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Introduction to Art Journaling

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Purpose of Art Journals

Andrea Chebeleu

Introduction to Art Journaling

Andrea Chebeleu

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Lesson Info

1. Purpose of Art Journals

Lesson Info

Purpose of Art Journals

Welcome guys today we're going to talk about art journaling whether you've done it before or not, we're going to take you through the process of starting from a plain blank background and building up the layers until you have really meaningful art and I love art journals because they're just a way to play with my art supplies it's not something that has to be put on a wall but it's something that I can just experiment and it can be very meaningful that can be handmade they could be in a store about journal, but we're really going tio talk today about how to build up those layers, then how to add the meaning into it through the use of imagery and words on day we're going toe, you know, wrap it all up and you guys are gonna have some great art journal pages in your journal when you're ready to get started all right? So there's lots of technical things that we could talk about with our principles we could talk about white space and balance and symmetry and asymmetry and color syrian all t...

hat and we're going to throw those in but we're going to throw him in and a really playful way so that you're not think feeling like you're in school today this is going to be a lot of fun but keeping these things in mind as we start to self assess our work we're going to say, why does that work? Why does that not work? And sometimes when I look at a page like, wow, that just really doesn't work it's okay? There's ways to fix things, but knowing the art principles, maybe I haven't used the principle of repetition, so I see one thing you know, one quarter, my page and my I just zooms in there and it doesn't want to travel around, so keeping in mind the principal repetition will keep my eye moving around my page, things like white space. Sometimes I'll get so much stuff going on on a page that my doesn't have anywhere to rest, and so white space doesn't always have to be white per se, but maybe it's just a void of pattern void of the stuff, if you will. So using white space as a tool. I know in my early days of art journaling, I thought if there was any white left on the page when I was done, I haven't completed my job, and then I developed my style a little bit and I really love the white on the page and believe it or not, it's really hard to keep the white hey, so today I want to challenge you a little bit to keep some white on your page.

Class Description

Art journaling is a fun, no-pressure way to incorporate creative expression into your daily life. Learn more about this enriching, expressive craft in Introduction to Art Journaling with Andrea Chebeleu.

In this class, Andrea will help you get started with:

  • Building a background and layering design elements
  • The basic theories of composition
  • Adding focal points with images and letters

Art journals are a great place to experiment and play without the pressure of completing a final “masterpiece” – when you art journal you don’t have to worry about the end result or wasting a lot of materials. Don’t like what you see? Just turn the page and start again! Start your own art journaling journey with Andrea Chebeleu in Introduction to Art Journaling.

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Elizabeth Evans

Thank you Andrea Chebeleu for helping us find our own clouds in the creative process. I appreciate how you encourage us to use what we already have to listen to our imagination. Your signature in the art you created today "Be" reminded me to be in the moment and make the creative process a process not an end result. The bonus was meeting you! Have a good week.

a Creativelive Student

I didn't find this class worth the price. There are a lot better art journaling videos for free on YouTube. The instructor seems nice, but some of her comments make me feel that she's not as knowledgeable as other artists when it comes to art journaling. I would list others artists, but not sure if CreativeLive would approve. Really! If this is the first time you've heard of art journaling and you can afford to waste $25, take this course. If you know about art journaling and is a starving artist/student, look up art journaling on YouTube.