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iPhone X and IOS Features for Photographers

All right, we've taken you through so many different uses cases and all kinds of different photo shooting scenarios, but we wanted to take just a second and highlight a handful of the other features that you might find useful or just fun. First of those is the OLED screen. That means Organic Light Emitting Diode. You don't need to worry about the fancy language. I think what that means to you is the screen is awesome. There are three things I love about it. First is it feels like you're actually holding your photos and videos when you're looking at this screen because the bezel is almost non-existent and the screen almost goes edge-to-edge. The second thing is this new contrast ratio. It's a million to one. Previous versions of the Iphone, it was like 1400 to one, now it's a million. So that just means your photos, your videos, the screen in general just looks so much crisper than any of its predecessors. And the third of these things is Apple's true color. Without going into any detai...

ls, all you need to know is that Apple's done a great job of managing the color on the device. That has to do with brightness, with color temperature, with hues, so that your photos and videos look exactly like you want them to. Now another game-changing feature for the Iphone 10 that I wanted to cover in this segment is facial recognition. Now during the bonus material section of this class, we talked about all the individual beads and feeds and features of the phone itself, and so we talked about the camera in that world. I wanted to touch base here, because I think it actually has an application for photography. Now what's going on is this front-facing camera is shooting 30,000 infrared dots at your face, and it allows it to recognize your face from more than a million, the distinction is one in a million. I tried to fool this thing, I put a hat on, put sunglasses on, and it still read my face in I would say a quarter of a second. That's one of the things I was so impressed by is how accurate and how fast it is. Of course there's all kinds of positive implications on the security side, but let's think about this just for a second. Your phone is able to turn itself on just by looking at it, which does make you a lot faster for getting those in the moment photos. Yet another major improvement for the Iphone 10 is the battery life. Now in the details and the specs of the phone they talk about having a 21-hour battery life. Now I don't wanna go on record here, but just generally, I found the battery to be a lot better. Of course, your results may vary, based on if you're recording 4K video, or if it's really cold outside, but I think the takeaway here is just the battery life, if you've ever lamented that before, it's super improved in this version of the phone. Now we couldn't really do a photo class without touching base about the photo software available, and in this version launched with IOS 11. Massive improvement, a lot more control than you've had in any version of the software. I find also that the adjustments, they create less damage in the photograph, and remember that portrait mode? Where we're in portrait mode, you can go in if you've captured the photo in portrait mode and you had live view photos on or live photo on, you can go back after the fact in portrait mode and change the look of the photo. You can toggle between say natural light, studio light, studio mono, all kinds of different variations that can happen after the fact. So the photo software is getting so much more powerful in this version and we'll just look for it to get better and better over time. Another feature worth talking about, it's probably not gonna change your life, but it's worth noting and I can kind of see where Apple's going with this, and I like it. That is high speed charging. This Iphone, the Iphone 10, charges faster than any of its predecessors, and that is both, if you're plugging it in, or if you're using the wireless charging option. Now with respect to wireless charging, again, not a game changer, but a huge point of convenience. I don't mind plugging stuff in, but once you've had a wireless charger and you can just set your phone on it and walk away. I invested in a couple, I've got one by my bedside, one on my desk, and one in the kitchen. That way, if I'm not using my phone, I just set it one there, and that really maintains a high battery charge. They're, simply put, they're just like a, it looks like a coffee coaster. Mofi makes them, I do anticipate Apple will probably come out with one in the near future, but I invested in a couple of the Mofis, and I couldn't be happier. All right, another feature that I wanted to spend a second on is the animoji. All that means is the animated emoji. You know what emojis are, those are pictures that are available in your phone, and people smiling and all kinds of different sports, and we're communicating in pictures now more than ever before. The cool thing that Apple introduced in the announcement here for Iphone is the animated version of those emojis. What it does is it uses that facial recognition camera, all those 30,000 dots, and it can capture your animations and put it into emojis. Now this has all kinds of future-forward, you know, you can tell where Apple's going on this stuff, it's gonna have a lot to do with augmented reality, but for now this animoji feature is really cool. It does one thing so well that I wanna share with you, and that is entertain kids. So whether you're just trying to provide some entertainment for your toddler or somebody else, or in the case of photography, as an ice breaker, if you wanna record your face and then play it for the kids, it's a fantastic way to connect with your photo subject and hey, maybe they don't even have to be five or six. I've made of couple adults laugh too. So anyway check out the animoji feature, super awesome. A few final tips before we go. One is take a lot of photographs. This is one thing that professionals do that I rarely see amateurs do, and you can start doing this tomorrow with basically no hassle. Where you normally would just take one photograph, why don't you take five or six or 10? Walk around, get a couple of different angles, I think you'd be really happy with the results. Thing two is experiment, and the same way I was talking about walking around and take a lot of photographs, play with the light, look at light. You wanna take some with the light falling on the subject, some with the light behind the subject. Goof around, the cost for mistakes is almost zero, and you're gonna learn a ton in the process. Thing three, remember: technology is always advancing, so whether you have the Iphone 10 or something else, don't worry about it. The technology isn't at the center of our universe with photography. What's at the center of photography is photos, and photos aren't about dynamic range or megapixels, they're about stories and about moments, and you can capture that regardless whatever phone you have. Remember: the best camera is the one that's with you. Now lastly, all this info should help you take better pictures. I wanna see your photographs on Creative Live. The way that you can do that is pretty easy. Go to the student gallery on the class page for this class, there's a way to upload your photos there. I'm gonna bounce in and out of that gallery every once in a while, take a look at your photographs and leave some comments. There's also a thriving community there, so I encourage you to go check it out. And last but not least, thanks for tuning in. I've had a great time, and I hope you have too.

Class Description

News flash! What once required a $10,000 pro camera can now be achieved with the camera in your phone...and the best thing about that camera is that it’s always with you! BUT...the reality for most people is that they’re not getting the best results with their phone, primarily because they’re missing just a handful of key tips & tricks. That’s the purpose of this short, but fun and impactful class.

So - you want to take better photos with your phone? This class is for you. Whether you’ve got the new iPhone X or some other camera phone, this class will unlock your potential to create great looking photos and videos with the touch of a button. In particular this class covers:

  • Using natural light to capture indoor and outdoor portraits
  • Simple posing and light considerations for kids, adults, families or group photos
  • Techniques for capturing those fleeting, candid moments
  • Simple tricks for capturing great action photos of fast-moving subjects
  • Tips for capturing gorgeous landscape and cityscape photos in different lighting conditions
  • Utilizing the newest features to capture gorgeous 4k video and Slo-Mo
  • How and when to use different lenses built into your iPhone, optical and digital zoom
  • Making your photos look great with simple post processing tips, filters and tools native to iOS / iPhone
  • A tour of key iPhone X features that will help you make the most of the new technology
  • ...and bonus materials

And who better to teach this class than Chase Jarvis. Chase is widely recognized as one of the most influential photographers of the past decade and has long been a pioneer in mobile photography where he created the world’s first book of mobile photos and popularized the saying “the best camera is the one that’s with you". In his down-to-earth style Chase gives you just the right amount of instruction to help you capture amazing portraits, action photos, landscapes and videos. This class goes through various real-life scenarios that ultimately will get anyone with a mobile phone shooting pictures they are excited to share.


Suze Piat

Awesome class, full of great tips. I don't have the iPhoneX yet, but found the class really useful and cool! Plus, it was nice to see you Chase! (and hearing that phrase again, from the time of "Best Camera", your great app that I used and loved!). Thank you!

JB Minton

This is a fantastic kick start to giving you the fundamentals and inspiration to pick up your phone and start documenting the beauty around you, every day. Taking photos has become my favorite social expression now, given that I can do it without getting into politics or descending into the negative energy that infest social media. Taking photos can be 100% inspirational and positive and this course is a great beginning to makin that happen. Chase is a great instructor and you will walk away with more knowledge than you came in with. Perfect length of course also! Loved it!

Nicole Abate Ducarroz

WOW! Just Wow! This class was not only very informative but also entertaining and kept moving right along. I loved how Chase teaches and would take a class from him any day. It was organized, yet very casual and natural. It was relevant and applied to not only iPhone X users but all iPhones too. I LOVED this class! Thank you!