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Adjusting Facial Features

Okay, let's take a look at some other fun things about elements. I'm gonna close all of these files out without saving them, 'cause that's okay, I don't need 'em all. I'm gonna close 'em all and I'm gonna say-- I went to File, Close All. And then, I'm gonna say Apply to All, Don't Save. So, I just want those all closed. Another thing we can do is play with facial features. Well, we'll open this guy back up quick. And I'll bring him back into the Editor. And we'll zoom in a little bit by pressing Command or Control Plus. And let's see if it's gonna recognize with his hand in front of his mouth, we'll see. But we have another option where we can choose Enhance and Adjust Facial Features. And it did, it found his face. So, his hand blocking just part of his mouth wasn't enough. I think as long as it can see both eyes, it does pretty good. Glasses could throw it of if there's reflections or if it's not-- if it's more of a side shot. But this was pretty good. So, this just makes me giggle b...

ecause you can actually go into like Lips, for example, and maybe we wanna have him smile a little bit more, or we can adjust the height of his lips, his lower lip, his upper lip. So, it's like digital Botox. And this just makes me giggle. Same with eyes, we can adjust height, width, size, all of these things. Nose too. So if you've ever wondered what would you look like with a narrower nose, or a wider nose, or a shorter, taller, longer nose, (giggles) you can play in this and have some fun with it. Even adjusting the width of his face, I mean, that's far out. I'm really shocked that you can really do this. I mean, that's pretty easy and it looks scarily real. You can explore this, but this is the Adjust Facial Features option. When you're happy with it, you would click Okay. That's gonna make the changes. And that was again found under Enhance, Adjust Facial Features. That can be nice maybe if you just need to like eek a little smile on someone's face, but it's also okay that people aren't smiling all the time in their photos.

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If you’re new to photo editing and want an easy way to make your images look awesome, Adobe® Photoshop Elements® 2018 is for you. In this course, you’ll get the scoop on all the latest and greatest tools and features, from creating a double exposure effect to replacing a photo’s background to turning your image into a watercolor masterpiece. You’ll learn to make faster and more accurate selections with the newly tuned Auto Selection Tool, and you’ll explore the latest jaw-dropping surprise—the ability to fix blink shots by opening your subject’s eyes!