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Introduction to Paper Mache

Robert Mahar

Introduction to Paper Mache

Robert Mahar

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Class Description

You can create an impressive array of projects using the same basic paper mache techniques that have been used through the ages. Robert Mahar will show you how to get started in Introduction to Paper Mache.

Robert has taught hundreds of do-it-yourself projects and in this class he’ll give you a complete introduction to creating beautiful paper mache projects.

There are two primary paper mache techniques: pulp and strip – Robert will teach you both. You’ll learn:

  • The pulp method of paper mache to create simple decorative objects
  • How to build a maquette and how to mix and apply the paper mache
  • Finishing techniques including painting and waxing
  • How to create a decorative pendant light using the strip method

Robert will show you how transform simple materials into complex (and functional) works of art in Introduction to Paper Mache.



Must say that this was a very interesting class, well-structured, clear, real-time for much of it, and oddly soothing. Good voice from the instructor, good-humored class, and information that's transferrable to all sorts of fun projects. Don't stop once you've got the hang of it - can't wait to see what I'll make next. Recommended.