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Creative Tips & Tricks for Pages®

Let's talk just really briefly about different ways of using pages so this is an example of an envelope that I use quite often um and I have a file set up in my system where it's actually it's not a template but it's just a file and I should turn turning into a template to be honest but it has my logo my name, my address and the recipients name and address already pre populated minus the pretend stamp over there of course s o the ideas I open that file up and I entered the appropriate information and uh and throw the envelope in the printer and print it off and that saves me a lot of time and it saves me from looking very amateurish because I'm not handwriting the information on the envelope that looks pretty bad I know when I get business related male in the mail if it's handwritten I kind of doesn't look very official another really interesting way of using pages is something as simple as a bank deposit slip you know, if you're if you're doing lots of bank deposits then this is a rea...

lly cool way of using pages and actually let me just show you how because looking at this it's not clear how this all works together so let me just show you really quickly how I get to this point you can obviously see the the bank deposit slip back on then obviously my information is the is the customized text on the on the deposit slip so if we switch back over to my screen um I'll just open s o here I have the deposit slip file so this is actually what it looks like and I show you this because I want you to get a sense for how we're making the sausage and what it looks like and how you'd set this up because it might not be obvious and this is just one example of a lot of different creative ways these pages but in this case is just a siri's of text boxes you can see here is I select those I have text boxes and what I've done is I've gone into the arrange here and I have used the rotate feature and I have rotated each of these text boxes to fit on the check deposit slip um so it takes a little bit of tweaking you know you you design it where you think it might fit you printed out, put the deposit slip over top, hold it up and make sure the thing's lineup if it doesn't then maybe you know, shift things around in the file and eventually you get it right and for me because I do so many deposits um it just it makes that process so much easier sort of I'm not hand writing every single deposit slip in that way um so again it's not a big deal on dh like with everything else it's a lot of little things and it's all the creative type projects you can come up with that will help inspire your creativity and also helping to do some really interesting things with something that it's a word processor, right? But you could do some really cool things with we're processor what I love about about pages over something like microsoft word which does have a lot of features is the fact that it's streamlined to the point that it really does allow me to be creative it allows me to focus on the things that I want to focus on um so I'm going to strip down my toolbar toe what I want to see um I'm going to change things up so that it it looks the way I wanted to look it's got a really nice feature in here where I can I could maximize the screen to take up the full width and height of the display so at this point I am focused on that file any text messages that are coming in any emails, any alerts, anything like that that's coming in that normally visually attract my attention I can't see that because I'm now I'm focused on that document so there's a lot of really need simple things that that can help us toe get her job done um so let's, hear let's see here so some of the other interesting things that I personally have used for pages for I'm just going to show you a couple things just really fast, so because I work in the tech space, this is one thing that I do on a on a fairly frequent basis actually, this is a network diagram of acme incorporated, so I again, this is a word processor, but I'm using this t create a beautifully simple and easy to understand graphical representation of somebody's network so you can see the entry point of the network and you can see all the stuff that goes into making a network really interesting. So all of the stuff that we've talked about today between the objects and editing and the lines and you can see some of the pen tools down here, you're starting to see how that kind of works. A lot of that goes into making these sort of beautiful documents that when I pass this over to a client, they look at that and they say, wow, that is really easy to understand and it's just beautiful to look out not to the point may be that they're going to frame and hang it on their wall, although this one they should hanging on the wall, but you get the idea right? Um another just quick example is something like this right here so an elementary school on elementary school that our kids go to they wanted to streamline how the school bus pickup in parent pick up process works and they felt strongly enough that they wanted to bring someone like me in and say, can you help us help us to tell our story? Tio are our parents when they're picking up their kids? So I said, well, you know what? Let's let's make a map and so I made a map and all of the tools we've been talking about today and then someone we're still going to cover went into making this map so you can see we've got a real nice layout of the location we have arrows, we have lines we have, you know, by looking at this it's easy for parents to see, you know what that process looks like, so thes, they're just some of the examples you should you should see the number of objects that went into making this one work. What about you guys? Can you just based on what we talked about so far? Can you think of maybe some creative ways that you can use pages in a way that you haven't used it to this point? We're told one thing actually that comes to mind for me is that I do a lot of outdoor events where I'm selling my product and although there's always a vendor map available would actually be great to make something like this for where I am specifically located yeah so people can find me oh yeah that's a great idea that I was thinking like porter forms you know I don't know exactly how you do your orders but yes, something like that but they can fill out that's nice and formatted loving grant perfect how about you, john to can you I've got a couple ideas I can't quite articulate right now like it's been years of thinking about it yeah and that really is what what one of my objectives for for this class is is really just to get your creative juices flowing and and have you think about different ways of of using pages specifically in a way that that a lot of people don't don't think of and using some of the advanced features there are a couple of more things that I wanted to show you um let's close out of these real quick we do it lead ok, so let's go ahead and let's create a new document just so it's fresh and clean. So before we were talking about the toolbar, we talked about some of the buttons that made more sense to me that I use frequently and I I know john you talked about doing some photo shopped like editing, so I did want to show you how that works because there's there's a lot of a lot of benefit to that, so I'm going to take just any old file it's more and you know it just to be clear because I think this is really relevant it's not quite photoshopped like editing it's more that I know people use photoshopped to create image flyers and photo shop is way more powerful than they need it's just that they need this like really visual flyer with they're photography and images to make it look really good, right? But this actually you could make it live just a cz good and you can use your photography and your visual stuff and it's much simpler much yes and that really is the key is is it going to be not simple, right? Yeah, so when we talk about photo shop like um features let's go through a couple of those that I think I think you're you're thinking about your mind so first of all, what I'm going to do is highlight this picture, so this is just a picture and we're gonna open up the adjust feature here so there's a couple ways we could do that one is if we have the button on our toolbar, we can invoke that from the tool bar the other option is if we have the image selected and we have the format button pressed over here we can click on image, and then we can dio the enhanced button right here, which will take us to the same place. Oh, I'm sorry, the enhanced plan will do an automatic, an automatic adjustment based on what the system thinks the button next to it is where where we have the adjust image, um, features. So at this point, if you know anything about color levels, the top part will make sense to you just just by playing around weaken kind of slide these around, and it gives you an idea of some of the features that are available here. So again, if you do photo shop editing this, this will make sense to you if you don't, I would recommend just kind of playing with these features and and just, you know, see what works well for you and you might stumble on something brand new and make that part your workflow. You also have levels down here so you can change your exposure on the image. You can change the contrast, and I'm really doing a number on this file, but I'll show you how to reset that you can change the saturation in case you weren't saturated enough, which, by the way, you can go to black and white this way, so if you take your saturation all the way down you could do black and white or if you do, and I know this is, you know, a lot of people like this kind of washed out sort of look you khun, you can take your saturation all the way down to, like, a twenty percent level, and that gives you sort of a washed out look and feel to your image. You can also adjust your highlights here your shadows, your sharpness, you ca ndy noise. So if you take a picture with your camera and there's a high amount of noise because of the high, so settings for that particular shot, you can try and reduce some of that noise. So with a lot of this stuff really kind of becomes a very watered down version of photo shop in the sense of you're changing colors and and and sharpness and some of those things that a lot of people used to shop for, so and you can also adjust temperature intent. I've done a number on this file or on this image, so let's, let's, go and reset that, so to do that I can just at any time it doesn't have to be this time I could highlight that image come back in here and choose to reset that image, and now we're back to the original image ok that's pretty cool. I know people that use this a lot and when you're working with market material when you take images and embed them into a newsletter or flyer or something like that it takes so much time out of their work flow because they're not having to go into photoshopped first they'll have to crop anymore in photo shop because they can crop here in pages they don't have to edit the image the image colors where the saturation or any of that it's all done right here yeah, I'm really interested in using this for to create a wholesale line sheet um would you it's you know you would basically pick your number of products so you wantto feature say I had like a dozen would it how would you recommend going about that like order of operations what I create columns or how would a I met a slight disadvantage here because I'm not sure what that looks like, ok um is it is it sort of broken up in the columns? Um yeah, I mean like if if I was going to do it in photo shop I would um insert images and then just, you know, use the ruler toe line it up it is my very long hand way of doing it right I could pay for an application to do it but that's just the way I've been doing it for a while all right, so you're like she like your products and then a description in the price yeah, and a very detailed description goes into dimensions on measurements it goes into you specific code you're pricing your title um what the materials are but the you know the picture is just is important is all the word so um but several of them have to fit on a page and usually yeah he's going to ask how many how many typically how many products are on a single page? It really depends on what your product is because sometimes you want to break it up into a very large product that shows a model wearing something um with smaller features of different variations on the same thing but for my products it's usually around a dozen on a page but it doesn't I would say I'm actually kind of kind of surprised that using photo shopped for that because that is more of a page layout type of a project yeah, but on lee kind of because you're not unique um and jen actually said it well because people people will use the thie applications that they're comfortable with you and I see a lot of people using photo shopped for example for some very non photoshopped type projects because they're comfortable with it and the more comfortable you get with pages I think for that one pages would be the perfect application for you yeah, once you once you're comfortable enough with a lot of the advanced features and the things you can do with it, I think that would be the perfect project for you. So maybe that's a great one for you to start with and just kind of get a feel for how you work with images, how you work with text, but just in what you said so far, the way that I would do that is I would probably take take one sample image, bring it in, and then add a couple of text boxes, one text box for sort of a title of what that product is, maybe another one with a different style that has more detailed information and maybe a third one with the price information just to make each of those three stand out. But I would probably start with something like that, and then when you want to add your second product below, then then you take those four objects copy and paste, and then at that point, you kind of treat those objects as many templates, because all you're doing at that point just modifying what's inside of that and with the image, let me show you one more thing with images actually a couple more things but let's say in this case instead of a computer, you have a ring or a bracelet or something if I want to change that to a different image, what I would do is highlight that image, come over to image the image tab and then click on the replace button here and by doing that that's going to allow us to come out and choose a different image. So maybe let's, change it to this image here and we'll hit open. We've now changed, so we're using that place holder or that object as a placeholder, and we're replacing the image with a different image. Does that make sense? Yeah, absolutely. So I take it the most of my with photo editing would be done in photo shop, but then I would be imported into here. Yeah. Now one thing I want to be clear on is this is not photoshopped. Yeah, I'm talking about it like I like people could misconstrue me is saying, don't bother by and photoshopped this will do that for you that's not what I'm saying just to be clear, this is great for some of the really basic functionality of photo shop in image adjusting and cropping. But that's about the extent of photo shop is a great tool for a lot of different reasons, so this is not a photoshopped replacement.

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