Pasting Vector Shapes from Ai to Adobe® Photoshop®


Introduction to 3D in Adobe® Photoshop®


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Pasting Vector Shapes from Ai to Adobe® Photoshop®

I'm going to pretend like you guys asked this question what about illustrator use illustrator and how do I do have another block, right? So that's what I'm doing now I'm in illustrator I have whatever I have drawn right this is all vector I'm copying it jumping in a photo shop pasting that as a shape layer sure right there it is right that's the you know cover looks good, right? Let's extrude that jumping over their three d panel and it's that same process guys create and then just being aware of that thickness right? We do have some questions if you from from online beverly wants to know can use maya for this the three d car yes, you can well and this is the short of it around. You don't have to show you could just explain it if you want. Yeah, the only thing I was going to show him is that shown these file types because essentially if maya or whatever other program can kick out any one of these file types then you're good to go and trust me like your what this is your universal three...

d your three d studio max file your spl these are all really popular formats oh b j right? I'm not sure what file format maya is, but I'm sure it can export out any one of those right and again, even if you did texturizing in that three d program, those textures will come in as well, and then you can continue to work on, which is what I did with that character. I did some work in cinema forty brought him in, and then I did the I think, the candy corn hair, if you will, and yeah, so that's how that works. So again, just to kind of step ahead a little bit, because I didn't, um he doesn't need to see me extrude this a third time and watch me fiddle it into place, but I'm just showing you that right here, this design again is just based on, uh, hold on this yeah, there we go. This design is really just something that I've pasted from illustrator, so if I click edit source, you can see it right there, right? There it is, and I can start to fiddle with this some or if I want to tighten it up on dh, edit it all I want. And then as I do that editing and when I'm done, I just close it and that's again part of that particular design. So that's, this again is the extrusion I'm working on, right pretty simple point one centimeters is how much it's extruded I then went in and I said okay, I'm gonna go get get three d content I found that bumper from thing averse loaded it in right so I said ok let's grab that file dropping it in there and once I have those two layers in this case right taking those two merging them together emerge three d layers and now they're part of the same world okay so we could see them turn off that frame but this is the one that I've just imported and you can see it right here and I can start toe sort of like move it around into place and resize it and all that fun stuff right resize it and get it just like that right from there and this will be the last thing I do but I've been known to say that a couple times um detail plastic let's make it red wait for it plural red clicking print and you know you'll you'll see that in a second so you'll see how it will do this this repairing for all these little details right you'll see the price as well will be like twenty twenty ish dollars right that will come through I just hit it escape and even if I go to the maker bought replicator yes I'm going to show you what the scaffolding looks like just so you know but it's going to add in that scaffolding if I have a local printer hey, guys, something new that I did not I was holding out on you right? Check this out like we have seen really one color that you're able to pick from when we're doing this stuff right? One color but photo shop to my knowledge is pretty much the on ly tool that can do a multi tone so basically the worst were in the black and white stages of three d printing one color right? But we're going to get into the multi colors mult multiple materials to where it's still that plastic but it's like multiple materials that you can actually print with it's called multi tone right and that's actually an experimental feature that you could turn on in photo shop so honestly like I know what guys I work for a go but I honestly think that like we're so ahead of the curve like it's crazy that way have this technology in there that we can use so check this out like here's a here's a case we can see that scaffolding right there that gets put in there and then what do I have to do? I have to break potentially break that off based on that printer by the way but I have to jump in there gets done printing I just did it break him off and call it a day but that's you could even see the inside lip so right as a modeler, I'd want to maybe decide if I want to adjust my design based on the number of scaffolding things that air in there look at that because again, I didn't make that bumper thing, but that's, what happens with it and I can export that I could always save that for later call it a day you guys get the idea and lastly preferences three d there's that it's good experimental features enable multi town printing awesome it's. Anyways, I'm getting really excited about that, by the way, I'm trying not to lose my mind right now because I want to I want to die and I want to go down that rabbit hole but being able to select and have those multiple colors for whatever you're here, you're picking up so we're making so I guess feeling good you feel empowered? Yeah, I feel ready to, like, make stock and and show it off to your friends and like you be that person with the gold gold plated high phone case just oh yeah that's not going to get stolen, you're like walking down the street s gotten steal me, but you could be that guy or if you want to be a king for a minute in the morning, you can have your gold cup, you know, I kind of did that as well that way we have some questions paul from online so one question came in about printing a model that's bigger than like maybe a maker bought could do so if you wanted is there any way to do segments of ah of a project and then assemble it at the end or yeah, yes, there is. And depending on how you put it together, you definitely can so there's even a feature in photo shop if you had a three d you have, uh, there's see if I if I had multiple objects but here we go. I mean, this might be kind of around what you're talking about, but if you put together a complex model and you have all these different parts like you can always assemble that later and I wish I had an example of it here but you could take all those various objects that make up that thing and put it all on the ground plane within that space that it's going to print on. So that's what I would do in that case but that definitely like stage is what you're gonna have to do their awesome how do you smooth off areas after you break off that scaffolding in cities like a exacto knife for like, a little dremel? Okay, well, dremel to use a little dremel on in trim it up and I I've tried everything, but yeah, I think it's rommel is best. And is a person able to give the printer a specific color, say, if I have a certain pantone color I'd like to use, can they print that when it comes to the three d when it comes to the sand? So, um, it's, basically a c, m, c, m y que printer. Okay, I'm not sure how you get. You know how that translates, but it's, exactly. As you're in jet printer works, the sandstone works the same way. It injects the color at the time into making it cool and that's. How that's done.

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Want to bring a new dimension to your creative work? Adobe® Photoshop® Creative Cloud® makes it possible with its rich set of 3D image tools.

In this class, Paul Trani will take you through the fundamentals of 3D in Adobe® Photoshop®. You’ll learn how to create and import a 3D object, manipulate it, add texture, and composite it seamlessly into a photo. Paul will show you how to work with products, abstract designs, and text. You’ll also learn about moving from the screen to the physical world using the 3D printing capabilities of Adobe® Photoshop®.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2