Introduction to Shibori Indigo Dyeing


Lesson Info


Hi, I'm curry from french general and our workshop today is introduction to shit boeri, indigo dime. I've been working with indigo and load for the past ten years, studying with all different teachers from around the world and have come to learn about the beauty of indigo and print resist fabrics. After I had been dying within to go for many years, I realized that I wanted to start creating my own prince, and resists on fabrics. So I started studying chivalry and chivalry is thie ancient technique of japanese resist, otherwise known as tide I so there's all different sorts of shit. Boeri today we're going to cover two of our basic chivalry techniques, which will include comeau, which is a very basic, um, twist and bind technique. And then we will also cover a technique called it a genie, which is more of a shape resist technique. So with these two simple techniques, you'll be able to create beautiful fabrics will be dipping our fabrics into the indigo vat. And I will show you how to ma...

ke that and check that and then test your fabrics and then dip fabrics repeatedly and eventually. Then we will finish by rinsing are fabrics, and they will end up with some beautiful, beautiful techniques and beautiful patterns on them.

Class Description

Shibori dyeing is a classic technique that makes a bold, modern statement. Learn the right way to dye in Introduction to Shibori Indigo Dyeing with Kaari Meng

Shibori is a bit more elegant (and complicated) than tie-dyeing. Indigo dye requires careful handling and in this class, Kaari will help you prepare for a successful dye job. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Create the indigo vats 
  • Prepare and dip the cloth
  • Ensure the color lasts

Kaari will demonstrate the Kumo technique, and show you how to wrap and prepare the fabric, and the best ways to build up color. You'll also learn the Itajime technique and how to block the patterns onto the fabric.

Introduction to Shibori Indigo Dyeing with Kaari Meng will cover everything you need to know to create truly unique, one of a kind pieces.