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Lesson 1 from: iPhone Filmmaking: From Shoot Through Edit

Cielo de la Paz

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1. Introduction

Meet your instructor and gain an overview of the course. Learn why the iPhone is a good storytelling tool. Pick up the pros and cons of shooting iPhone video.
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Lesson Info


I'm really excited that I actually get to go mawr into mobile filmmaking and how to use your phone to tell these great stories. So today, what you're going to learn is, um, from shoot to edit. So what we're gonna do is we're going to go over. How do you even prepare to shoot with your phone? And then how do you do the shoot? And then we're actually gonna go into the edit. And this is different from the last class and that I'm not going to go into the very details of editing, but kind of the the craft or the art of editing, like the decisions you make in orderto have a good video. So that's what all of today's going to be about. All right, so let me get into why I even got into this, because this is what I dio. This is kind of my thing. And as kinda mentioned earlier, I got into this whole IPhone thing because I was just using it a lot. But I think when the IPhone six first came out, I felt like that's when the camera became really good, especially for video. And so what happened was Ap...

ple found some of my work both photos and videos, and included it in their shot on IPhone ad campaign. So that was really awesome to be part of that. And even my son was on the billboard, which was really super special. But yes, so then what happened was I became known as the IPhone girl, and people just came to me to ask questions about how to use it for photos as well as for videos. So I just embraced it. And since nobody else was teaching it, it's like I'll do it. Eso That's how I got into it. And I really love to use the phone for storytelling and you'll hear a little bit more about why and hopefully I'll convince you to do the same thing. Um, but first I want to say thanks to my sponsor, Jobe. So Jobe actually has been around for 10 years. I've used their product from the very beginning, and they're known for their bendy leg tripods. And so I just want to thank them for sponsoring me. And actually, if you decide after I go over the gear, if you want to buy anything, they're providing a 20% discount. So if you do want that discount, you can use choreographers 20 and get a deal on those Try pots. All right. So what are we going to learn today? We went over the introduction. Um, a little bit. Let me go into first. Why should you be a mobile filmmaker? Ah, next month. Okay. There. I didn't do that too much. Okay, so why approval Filmmaking? Um, well, the advantages are obvious, right? So it's really small, and it's really light, and you can bring it around with you. And given that the phones are really good quality these days, it's becoming more and more practical, I guess, to just use your phone because it's with you all the time. Um, one of the reasons why I like to use the phone is not that is just so mobile. And you can bring it around with you, but also because it's low profile. Um, and people don't really think twice about you filming When your phone, you know, you don't get ask if you're in a cafe Hay. Would it feel before you know, it's just kindly Do you look like, just like anybody who's doing an instagram story, and you know, no one thinks anything of it. So that's kind of one of the reasons why I really like it's low profile. Um, another thing is that when you go to the edit having problems with Okay, um, it's actually all in one system. So what do I mean by that? It's you. You could just do everything on your phone so you don't have to get off. You can shoot your videos and then you can edit your videos, and then you can publish it to social media without having to get off your phone. So that's one of the beauties of mobile filmmaking is that it's to me. It's faster storytelling, and I'll get to that, um, next. So it's faster storytelling like I mentioned, um, and then also its story focused because you don't have all of this gear that you have to worry about or bring around with you. You are really just free to focus on the story that you're trying to tell right to. You don't have to remember this gear and that gear and change this setting and that setting you really, you know, you're able to be much more focused on your subject and really try to tell a good story. Um, so, yeah, I think a mobile filmmaking to me is, you know, I think it's something. If you are like photographer, it's something that's super easy to dio. You'll definitely pick it up much faster. Um, the last bonus for mobile filmmaking is that, um it will blend in with so the videos that create will blend in with everybody else's feeds when you do publish to social media, so the videos that you create aren't going to be like those slick ads that you know people will easily skip over. It will blend, and it'll look like just your friend publishing. And sometimes that's really important, right? If you want to deliver a message, you don't want people to just skip over it, and it just really blends in, You know, into your Facebook feed or into your definitely your instagram feed. Um, and it's more likely that people will engage with it

Ratings and Reviews

Chrystelle Hadjikakou

Being a beginner in all things video, watching this live class left me excited to try out a lot of things on my iPhone, not to mention I learned loads. Cielo showed us the full process from shot listing to gear to preparing the shoot and then shooting and editing, which was very enlightening, also I want to thank the people who were on the chat, because sharing tips and tricks was great too! Thank you for the awesome work!


This class was great! Cielo offered really good information. It was probably more than I needed since I am a beginner, but it inspired me to try and use it for the simple reasons I took the course. But it also showed me what is possible and how I can eventually upgrade what I am doing. It's good for people who are really into photography and telling the story of entrepreneurs (which is so important these days) can use their photography skills to help business owners stand out whether it's your side hustle or main career.

Greg Bird

I just finished the class and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It is perfect for someone like me just starting out and I recommend this class to anyone interested in making mobile videos. I look forward to diving into the more extensive editing course next. Thank you!

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