here is all right and make sure you jump in there in the chat rooms and let us know where you're joining us from and let us know everything's working for you so anyone in the chat rooms that was a yes today we would love to hear what you loved from yesterday it was a it was an intense chat...

room there was a lot of on topic and off topic chats I just give us your thoughts and don't forget to let us know where you're from so we can send you messages to jeremy I'd also love to welcome out in studio audience in studio audience you two were fantastic yesterday so we're hoping to hear from you your name where you're from, how we find you online and what was your great takeaway from yesterday so I'm gonna go to the chat room and look for all of you to get into may, so to speak tonto images by b k and my takeaway from yesterday was I know I'm only supposed give one but I'm gonna give to the first is just the you jeremy rekindle just my excitement about painter and how to use this fabulous program and the second was that I can use this program that using his work space is going to make this so excellent for me and that's just my take home. Well, that's fine, we all had many take away so you can you can share more than what you have more than one feel free. So I married a show again and I'm from mid peninsula san francisco bay area and my big takeaway was yesterday the biggest one was just watching and learning, uh, remembering how to just be loose and free and play and not get hung up over not making a good mark, you know, just being playful with it and, uh, just enjoying enjoying the expression without getting hung up? Yeah, whether it's, good or not that's where the beauty and art comes from just being free, great I'm paul to listen, I'm from the south bay san jose area you can find me at two missing paintings dot com er I'm inspired all over again. It was like the first time I saw painter being used I can't wait to get back and used the things I learned yesterday love it. Thank you. Hi julie harris, mindy julius, mindy, photographer photography, dot com and what I got from yesterday's class was a better way to use the tools in the workspace and finding a little more organization. Great. Well, thank you I'm tj ransom and, uh, I'm from oakland here in the bay area, and my takeaway definitely has to be not to give up and that there's, no matter what trouble you find a painter there's always some way around it and always some way to use it to your advantage. Absolutely, absolutely thank you for that, sally, how mine way we have downey from wisconsin who couldn't make it yesterday but is super excited to be here this morning. We have pet cma from england, middlesbrough that's fantastic, so that's actually afternoon they're nice work keep with us all to the evening and says I loved it when he showed me how to drop all the lies it was so simple, yet I didn't know how to do it till then that's, right? And they're old pouring in now, so I can keep you up so amazing. Well, I'm glad everyone conjoined us from all over the place. It's, great to have everyone.

Class Description

Ready to explore the software program that’s changing the way photo art is created? Join creativeLIVE instructor Jeremy Sutton for an exploration of Corel Painter X3, a sophisticated tool for transforming photographs into fine art paintings. Drawing on his experience as a professional Painter artist, Jeremy will guide you step-by-step through the CorelPainter X3 interface and share his approach to painting from photo reference. Along the way, you’ll learn practical tips and shortcuts for using this powerful creative tool to its full potential in an efficient and empowering way. You’ll learn tips for choosing which of your images are best suited for photo painting and why. Jeremy will cover prepping images for painting, organizational systems that free you up to be creative, abstracting from the source, and resolving and refining your paintings. You’ll work with Painter’s brushes, paper textures, the new clone source and reference image panels, and more. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to enjoy painting with Corel Painter X3 and transforming your photographs into painterly artworks. All artwork samples shown are copyright 2013 Jeremy Sutton.



Excellent class, really loved watching and learning from Jeremy, only down side is the bonus material of a membership to Jeremy's Paint Box site and Creative Live ignoring my emails about my disappointment, so when you order this class, do not get your hope to high for the bonus material, other than that, Jeremy is a great teacher and his style of teaching is brilliant, lovely and pleasant to watch, highly recommended!