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Cloud Storage

Now that we have a really good understanding of of what icloud is and how I clyde icloud works one part of icloud that I wanted to dive a little bit deeper into its icloud drive before we get into I cloud drive, I want to make sure that we all understand what cloud storage is and then we'll get into how icloud specifically works with icloud drive so in this part of this class will cover a couple of things first of all, we will gain a better understanding of what cloud storage is and by the way, the reason for this is because this is one of the more common questions that I masses what is cloud storage where it is where my files live? How do I get access to them? What does it actually mean? So we're going to talk about that in this portion of the class and also learn how to use I work for ios to really empower yourself, your team, your employees, your family members to really be creative and take advantage of all these incredible tools from anywhere at any time. All right, so the specifi...

c lessons that will be going through today, our we'll talk about cloud storage and, well, there's a couple of different options out there that we'll talk about, we'll talk about icloud drive we'll talk about I work for ipad, so in other classes we've talked about pages numbers in key note applications for the mac and earlier in this class we talked about I work for icloud, which is I work through the web browser and in this portion of the class will talk about I work for ipad and also iphones will talk about how those applications work on those devices and that's going to be a lot of fun we'll also throw an apple watch demo in there as well and we'll talk about sorry there's I work for iphone and we'll also actually and we'll kind of round things up with integration for of I work into business so how do we use this technology? How do we use all of this information and knowledge to help our business after all that's really what we're talking about is how to use I work in our business ok? So let's talk about cloud storage cloud storage is not rocket science I have to lead in with that because a lot of people are confused about what cloud storage is cloud storage is quite literally just the way that I think about it the way I like to explain it to people is it's think of it as a hard drive that's attached to a server somewhere outside of your house, your office and it's accessible to you right? So it's just it's storage that's all it is there are several different vendors that allow or or offer cloud storage solutions to you, some of which you've heard of and others maybe you haven't. So here's for that are the most common, so box dot net is one option. Icloud drive is what worldly talking about more today is certainly another option. Google drive and dropbox. I personally actually use a combination of three of four of these s o it's ok to use a combination, depending on what it is you're trying to get out of your cloud storage. There is a price tag associated with cloud storage in most cases before I get into the pricing, all four of these vendors also give you a free account to play with as well. So if you want to try something out, some of them give you a little more storage than others, but but they all give you some sort of a free account. So just to give you an idea of pricing, a zay mentioned they all have a free account that's limited, and then on top of that, the pricing varies and this is all pricing as of right now, so it's always subject to change, they could change. It could have changed between the time that I built the slide and now, and I may not know that that's how the tech industry works, right? We all know it's fast pace, but the last time I checked pricing on this which was yesterday just to confirm that this was still good box not not ranges anywhere from five, fifteen dollars depending on the amount of stories you want to purses from them apple's icloud I drive or icloud dr service is anywhere from one dollars a month to twenty dollars a month depending on the service google drive is two to three hundred dollars and drop boxes ten dollars in up the reason for those wide ranges on those last two is they really offer a lot of flexibility in terms of whether using this for a personal account with relatively limited storage or you're using it for enterprise great access I have a number of clients that I work with that they run their business off of drop box for business that's not a bad thing you know there's a lot of benefits to doing that it depends on what you're trying to get out of it and and what you're willing to maybe give up in order to benefit from those from from those features so the pricing is all over the board and really when it comes to price and it's hard even compare one to another just because google drive offers may be a completely different set tonight cloud drive offers so so it really it really depends and you want a decent research the other thing you want to do some reach research into and I won't go into specifics on this one, because, again, all of these guys have the ability to change this or the probably that they will change this at any time. You want to make sure to read and understand the terms of service with each of these providers. Some of the providers offer a terms of service that make sure that you have full control of your data, and no access to that data is on their side. And others clearly state in their terms of service that, just like you have full access to it, they also could have full access to it from an administrative position. So you want to make sure to do your research there and determine which one works best for you? Ok, so, again, just kind of defining what cloud storage is, and just in a visual way, some animations, every computer has a couple of different components that make up that computer. One of those components is a hard drive. Okay, so we take the hard drive out of that, and we move it to the cloud. And all of a sudden we now have cloud storage, and that storage is accessible from anything. So, in this case, we have our computer, and we also have a couple other devices that were that we want to access that data to and from so in this case, we have some files that we want to sync up to the cloud. And also those files sink back down to the devices. So it's a it's. A way to keep everything in sync. So not only is it remote storage, but it's. Also a sinking mechanism, sort of built into that to help keep everything in sync.

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