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Introduction to Art Journaling

Lesson 6 of 6

Art Journal Lettering

Andrea Chebeleu

Introduction to Art Journaling

Andrea Chebeleu

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6. Art Journal Lettering

Lesson Info

Art Journal Lettering

It's great with just a collage element on here but I may want to add some words and and so there's lots of different ways to get words we do we in the last page we masked words but I'm going to talk about uh hand lettering well scary but it's okay um and the great thing is it doesn't come out you could always paint over right that kind of lost that fear hopefully by now you've lost that fear of trying anything new on your heart journal page because it's just paper newspaper and paint I don't like it I can always cover it up okay so I am going tio right up here put the words I mean home is like too cliche so I'm going to say be still sometimes actually all the time it's best for me to write it out somewhere because as much as I think I know how to spell a word sometimes when I'm in the middle of it I don't it looks funny yeah so what I'm trying to do is fit one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight eh odd numbers air so much easier to center I'm trying to fit eight character spaces ...

across the page here someone to do be still and I want my baby to be really big here so I'm going to start I'm just working with a pencil and I'm just going tio lightly how hard lightly be and then there's a space and then I know I'm going to end up over here with an al so usually do my first letter my last letter and then I go to the center and I work that way first letter last letter center I know it's really hard to see that you'll see in a testament aunt bea space one, two, three, four so the ass is roughly going to be before the center mark on this page so here's my s and he and I and another l a okay so I can see that I penciled it in now I'm going tio go for my big brush pan why big go big go home we're going to take this big faber castell pit pen big brush pan I'm coming around this is a bold choice here so hopefully it's not a bad choice but it's a bold choice I'm going to come around my penciled in lettering um if you want to practice no don't practice just do it just do it so around my penciled in lettering I'm going to make simple block letters okay? So I'm gonna show you I'm coming to the outside who that's a bold choice coming around the outside of my be make sure I do the inside as well or not you could do you could do letters that don't have the insides in them now my e is pretty close to that be so I'm going to have the sit behind the b so that I can keep the thickness about the same same thing for my other letters I don't know why I s is always look funky to me that's right days or my favorite letters to d'oh how about you, sarah? Dude, are you okay with us? Is they work well for you there kind of it's the curves because you have to kind of make him symmetrical for them to look nice now like I said there's all different kinds of ways to get lettering down. This is just one you don't like the hand letter in fact you could rubber stamp as a matter of fact, I may finish up I may finish up maybe I want this to say be still and then finish up the rest of a phrase on here and I could actually take the the rubber stamps and stamp out the rest of the words but there's might be still I still have the pencil mark on the inside I'm gonna go ahead and erase that out and if it pushes up some of the paper so well my fingers are so sticky to keep sticking to the page and pulling some of the paint up but that's just beautiful, unexpected texture, so this is kind of marker right over everything it is an india ink markers so anything that india ink would go over it will go over it is transferred parent even though black I mean black transparent it's black but it does you can see through it a little bit um so to answer your question yes it does go over everything and it is permanent when it's dry but when it's wet it does the most amazing cool thing before it actually drives you could take a wet brush to it and smudge it out a little bit because it's ink but once it's dry it is permanent and I'm I'm going to paint these letters in so I'm not worried so much just want most of the pencil to be gone because pencil has a way of lifting up through paint that is not necessarily pleasing to my eye so I might want to pick ok I'm going to show you the really cool smudgy thing that this does I'm gonna outline my house with it before I get too far in those I'm gonna take my wet brush and I'm gonna wet that you see what that's doing I certainly can you guys see that I'm gonna do it on this side now and then before it's dry I take a wet brush and that dried a lot faster than the other side key is before it's dry it's doing it a little bit but not as well as it did over here so it's kind of a quick process put your pen mark down and then before it dries smudge it up okay I'm gonna leave that I'm gonna paint in my letters just with let's turn to some margarita paint that isthe now here like what? Somewhere um ok yeah and the margarita is a very yellow sometimes you make a choice and you like it's not showing up the way I wanted it to it's okay, what do we d'oh that's right? You got it they usually I'm gonna commit if I start with with one layer I unless I have a baby why aren't white handy wife right hands trying to retrain myself to call it what it really is I'm I'm going to commit to doing that basically or there that margarita color as much as it sounds lovely is very yellow when it goes over top of this ballu just looking to yellow to me so I'm going to add some avocado dip to go with my margarita lovely I know these these colors or just you know I picked him based on what founded good so that was a really bold choice to use the big brush marker around this letter I could have done the water soluble pencil that we used to outline this other the lettering on the other page I could have done that that would have been a much more subtle a fact with my letters but you just you know you play it by ear what do you what do you like this time? What do you to try this time so not everything I tried to I feel is completely successful but that is that's our journaling it's playing it's playing on the page when you're done love it hate it it doesn't really matter you enjoyed the process this is not art that anybody else has to love it's art that I loved the process of making this may not be something that I look at and I'm like wow that's the greatest page ever but that's okay I enjoyed the process I love layering I love reusing art that I make in another session like this handmade collage paper and you know what? Rarely do I consider a page finished what I'm working on here is just something in process I can always come back you can always add more layers in here I might dress up the house by adding some more layers there may paint out the trim you know all different kinds of things you could do to this but this is what our journaling is it's just it's playing its layers it's you know, just experimenting trying your your art supplies on the on the on the pages of an r journal rather than on a canvas for your wall is a great way tio work out the process, work out with the medium's dio, how they mix together, what you like, what you don't like, because then when you take it on to other art that you create, you kind of worked out the kinks. You kind of worked it out. You figured out what you like. You can take this and transfer that knowledge into doing something bigger. So we are just about done, and you guys can finish up your last little bits. But this was just a fun class.

Class Description

Art journaling is a fun, no-pressure way to incorporate creative expression into your daily life. Learn more about this enriching, expressive craft in Introduction to Art Journaling with Andrea Chebeleu.

In this class, Andrea will help you get started with:

  • Building a background and layering design elements
  • The basic theories of composition
  • Adding focal points with images and letters

Art journals are a great place to experiment and play without the pressure of completing a final “masterpiece” – when you art journal you don’t have to worry about the end result or wasting a lot of materials. Don’t like what you see? Just turn the page and start again! Start your own art journaling journey with Andrea Chebeleu in Introduction to Art Journaling.


Elizabeth Evans

Thank you Andrea Chebeleu for helping us find our own clouds in the creative process. I appreciate how you encourage us to use what we already have to listen to our imagination. Your signature in the art you created today "Be" reminded me to be in the moment and make the creative process a process not an end result. The bonus was meeting you! Have a good week.

a Creativelive Student

I didn't find this class worth the price. There are a lot better art journaling videos for free on YouTube. The instructor seems nice, but some of her comments make me feel that she's not as knowledgeable as other artists when it comes to art journaling. I would list others artists, but not sure if CreativeLive would approve. Really! If this is the first time you've heard of art journaling and you can afford to waste $25, take this course. If you know about art journaling and is a starving artist/student, look up art journaling on YouTube.