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3D Basics in Adobe® Photoshop®

Days course is actually interactive three d and photo shop and we have paul training here santa next to me how you doing, it's good to be here I'm doing great and good to have you know I'm glad you decided about all of this I have a lot to show actually I don't know what what you have set up but I want to kind of yeah let's let's show off this maker brought thing we got here but you showcase adobes leading technology all over the world yeah exactly exactly so yeah what? I was this in atlanta yesterday and happy to be here in seattle so all over literally so what do we have here? Show us what you got. Yeah. So what we have going on right here this is just the three d print or having to be a maker bought all right and based on something I made actually in photo shop it's actually, you know, actually putting it out right now so yeah so well and will actually make this that's doing this iphone case again we're keeping it simple but we'll be checking in on this like period about today yeah,...

it could be fun awesome well let's head into the studio and get going to do it already so yes hello everyone way d'oh let's get this party started, huh? This is fun I'm glad you guys were here we are going to be talking about three d in photo shop, okay? So the fundamentals of three d as well as three d printing because let's face it there's a lot of hype around three d printing, which is super cool, but in general I'm going talk about treating the benefits of it as well ok, so we do have three d and photo shop and the short of it is is like we uh with three d and photoshopped you'd like handle say changes easily the example I liketo have is we'll tell you about is, you know, typically say for instance, if you have a photo shoot, you have to go to a location to do the photo shoot but say this for car, you do that photo shoot and then the director whoever wants changes to it, it could easily mean a different shoot that you have to schedule for another day. In the case of even vehicles like a lot of times, they will create the advertisements for it based on the three d models long before even the vehicles even made so they actually use those three d models and composite that into a scene for an ad rather than doing the photo shoot right it's going to give you a lot of that flexibility, but even some for some very basic things that I'm going to show you I'll show you what you can use three d four but again it's the handle any of those changes you know people change their minds and that creative freedom short of it is three d printing and photos off is what I'm going to dive into next right now three printing in uh three putting in general has been around a while that's actually mean what I'm the I'm this guy with like his pants almost pulled up to his armpits that's me ok, but again this is when three d printing was actually created back then so and then there was this uh, you know, it's been used in manufacturing it's been used in medical on dh basically an industrial all right and there's been patents on it, but those patents have expired say, around two thousand ten that's when you started to see all this stuff kind of come around so maker bot's and all these different companies have started developing these printers and so you have all this competition now and you see a lot of this technology advancing even more rapid early but that's kind of where all the hype comes from, right? But it's been around for like thirty years and I'll show you I'll show you that stuff in the second before I dive too much in this I do want to just kind of dive into into photoshopped really fast and we'll get into three d printing but I just want to go back to my example of say for instance the car example all right, so again this is just three d and photo shop couple things I can do here and again aiken schedule a chute luckily go to you know go to prague if you're so lucky take that do that photo shoot hopefully nobody is there and the roads are nice and shiny but in general we don't have that luxury what I want to do from here again in that same case of luckily having that model okay already created right? Because that's what the engineers use I can load that right into photo shop right? You guys might be wondering what where did you get that that's? A little bit cheating, right? Well, look get more content directly from photo shop you can get more content, ok? S so in general new three d layer from that file go ahead, open it and you know I can bring it in and here's basically my model right here. Okay, so this is just a three d file. If you guys are curious as to the file types they're all right down here but pretty much there the general file types that you have for three d ok, so you have your what's your main one is like kalata files d eighty three d studio max roughly andi even three d printing type files s t l is what you see right down there that's for three d printing but get three d content, download it loaded in just like I did and you'll have your vehicle right here and all I'm doing is using the move tool so I can come in here and say a kind of like, reposition it this way let's move it down, maybe make it a little larger and then move it down kind of down here and position this the way I want it. In fact, I will turn on this is the grid just so I can see that vanishing point aiken lineup that vanishing point with this scene so again, just getting this the way I want it shrinking it down a little bit more as we get a little particular just like that. Ok, ok. So lighting this is the next thing I'm looking at. Let me show you this. Guys, check this out. This this layer right over here has that little three d box says that it's a three d layer. Okay, this is great. Okay, so now what I can do is I can open up the three d panel, okay, so this is your best friend when it comes to three d this is your new layers panel guys ok, so you used to using your layers panel over here check out this three d panel is pretty much your layers pound you will have your you know your current view you'll have your light source I select that layer and then I'm going to be able to manipulate the light source I select the model that I've imported I could manipulate that model moving around whatever I want to do in this case I want to select that infinite light right? So here it is here's the light and I can adjust it and I can have that light it's kind of coming from I mean it's like sunset it's dusk easily but I can kind of put it kind of back there kind of wherever the light source is in the photo that's where I'm creating uh are moving that light ok? All right, so keep it simple just like that uh that looks pretty good. Um do more with the guys. It certainly looks like a plastic toy, right? So let's let's let's have it like reflect the environment right that's what I want to do next so I'm literally going to select environment and then right over here off to the side I have this image based light okay, but in general just load up a new texture actually it's not it's actually load a texture but basically I'm selecting that same image that's the background I'm saying hey the image I want to reflect is going to be that background and all the reflective surfaces in there is going to get reflected some select ok there it is you don't see it that much but I will crank this up here in a second it actually is there let me take a look at this uh so there's the reflection as I just crank up the reflection it's actually reflecting look if you guys notice right down here here I don't think zoom in like this how that's working out uh but in general you can see it's reflecting everything around I didn't have to paint this in there was no guesswork right it's just done right and I can still adjust the lighting but that's a big difference from what I had before so again back up here like you have here before flat plastic car into something that has you know looks more integrated into that environment. Okay, another thing that I need going on here guys is there's the shadow so gives me that shadow based on that light that's great it's going to act just like it does in the real world this surface is shiny so what do I want to do there? I can jump in and give it a reflection so an increase the capacity but there is the reflection of the car so I didn't have to duplicate that late, like this was two d I'd have to duplicate that flip it, like fill in the blank. I don't know what under the car looks like I'm gonna make it up, I don't know, but in general, I have that ability to adjust the opacity and even changed the roughness. But I have that sort of control when it comes to three d, right? Even back in here for this car right here. If I decide that's again, let's, just select this car if I or the you know, the client decides they want driving away from you because that would be like so much cooler, whatever. I'll turn that around and again, since this is three d, we can rotate it around anyway, we want okay? And I can even use these controls if I want to as well. I have the numerical controls, but from there, if I just grabbed the the white co ordinate aiken position it just like that. And now it's, you know, driving away, right? But that's what I'd want in general when it comes to three d compositing, get a hold of the model that's great right, drop it in there and you have full control over all those various materials. I could even jump in there and paint on that if I want to write, and so you'll have these, like game designers, you know, there's, a guy who works on all the materials, then there's the three d guy in the other room, and they're passing files back and forth. How does that texture look? Well know, I can actually paint on models and give them the textures that's going to match up just just fine. Okay, but this is what I like. I have this sort of flexibility. If you're lucky enough to work for audi, congratulations, that's, awesome, right, but let's, let's, take a step back, right? Because you're like paul, you cheated. You have the three d model already, and I don't have a three d model or whatever, even though I told you where to find one, right? Because, remember, you can go to get more content and east any file out there, you just loaded and start to play with.

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Want to bring a new dimension to your creative work? Adobe® Photoshop® Creative Cloud® makes it possible with its rich set of 3D image tools.

In this class, Paul Trani will take you through the fundamentals of 3D in Adobe® Photoshop®. You’ll learn how to create and import a 3D object, manipulate it, add texture, and composite it seamlessly into a photo. Paul will show you how to work with products, abstract designs, and text. You’ll also learn about moving from the screen to the physical world using the 3D printing capabilities of Adobe® Photoshop®.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2