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Bonus Video: Toy Camera Accessories


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Bonus Video: Toy Camera Accessories

Hi, my name is michelle bates. I am here with creative live for photo week here in seattle I'm here to tell you about accessories that you can use with your whole good camera this's a basic olga this is actually the original version of the holger uhm and I also brought with me today my fancy gold olga which I love because it's got a little more bling and you can see it better. Um the newer versions of holders have the great edition of a tripod port and a bulb setting so what uh what did that most important accessories tohave with a whole gut? Well, the one thing I generally don't ever leave without a home without is changing bag um no matter how uh well you tape up your whole guy and get it together a lot of times or film is going to roll on loosely and if you don't want to get light leaks or lose some of your frames it's good to have one of these with you so you can unload the camera in the dark and so it's you're just little bit of darkness that holds up really, really small um the c...

ompany that makes the whole ge and other companies are making a lot of accessories these days my favorite one is this this is a cable release adapter and it slides right onto the front of the whole gun very satisfyingly and it comes with a cable release that screws in and with it you can take advantage of the bulb setting to do long exposures, and I just think it's really well made and you can even use the tripod pored through it. Um if you want to do longer to add more light to you're holding pictures, you can use flash and there's a number of different ways you can do that hold a and other companies make cute little flashes that actually look like they belong on a hold up, but they're not very powerful and they don't have a lot of a judge since, so you can also use your big fancy flash on here you're nikon or your cannon flash and you can enter the specs of your camera on it, the film speed and the the f stop and you can bounce it or whatever and these things have little meters in them, so they'll give you the right amount of exposure for your image there, very top heavy and they look ridiculous, but they worked really well actually, the older versions the newer ones don't really work well on manual cameras, I realized recently, so you have to be careful of which one uh you can use studio strobe lights and if you want to put a pc court into it, you get a little adapter and those slide into their, um a really important thing to have with your camera is gaffer's tape use it in several ways you put it to keep the camera back from falling off and covered a little window in the back so you don't get light leaks. Gaffer's tape is really great ah, and comes in lots of different colors and now they make these great little roles that fit in your camera bag. And here in seattle, glaser sells thes and you can go to any, uh, video lighting store in places to buy that, and I like to put little bits of it onto one twenty film reels to carry around with me. They're super convenient that way, and one last thing is if you want to use filters on a whole ge doesn't really have a filter threads on it, but you can get a step up ring and if you get one that's forty six millimeters to something that's standard like fifty two millimeters who take it, you screw it into the plastic at the front of the lens and then you have threats and you can take a fifty two millimeter uh filter or another step are bringing to get to a bigger size and you can put filters on the front of your whole good that way. One of the filters that I sometimes use regularly is a circular polarizer. It works as a neutral density filter and also to get, you know, a variety effects that you get with polarizing filters. You don't see what the effect is going to be through the lens since here's the lens and here's, the view finder. So you have to kind of look through it and be creative with it. But, you know, that's, that's life with the whole ge, and you can also use close up filters using them that way, or ones that especially made for the whole girl like this, um, and there's, a whole host of other things out there that are made for the whole gang. You can have fun going out and exploring. This is a polaroid back for them that you can use now with the fuji instant films and lots of other things. But these are some of my favorites. So go out there with your whole go and have fun.

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Every artist has their own favorite medium or texture. Toy cameras are the Van Gogh oil paintings of photography — they create gorgeous images with a heavily textured, beautifully imperfect hand. Michelle Bates will teach you how to use these powerful plastic toys to take vivid photos — covering Holga settings, film choices, and how to use the limited settings to your stylistic advantage.