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Introduction to Mixed Media

Lesson 9 of 12

Adding Quote & Final Decoupage


Introduction to Mixed Media

Lesson 9 of 12

Adding Quote & Final Decoupage


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Adding Quote & Final Decoupage

The first thing to do is just go like this and make sure your dry where you have any chunks or lumps or anything else of paint um I might still have a little bit there and if not go ahead and finish drying those I'm gonna hit this spot one more time because I put that on pretty thick and then what we're going to do next is pick a quote so you guys all in studio got this little quote, pack these air all quotes for me I found really inspirational and spoke to me in terms of just being inspired to make things and live really making kind of life it's so funny because we were I was chatting with somebody here earlier while we were getting ready and um she was asking where I was saying and I'm saying, but union square's like, oh, do you like to shop him like, yeah, and I find myself more and more I like to make so I'll shop it like thrift stores so that I could take that home and make it into something else. And so I do like to shop but not like that kind of shop and so for me I live a real ...

make ary kind of life I like to cook or if I don't cook, I like to go to like a little really good local place and have that artists and kind of feel and so that's what I was hoping these quotes would kind of inspire in you guys again I collect them like other like little boys collect trading cards I collect quotes so um so you've got those for those of you who are watching at home these air available if you purchase the class this is one of the things you get to download for the class um are these quotes and they're already formatted to be printed on any printer with funds and everything else, so I'm going to go through and I used georgia o'keeffe on my sample so much as I would like to use it again I won't georgia o'keeffe was born in the town that I live in now, which I didn't know what I moved there and so it's just I have a little thing for georgia o'keeffe, but I think I'm gonna go with this one from picasso so everybody should have a pair of scissors at their spot that was nicely donated by tonic um I like these because they cut through everything and nothing sticks to them there's non stick so don't worry about that right now but what I do typically it's cut out every letter, every letter, every word if you want to cut out every letter you can people do, I'm or ah I'm just gonna cut up every word and this is one of those times where I will tell you a story of utter failure on my part when we were talking yesterday during prep, they're like, well, how do you not, like, mess everything up and what do you d'oh? So there was one time I cut out all the words to a quote, and I put them all down and it looks fantastic, and then I re read it oh, that's, not a sentence, I just okay, so fail would be a really big right now, and I could do one of two things I could just walk away or I can reprint it and just throw a little bit of paint over it, dry everything and re glue it. So instead of throwing get all the way our walking away and giving up it's just a matter of taking a few minutes and making it work or just covered with buttons and don't put a quote now you can cut these and be really very anal retentive because I am very type a like I'm a really weird person, I'm type a and a lot of respects, but then when I get into this stuff it's like everything about me, that's taipei gets left at the door and I get his messy and as non linear as possible. So you don't have to be cut perfectly, they can have be cut it angles, you can make them different sizes, and some get closer to the letters and on others leave more of a gap it's really up to you? I just kind of do it very fast. If you're really like everything straight, you can use a paper trimmer and do it that way, but that's, not me, you're lucky I'm not just ripping it because if I could rip it probably would. So okay, you do that with close, like, just ripped them instead of cutting them just to get that kind of texture. And I will do that every once in a while, I make sure when I print it that I leave myself enough space to do that because I'll be like, I want to do that, and then I'll print it will be really close together, and I'm like, well, they're one half of that this's just now gone, so but I do a lot of space for that, and I'll tell you, stu, we kind of talked about this earlier, but for people who might not have been here when we started with printing stuff out to deco pasha just be aware of the printer and the thinks that you're using. So for this for these quotes I did these on a laser printer so that the color won't smear if you do it at home on an ink jet that's totally fine just know that some of the black ink or whatever color you do your words in it may smear just a little bit, so check on our we're getting turn that down a little bit was just checking on our wax because it started I could smell it and I'm like there's something about the smell of melting wax I'm really weird like that. I just like that snow. All right? I'm gonna take some more deco pas je I know you're all shocked and a clean brush and this is why we wanted to make sure that our paint was dr because we're going to use it occupies to put our quote down and I don't want you guys to it actually smear it with extra paint unless you like that look, then go for it so I typically do these one at a time I'm gonna go down here and it's just the same processes before put your deco pas down and then put your quote down and seal it in nothing too difficult at least again you can stagger them, you can you know however you want toe put them on their minor never straight and I kind of cut them on purpose that way so that when they go they aren't straight it looks like it's supposed to be that way because if I tried to make them straight they would not yeah this is a good question that just came in from island can you use makeup remover wipes as well as baby wife's is that a good alternative? I've never tried that I've used what ones like you carry like for your kids sorry I've never used I don't know I think it is I'd have to try it and we have to try that I don't want to say yes without trying it first cause I don't really sound like a good idea it sounds like a good idea just not knowing what's in it and how it will react I don't know I always say worse things to do is try and if it doesn't work it doesn't work you can try it on this is why I say our journals are great because I test a lot of we're stuffing my art journals too but I have never thought of using makeup remover wipes then again when I'm in a pen shoe knows I might have that answer the next time if I decide to craft tonight we'll find out okay so I'm gonna put these on you guys got your courts picton hey now this part it's really, really, really almost really like, eighty five times now really, really, really, really, really important to get the deco podge as dry as possible because what we're going to dio is go over it with marker, and if it's not dry, the marker will clog it, it'll just stop working altogether, and I have yet to figure out how to bring them back to life. So, um, you really want to make sure you are nice and dry and then I'm going to actually because I liked the glossy finish I'm probably gonna take put deco pot is just a really thin layer over the entire thing because I like having this is what I said, I usually leave me typing is at the door, but this one time I don't I like having the same finish across the whole thing, and I've lost what we added all the painting things we lost, some of the glossy nous in different spots, and I like just having it have that look, so I'm going to actually over the whole thing with my deco pash, but just really thin it's more for a finish effect than anything else. And as you're working on that top surface, someone from online is asking any suggestions for a work surface I'm wondering how to cover my desk flash tabletop so I don't ruin it, maybe what years looks like mine is I actually I cheated and I went to goodwill, and I bought like a super cheap table and that's just what I use because I knew I was gonna make him as one of the things that you can buy and the students are using brown paper over there is right now if you go to like a hardware supply place like home depot or lows fuego, the paint section, they saw huge rules of like paper to cover things with that you can use for ten box, so that's a really inexpensive way to do it and just put a couple layers down if you're going to use the water so it doesn't soak through, you can also buy, like crafting mats somewhere really thinks that if you're going tio like cutting work, their self healing, so that if you're using a craft knife, teo on the surface too, it doesn't hurt your table. So it's kind of a matter of, like what? All you're going to dio with your with the space. If you're just going to be painting, I paper's fine, or, um, I'm a big proponent of going to like the dollar stores and buying the disposable plastic table clubs. Because those were really great and you could just pick it up throw it away too so yeah I once I haven't antique dining room table and I now has table claws on it because I had a booboo on the table and I need to be refinished now so that was when it was time to go and buy a cheap table from the goodwill so we're just going again get this dry so that it's really dry you guys doing good? Okay can it so quiet with my kids that makes me nervous with you guys it just means you're working hard the kids get quiet you never know what they're up to yes quote out of like magazines your pictures out of magazines and when I try to put him on there so thin it's it's really hard I end up tearing them a lot you've got to be really have a real age like soft touch when you use stuff like that and it's hard too if you've already deco posh and painted the surface and then you try to put him on, you've got those and that like we talked about those natural lumps and bumps and with the magazine paper especially it has a hard time on that kind of it's a very flat surface it's a lot easier but whenever there's any texture to the surface it seems to be difficult to get them to stick and it's just there's. Something about that. I know we talked earlier about the different types of papers you can use. Typically don't use magazines because I find that paper a lot of times. It's, just so hard to work with, it'll stick. But I've just never happy with how it turns out. I have gone through like old dictionary's, though, and cut out word for word, edible dictionaries and that's, like using the old paper issues. They're they're this big, and it just all of a sudden I looked down, and if you sneeze, every little pieces now, confetti in the air. So that's, why I stopped doing that, started printing, like using an older find and started to hit home because it was just a little bit easier than trying teo, do the other.

Class Description

Mixed media is such a broad, all-encompassing topic that it is easy to become overwhelmed before you even start experimenting. During Introduction to Mixed Media, Stephenie Hamen will take the mystery out of mixed media and help you get started making art.

In this class, Stephenie will cover all the basics and teach you how to lay out a mixed media art piece, step-by-step and item-by-item. You’ll learn about common materials and how each media within the piece works and interacts with the others. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a collage base on canvas
  • Affix crayon wax and beeswax to a piece
  • Use stencils to add texture and/or imagery
  • Add texture with gesso

Stephenie will discuss the different types of acrylic paints, how they work, and how they react when water is added. You will learn which materials work well together and get lots of tips you can use when creating pieces in the future.

Even the most inexperienced beginner will develop a new appreciation for the art form and learn skills they can use to start making their own mixed media art.


Kimberly Jones

This was very informative, and quite fun to watch. I liked that the instructor endorsed the idea of using items that you have onhand; repurposing old books and other items to use until you really know where your style lies. I also like that she shared the names of products she truly believed were worth purchasing, without being pushy. This art form encourages "play" and is quite forgiving if you have a "happy little accident", because it's not difficult to cover the area in question, to try something different. I'm quite happy that I viewed this class!

a Creativelive Student

I really enjoyed this class. Stephanie was fun and relaxed which made the learning fun and relaxed. I can't wait to get my hands dirty and give it a try!

Carol Harlan

Great class. Stephenie is a fun teacher. I really enjoyed it and loved the idea of using melted crayons.