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Working with Templates

Let's move on to templates um templates are really awesome and exciting so I'm going to go ahead and quit out of here let's, open up a new document window ok? So we're familiar with this right here, right? We've seen this before we've got lots of options to choose from. Um in fact, I did want to show you let's go ahead and open this document here. There's a couple things that I wanted to show you regarding templates um just in terms of how easy they are to work with so this is great because apple has done all the hard work for us, they are the designers they are you know, they're all of those guys that go into making a document looks really good from flyers tio pamphlets, tio envelopes to brochures, whatever they've done, the hard work we want to take that that skill set that they have and basically take advantage of it, so we want to take this document and we're not we're not selling a scooter necessarily. Maybe we're selling a laptop. Okay, so we want to take that and adapted to us s...

o let's go in and find a picture of a laptop, which let's see, you know, we use please iphone, so I've got a picture of an iphone here I'm just going to drag and drop that picture into this field, this bucket, and you can see when I first dragged it over that there was a green plus, that means that it's going to add that picture into that field. So if I let go of that, now, now we have our image in there instead of their every so basically what they've done is they've designed the document with placeholders, and we're now basically using those place holders for our own images. S o if we go to the text here, for example, this is just text that they've added so we can at her own text here are on price, whatever that in essence is what a template is, somebody has done the work for us, we're just going to take advantage of their design work and adapted to our ok, so now let's look at it from the other direction. So in this case, someone has designed a template for us, and we're going to modify that for our use. What we're going to do is we want to design a template, and we want to share that with someone else, okay? So what we're going to dio is let's create a new document here and let's, just add, we'll we'll have a couple pictures here, so these were just random pictures that I have and some text you know right here and this isn't that important and I'm not I'm not expecting to have some incredibly well designed template designed right here in two minutes um but it's it's the work flow that I want to go through with you on this one so when we're ready to say this is a template for later use what we want to do is go to file and then save his template okay so we'll do say this temple and there's two options we can either add this template to our own templates or we can save this template so we can share with others okay so if we add this is our own template we'll choose this option here okay? We can give it a name kevin's first template and we're done okay now every time you open a new document sorry create a new document in the my template section we have our own templates which is really cool s o we can double click on that open that up and now we could modify it so there is one that I've created for myself which is a letterhead ok? Because I do letters quite often so I thought well it would improve my efficiency to create a letterhead so I created a template and if I double click that on creating a new document you can see how I haven't set up here where I have dear recipient I just replacing recipient's name I have today's date I have tax which I can now replace with other texts and then I already have my name, my title, my signature and other things built into that so that's how we use templates in everyday scenarios if we want to share that temple with someone else what we do is we create the document or open that template and before we make any changes to it we go to file save his template and then we can choose the save button and at this point we can save this to our desktop and call this template or something and then we can email that template file off now that's especially formatted file so if I send it to you jen and you double clicked on that file it knows it it's a template file and it will automatically put it into your template picker so that every time you create in your file you have the option of choosing that template which is really cool it's a time saver um you can it's creating new and again you can modify these so let's say I don't need this one anymore I can either rename or I can believe it, so if you're working on a project where you're going to use the same document over and over again you could throw it in there is a template and then we're done with that after the project you khun deleted. Never look at it again. So did you right, click. Yes, yes. All right, right. Click on it, and that will give you those two options. Now we looked at their own built in templates, and we've looked at templates we create. There are one hundred million different templates. Maybe not that money, but there are a lot of temple a sitter out there by third party template developers. And, yes, they exist where you can go out and download third party templates, um, one of them that I use quite often. Not that this is necessarily a plug for them, but I think it's good for you to know is by a company called jump soft j u m s o f t dot com they have a lot of templates out there available for youto browse through and download a lot of times, they're purchased, but they're pretty cheap. If you go to the mac app store there's a lot of templates out there as well. More packages or bundles of templates that you can choose from a swell.

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