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Black and white resources. So what are the cool parts of black and white film, and the resurgence of black and white film is on the big internet, the world of opinion. There's a bunch of grouchy people for film, just like any other piece. But that community is incredibly active, incredibly passionate, and to say that they have 180 years of knowledge, is accurate. There are people who have done the history back into the British journal of photography, which was published in the 1800's. I own copies of that, Googles digitalized them. I own copies, it's how I find out how to do some of these things. But there is people who have spent all of their energy and time, and life, in the analog dark room. And they are so excited that people are coming back. And so to be able to reach out and say, 'hey, I'm working on this, I'm struggling with this.' Sure, you're gonna run into the occasional you-know-what on the internet. But, incredibly passionate, and incredible amounts of information. I have y...

et to find someone who is either not run into the same problem I've had, we talked about film development, keeping those temperatures consistent, something goes wrong, you take a picture, you send it online, somebody will be like, 'oh yeah, this is what happened and this is this,' like there's always somebody who has the information. I mentioned where to buy things, Adorama, B&H have resources, Freestyle Photo is a company in southern California. They are a main distributor of Ilford and some of the products that actually go to all of the other places. If you call them on the phone and have a problem, they will spend time with you to answer those questions. APUG was an analog photographer user group, just had their website updated. The bonus material has the newest link in there. It's for Photrio, is how they pronounce themselves now, and it's a group of three different, it was a digital analog users group, for scanning and all that kind of stuff, development work. The large format info, large format photography that info site has a bunch of things, so no matter what you're looking for, there's somebody to help you with that. In addition to that, there's a couple of sites in the links in the bonus material. One of the sites is called The person who runs that site, Aaron, has built a list of all the labs and darkrooms across the country. So you search by city and state, and he shows you what's there. I would say we're fortunate in Seattle because we have an amazing resource. The school I teach at the Photographic Center Northwest, has analog darkrooms, has enlargers, has film development sinks, has a community of hundreds of people, who are there all the time working. But that's not unique to just Seattle. There are community darkrooms all across the country, so searching for community darkrooms, I need a local darkroom, you'd be surprised at what you can find. Most universities still have darkrooms, and because of the limited uses there, you can actually rent the darkroom. Evergreen college, down in Olympia here, has a darkroom you can rent, if you just live in the state of Washington, you go down and pay by the hour. So there's resources everywhere. To find that, you just have to do a little bit of digging. There's also people, who have darkrooms, where they open up their darkrooms. A couple of times here, I have a studio up on Whidbey Island a couple of times a year, I open up my darkroom, and we print and have fun, and socialize, share prints and things like that. Cause I want the community of people being involved. So the film community is very, very interested in that sharing element. And there's a lot of information out there. And even if you were never comfortable asking a question because of whoever is on the internet, you could go and search, and search, and search, and you'd be amazed at what you'd find. Now, it's a lot of contradictory information, cause everybody does things a little different. But you could at least feel like, you're not alone. (laughter) So no shortage there. Anybody is always willing to help. So I think you'd be surprised at how much information is out there. That being said, you do kind of have to do a little bit of digging, it's a little different. It's not like, going to Youtube, and there's not 5000 channels of how to do something on photoshop, or there's 15 million videos. But when you do get into those groups and some of those organizations I've got in the bonus material, you'll find, I think, some easy pieces for that.

Class Description

The world of black & white photography is more than just “black and white.” With film photography you can control and create dynamic and detailed images that are timeless. Photographer, artist and educator Daniel Gregory will demonstrate how black and white photography can allow you to be more creative with your work. He’ll show the different types of film and how to meter for black & white as well as how you can get into the development process. This class will be your introduction into truly creating a photo from capture through print in the most hands on way.

You’ll learn:

  • Types of Film and how they impact the overall look
  • Zone System Basics
  • Metering for Black & White Film
  • Film Chemistry and development techniques
  • Safety and Storage for working with chemicals
  • Scanning your own negatives
  • How to push and pull film
  • Advanced exposure techniques and utilizing the zone system
  • Get hands on with your photography by learning to shoot with black and white film and learn techniques that you can bring into your digital workflow that ultimately will make you a stronger and more confident photographer.



    I am really fond of Daniel Gregory as a teacher. He does a great job. To me, his enthousiasm, his passion for and his dedication to film photography are infectuous. It's great that CreativeLive makes place for film photography and for such a pro teaching it. It can never do so enough for me. Thanks. I am a fan.


    This is an excellent course and Daniel is a great teacher! I'm coming back to shooting film and darkroom work after 20 years away. I have some wonderful film cameras sitting in my cabinet and I decided I wanted to use them--so I have decided to shoot BW with film, and shoot color with my digital cameras. I will develop the BW film myself and scan and print digitally. This class is perfect for me!


    Daniel is on fire! He gets better as the day gets longer. This is like being read a book by the author all in one day. Almost zero wasted words. Really intense—way beyond an intro course—and I loved every bit of it. Thanks, Daniel, and thanks, CL!