Introduction to Mixed Media


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Adding Gesso for Texture

Mixed media is such a broad, all-encompassing topic that it is easy to become overwhelmed before you even start experimenting. During Introduction to Mixed Media , Stephenie Hamen will take the mystery out of mixed media and help you get started making art.

In this class, Stephenie will cover all the basics and teach you how to lay out a mixed media art piece, step-by-step and item-by-item. You’ll learn about common materials and how each media within the piece works and interacts with the others. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a collage base on canvas
  • Affix crayon wax and beeswax to a piece
  • Use stencils to add texture and/or imagery
  • Add texture with gesso

Stephenie will discuss the different types of acrylic paints, how they work, and how they react when water is added. You will learn which materials work well together and get lots of tips you can use when creating pieces in the future.

Even the most inexperienced beginner will develop a new appreciation for the art form and learn skills they can use to start making their own mixed media art.



  • I absolutely loved this class! It gave me some great ideas and like another reviewer jogged loose some creative fears and opened up some new possibilities for creating art in a fun and authentic way. I can't wait to get started!!
  • Great ideas to use in my own work. .Being at the class with others then seeing the other students work was really great fun.
  • Excellent! Stephenie taught so we could follow with ease and reminded us that creativity has no 'wrong way' or 'mistakes'. She made me feel really relaxed and gave me the confidence to work on my first mixed media paper project. Thank you Stephenie!