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Getting Started: Pages®

First of all when you first launch pages this is what you are presented with when you create a new document so this is the theme of the template team chooser ahs you can see here there are lots of different temples to choose from and the one thing that that really that really stood out to me when I first used pages and with every release of a new version of pages they're always adding new templates on these templates air gorgeous templates I mean these if I were to try and create one of these templates on my own it would take me a week that's crazy and and they they include these templates and you can see that they're broken down into different categories so if you're looking for an envelope template they've got it if you're looking for a newsletter they've got it if you're looking for cards they've got it they've got lots of different templates this is a brief overview or snapshot of what the user interface looks like a cz you can see we have a tool bar across the top we have a format...

ting pain over to the right side and then we have the the main canvas area on the main part of the screen where a lot of that the the our content will live a lot of the action will actually happen over in the formatting pain this is where we can adjust our colors and our fonts and are alignments and things like that so a lot of the actual action happens over there so we'll spend a lot of a lot of time on that side of the screen in this class so one of the things about the the user interface that I can appreciate not just about I work but also about the mac in general is that for not everything but for just about everything there is a keyboard keyboard shortcut for getting that same action done. So for example, if we wanted to bold text there a few ways that weaken bold some text one option is we could use the mouse and highlight the text in and go over to the formatting pain and and make that bold another options we could use a keyboard shortcut command be um command be is one that I use a lot command you is one that I used a lot and so in the book bonus material for this course are a couple of key poor shortcut guides uh you can download for free as part of the course that you can then print out and I would recommend strongly that you leave that next to your desk as you're working really getting to learn pages inasmuch details you should just just because it will help you to learn some of the keyboard shortcuts and ultimately it'll make you more effective in using the application the last time you have to actually fiddle with getting something done leaves you more time to get things done and do the things you love to do and the things that will help to improve your business. Did you create those in pages? Actually, I did. That is a very good question. I'm actually surprised you ask that question, but I did create them in pages. Yes, in fact, I can show you the raw files if you want, we can dissect it and, you know, the funny thing is a lot of the things we're gonna be talking about in this class is are things that I employed in making these documents, so we'll talk about tab stops, which I used in creating these files. We'll talk about it inserting objects, lines and colors and boxes, and you know, things like that we'll talk about a lot of the things that went into it looks like a seemingly simple document, but it actually took quite a bit of work to get it to look just right, because I mean it's like that for using any computer program, but I'm learning photoshopped right now, and that's key and it's people keep telling me, especially as you learn, the more you can learn the keyboard commands for it, the easier it will be down the road, yes and so I've tried to come up with different lists that I can refer to really quickly when I'm in there just so I know what I'm clicking around okay well this is the keyboard sharp cut for that yeah, but I've got written list so I'm looking at yours and I'm like a sort of good yes so the intent on this one I think the version in the bonus material for the classes is a larger version which makes it easier to read these versions are actually designed on a five by five card so the idea is you print out on a five by five on a eight a half by eleven sheet of paper but as the five by five card and then you can cut that out and you have a nice little five by five card the sits right next to your keyboard on your desk I've actually made some of these for some of my clients and they love it they love the fact that it's just there on gets easily accessible as they're learning but as they start to get really familiar with it they toss it away and, you know, essentially pill off the training wheels and they're often running it really can help your efficiency with using steps went into this and now I don't know curious about the work that goes into making that yeah I am carrying how you got the commands on there yeah, so there's a trick to that official reveal that trick? Maybe I will wait hey, the off camera that could be a fun little project anyway, so a lot of what we're talking about today I went into this, but this again the idea of this right here is it can really augment your your path to becoming efficient in using pages specifically so basic formatting so there's a few things we're going to be talking about in basic formatting s o when I talk about basic format and I'm talking about things like changing the techs, adding some bold text, adding some underlying things like that um, there's character in paragraph style so character in paragraph would be the spacing in between characters um the spacing between lines so that would be your character in paragraph styles we'll talk about alignment alignment is important in the previous example of the quick quick reference guards, a lot of time was spent on making sure that things were aligned just right in some cases when things aren't aligned just right. Um a lot of people look at that and say there's something a little off with that um I can't really figure out what it is so it's one of those subtle things that's important understand how that works and how to use that to your advantage we'll talk about inventing now in nineteen I realize is not very exciting, but we'll talk about it nonetheless because there are some benefits to using proper in dunn's um and we'll talk about line spacing as well so when we get to the advanced formatting, we'll talk about headers and footers the's air, the series of text that live at the top in the bottom of the document that transcend between pages on your document we'll talk about why that's important and how we can use those to better fit us we'll talk about bullets I understand the bullets or bullet, but bullets and pages are really fun and you can see some really cool things with bullets on we have a lot of control over the placement of bullets the size of ballistic color bullets, everything bullets so we're gonna talk about some of the advanced features in using bullets we'll talk about columns too when it comes to creating a newsletter uh or something uses multiple columns you'll thank me for helping you walk through that process of really understanding how columns work. Um so there's some some pretty cool things in there we'll talk about we'll also talk about talk about tab stops and leader dots um again, it doesn't sound very exciting on the surface, but it's really helpful for people to know fact, I'll just give you one quick kind of teaser on that many a times people send me a document and they have some text that kind of lives halfway across the page and I'm trying to edit that document and come to find out that in order for them to get that word over to where it is, you know what they d'oh space base base base base base base base base base and it drives me nuts because there's a much better way of doing that and that is tab stops so we're gonna be talking about tab stops and that will help you and those you work with in a collaborative way and we'll talk about, uh, background colors and why we should care about that do some pretty cool things with background colors, and we'll talk about templates and how to create her own templates and how to share those templates and how all of that works. And and so we're familiar with this right here. This is the new document template chooser um, that we were presented with when we first created our new document. Once we have a new template in place, we'll have a new section called my templates where are templates will actually live and we can pick and choose templates from there using templates can be a huge time saver if you can imagine you worked really hard on creating the perfect document perfect template of a document um and then, and then you actually fill it in with real content. To be able to go back to that template version can be a real pain and a waste of time. And so the idea behind the template is that you, you get it. Set up exactly how you want it, without the actual content. And then after the fact, you just kind of populate things in, and you can choose from the template. And, um, it's, just it's, a huge time saver.

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