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3D Textures and Printing in Adobe® Photoshop®

Let's take for instance again just something simple this could be any logo but all I'm showing you is this is just a vector layer guys so this could be anything right? I could just as easily jump in and like, do a you know ah heart for instance okay, so whether it's the heart or the creative cloud logo I have control over sort of what I bring in let's just go back to this to this logo here it would be that same process, guys so I would take this three d extrusion I'd click create it would extrude it right so we could see it extruded right here looks good, there's I could take that in print it right now if I want to, but in general to that same process I'll just rotate it that way. I will take this logo and I'll stand it up just like I did before ninety degrees there we are and here I'm going to move it to the ground moved to ground right? Because we had I think in like sort of a real world scenarios like I need to make sure this is on the ground so prints from there on out, if it was o...

ff a little bit that it's going to build all the scaffolding up to your to your object okay, so um even in this particular scenario, I want to think about that just like those printers how they work, they build from the bottom up I want to think about how that's going to get printed so in the case of this logo, I definitely want to rebound this what I'm making I want to make sure that it's going to be set up appropriately if that makes sense because it's going to do it layer by layer okay um so from there here's here's the shape I can move it up let's do something a little bit more exciting with even the shape of it because I can jump in and control the extrusion, but I could even, like, taper it down okay like that so I'm tapering it in some way and in this case I actually do want to make this cut so rather than me as a designer slapping the company's logo on a coffee cup, I'm going to turn the logo into a cup right? Like we see here and that's what I'm working on now adjusting it there again aiken taper it, aiken twist it guys I can have fun with that I can make it pretty cool like that and um even adjust the bubble so let's just do this really fast it's just changes toe white easier tennessee all right, so for this shape again I have control over the extrusion twisting at warping it, twirling it around ok, so if I want to bend it any certain way I can bend it around ok and that's why you see that this extrusion, for instance and I'm sorry this is so small you might not even be able to see it but this is just an extrusion I lost the gold one just getting is it over there? I'm just messing with you guys it's just a heart that I've extruded and then shared it a wrapped it a certain degree so the's could be hearings or a ring so in general that's all I did is taking that I can extrude it out further I can wrap it more if I wanted to make that ring you guys get the idea so let's just undo that a couple times we're getting back to this being a cup it is that it's not worry about the texture there's a little bit of a texture on that but that top edge is the next thing I need tio mess with and that text there's not a fan so let's remove texture okay, here we are I don't know there's two issues with this one apparently I don't know how cups work because like it hasn't those gaps so how do we fix that? Do we have to jump in and do some modeling now we don't guys check it out selecting that layer right going over here in properties panel well thank you very much ed its source so I can click there anything that I have extruded ok cool there it is let's take that was jump out there let's you know take for instance you know, sort of seal up that however you want to do it even start tio you know, make any adjustments that you want without worrying about the fact that it's actually a three d shape so jumping in there let's take those let's merge them so they're all one layer okay so just doing that quickly and aiken jump in and find tune that I don't know guys his designers might be like yeah, you better fix that otherwise they're gonna drive me nuts drive me nuts it's not you know anyways the short of it is I could jump in and fix this at any time because what did it do? It just opened up a new flat file like thank you back to the two d world comfortable make my edits, guys saving that closing it and then we've obviously sealed it up and it didn't take any I don't have to worry about any meshes or anything like that let's jump in and uh I can add a base to it as well but don't worry about that right now um say for instance the bevel guys I can give it a bevel c I'm giving it a devil on the top but I don't want you to cut your tongue right again like that's what would happen in that scenario we can adjust the contour so the simple stuff is what I jump in and do ooh and make that hopefully the print is going okay and uh there's roughly this is roughly my cup guys that's what I want and let's not again let's not worry about the fact that it doesn't have a bottom right now ok it's one of those trick cops apparently or something but it's it's really quite simple because all I would do is just take a solid object and extruded a little and that's my base right and that's actually what I have so I can actually show you what that is you know say for instance of this one this one has a has the uh has the base and then even has a handle right and what's going on here you just have different layers that are extruded so extruded something for the handle that logo from the handle and called it a day all right we're still this is still three d's were stuck digitally it's like I want to turn this into a three d object and hold it in my hand right how do we do that how complex is that? Well three d we could go to three d print settings okay. Selecting that well, actually open up and actually changed the look of it but it opens up this panel over here. So you have the properties panel three d print settings, right? If I had a long enough cord, I can connect to the maker bottomed prince directly to it right local select my my printer just like I would for a desktop like laser jet printer bring jeopardy. We could make it high detail, but at this point it pretty much puts everything together as expected, if I zoom out, what if I click on impression of clip that guys but I scaled to print volume so it understands the size of your printer that you have selected so it knows just like with your your print at home in half by eleven it knows that size and so you can scale it down if it's too large but I always want to be aware of the size by the way, guys. So I'll do h there we go command age I actually scaled this up when I kind of did not need to because now it's actually the size of the, uh of the print bed or excuse me of the printer so that's actually the prince volume area, right? So this is going to be huge it's going to be like is going to be big I don't know what you're gonna do with it, but you guys get the scale it down, and I was also showing you that actually does give you the inches right here, so it says four inch, you know, like five inches. Wow by nine inches, roughly five by nine by prime number five, right? So it's going to be like that? If you really if you really need that much coffee in the morning having three d printing is the least of your worries, but nonetheless, guys, we set it up. So you guys a price, you guys probably thinking again, you don't have a three d printers because I lost you at that point. Probably like that doesn't do me to get check it out coming in here print to oh, thank you very much, shapeways or sculpt theo to companies that do fulfillment for you, write some in a select shapeways, right? It changes, it changes the color of it. Even the print volume has changed because it's saying, oh, you're printing in, you're going to be that guy that you were going to be the guy with the gold plated cup. Ok, if you want to be that guy, you could be that guy, but check that out, look at that, come on, drew you gotta be kidding me look at all that I kind of want you kind of want to click pretty just like a little moment of the day I feel like a king yeah and then I'm all for it and you go you totally do that but if you start to take a look at all these materials guys look so you have your gold plate and you have your brass bronze ceramics which is what you know again we're making here right medals plastic fourteen karat gold the list goes on and on guys like there's quite an extensive list ok? And there I feel like they keep adding material so like whenever I update photoshopped like end up with these new materials some of I think that was a visa definitely the gold's air new as well but you have quite quite a long list so how did a price those like if somebody wanted to do that what's a ballpark on on the cost for something like that? Yeah let's take a look because you're right you want to be the guy with the fourteen we're going to give you the fourteen karat gold care because you're that man thanks scale the volume right? So I'm just going toe and then I'm hit this little button right down there the print button click and now it's doing that it's repairing those meshes it's taking care of all those issues you know that you'd normally have to build into place it makes it one solid match technically, there are multiple missions makes them one it's going to add that lattice work in his well if it needs to uh it'll thicken walls because if it's too thin it'll just break and but it'll thicken that and you'll see that in a second as as this works and even when it comes to the iphone case which I want to show that in a second like how this would come out as well but we'll see that but to answer you yeah yeah oh he's just came out oh, did they really? Yeah s so this this is the one we just printed? Ok? They slid a little bit so you can go oh yes see this and I'm glad this happened as this does this does seriously happen. Um this is this is welcome to new technology that's why you need this this raft typically and this is a common thing that happens because that that bottom like heats up and since it's it gets hot it works in a little bit you have a little bit of a bending right there that happens just as an f y I and that's just the printer not photoshopped for the record, but again that's what happens there this and that's a better way, okay, niceness okay, good. So here's definitely better one where everything is put together and it's been cleaned up a little bit but all in all yeah, this was pretty easy to make overall how much was this? You know what you're talking about? Price in the video this is like sense it's not pretty it's like twenty five cents in terms of it's going to be the weight like the amount of material that you're using yeah and uh oh yeah pass that around ultimately we want to get to this so I can show you howto like do something like this super easy as well write a simple example all right, here we go. So I made that at home in the maker body it's going to be maybe a quarter to make because it's all about the cost of this spool it's like a quarter guys not even, uh what did we dio estimated price might differ from the oh, I should I had you guys guess but you know what you're worth it you're worth it twenty eight thousand dollars remember, this is fourteen I pick the most expensive material the largest size we could do and that's what you get right don't let that scare you because honestly this done you know, I sent this to shapeways they created this fantastic print and this was like twenty dollars just f y I and that's what I potentially pay for one in the store, but yet this is fully customizable, and it could be your fourteen karat gold if you wanted to, would be more expensive but worth more than the phone. Right? But yeah, does that make sense, guys? Yeah. So this gives you the price. You can see it's thirty grands, right, um, and it's all going to be based on the way I picks the most extensive material. And we can even do this. Uh, in fact, look what happens, guys like right here. You could see that it's thinking the walls as well. So says, hey, if for this material for this material, this is going to be too thin, so we've thickened it for you, right? You have that edge and you can see those corrections you have the original mash and then the walls thickened. Okay, exporting that out to my desktop call that cup that says they done hey, you know what? We've done our job here as photo shop, but you need to go ahead and upload that to shapeways. Tio, finish it out basically. So we're going to hand you off to them. Perfect selecting that file, hopefully put on my desktop or in here curtis there's, my file that it made, I upload it, and the great thing about this and again I can upload this sculpt eo as well I could always change the material at this point as well somewhat in fourteen karat gold thirty grand I know I'm worth it but my bank account would say otherwise right um I can change that material and you can see them all right down here, right? So shapeways will do that check all I have to add to cart get in two weeks right? Easy enough yeah you guys have any questions so far? I feel like I've gone over a lot but feel free if you do have any questions so you do all right? I do have a question. I was just kind of amazed that the whole auto mash thing can you go over that a little bit like what exactly is it mashing? I don't if I'm saying that word ready mesh thank you know the are you saying the progress bar that when I hit print or I know we're at two d dimensions than we're adding dimensions on different sides to make it three d it's blending all of those togethers with that button automatically does for you in it fixes any mistakes? I'm just yeah, when I have friends when I hit when I click this button down here when I went down here and thiss progress bar that you saw is that what you're referring to I believe so yes repairing mashes yeah, repairing machin issue sorry, yeah, so like just like it thinking that wall that's kind of part of the repairing process does it automatically they do that for you every single day every single time and it will have you ever had a problem with it meshing something that you didn't want it to mesh? Um, no, I have not the on ly problems have come from me doing something weird and having an object floating out here in space it's going to try to like it'll try to like clothes that whole you know, but it's it's like you screwed up that piece is going to actually actually that's not even screwing up, but that will actually get sent to the printer like that to shapeways it'll be that object floating out there, but I've never had any issues the material it's largely on the material I've seen since this is ceramic you can't get too tight so I don't get the detail that I want right? But with plastics I do so repairing measures sometimes thickens thing things that's on lee because of the materials is why that happens, right? How about applying textures, paul applying textures? Yeah, well, happy to talk to you about that let's do that actually, well, I want second as we take a brief intermission let's, just move that out over there. Okay, there we go. And clothes that I was doing a lot. I'd like multiple three defiles opening and then I just cancelled a print, so I was maxing it out. Thank you for bringing meta that's. Really cool textures. Yeah. So first of all, when you think of textures you like you immediately want to paint on a surface, right? Okay. That's makes sense. I want to add color to it. But if it's plastic, that color is going to come from the material. So that's why? When I go to shapeways when we saw that screen all right, let me go back to that. It gives you the chance to pick the color so the color is always going to come from will usually come from the material, right? And only in the cases of, say, for instance, the sandstone is where you'd have be able to paint on it that that color will actually come through. But color is only one side of texture, right? Because you can also add, like, a bump map. Okay, so I can give something a text like a texture of rough texture, if I want to or a pattern based on the bump map that might not make sense, I'll show it to you, ok?

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Want to bring a new dimension to your creative work? Adobe® Photoshop® Creative Cloud® makes it possible with its rich set of 3D image tools.

In this class, Paul Trani will take you through the fundamentals of 3D in Adobe® Photoshop®. You’ll learn how to create and import a 3D object, manipulate it, add texture, and composite it seamlessly into a photo. Paul will show you how to work with products, abstract designs, and text. You’ll also learn about moving from the screen to the physical world using the 3D printing capabilities of Adobe® Photoshop®.

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