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Introduction to Flash for Dramatic Images

Mike Hagen

Introduction to Flash for Dramatic Images

Mike Hagen

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1 Class Introduction Duration:05:10
3 Camera Settings Duration:09:24
4 Lighting Equipment & Styles Duration:24:24
5 Lighting For Dramatic Shots Duration:09:04
6 Shoot: With Light On-Axis Duration:14:53
8 Shoot: With Beauty Dish Duration:17:31
9 Shoot: With Side Light Duration:08:45
10 Shoot: With Giant Umbrella Duration:08:47
12 Shoot: Full Length Duration:12:29
13 Shoot: Hard Light Duration:05:30

Class Description

Creating a dramatic image for your client requires you to know how to manipulate lighting to set the mood for the photo. Photographer Mike Hagen will teach you how to use your flash to create an heirloom photo that your client will treasure for years to come. He’ll teach you how to use the flashes you already own in a new way that will create an interesting look to add to your portfolio.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up your flash to create ambiance.
  • Use various modifiers like reflectors, softboxes, and umbrellas with your flash.
  • Incorporate light shapers that will help create the mood.

Learn how to incorporate a new genre of photography into your business by becoming more confident with your flash skills.


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