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Integration of Apple® iWork® for Your Business

So what I'd like to do to kind of wrap things up for this class is really open the floor for a literary discussion, if you're willing and talk about maybe how, how you can implement some of this into your business, but before I let you guys take over and give me some of your thoughts, I thought I'd get the ball rolling and talk about one of my clients. This is a chiropractic client that I've worked with for a couple of years, and when when I started working with this client, they were they were pretty messy, messy in terms of their cloud storage, messy in terms of what applications they use, messy in terms of how they sink and share data. So one of the reasons why they hired me to come in what's to really streamline a lot of how that works streamline the applications they use. They were using word and pages, they were using excel and numbers they were using, and the problem is when they were using pages numbers in key note the I work aps, they weren't quite sure how to really effective...

ly take advantage of them, so they hired me. I came in, I assess there their needs and the requirements and where they were at the time their current state, and we determined together that through all of the technology and the sharing and collaborative features that are available, and I work that we would go ahead and move them over to the I work platform, move them away from office into the I work platform and it's a small office of about five or six employees, and between the I work applications and icloud and icloud drive, those are the three pillars that really that really drive their business. And it really has helped them to streamline a lot of their processes, as you can imagine, as as a chiropractic company firm, that they spent a lot of time in the office. But this particular firm also spends a lot of time in the field and traveling, so they do. They do shows they travel for other helping other clinic. They there's a lot of things that they do on the road and it's all over the country, and the fact that they have easy, super easy access to all of the information that they need through icloud drive using, I work for ios, and I work for the mac, and they picked up an apple watch to start to see how that can integrate in. It really has has helped him to simplify their business, to really focus on what they need to focus on, which is growth of the business, and they leave all the technology to to a company like apple to really say you know what? We'll take care of the sinking we'll take care of the ass we'll take care of this and that will just make it easy for you to use and we'll make it seamless for you to sink your data across applications and across devices and honestly for this client it has been hugely beneficial for them and I have other clients where we've gone through this same migration and it's been massive in the opening class the I work for business overview we talked about one specific company printing business that has really taken ahold of that as well and it has transformed the way they do business and that's why I love teaching this and that's why I feel like so strongly I think businesses small medium large should should at least consider using something that's a little bit more in their business so at this point I'd love to get a little bit of your feedback and specifically talk about how we can take what we've learned with I work in and and business and how that all integrates and how maybe you can use it going forward what your thoughts there's so much there's so much it's a lot to to isn't it? Yeah, I'm excited also about this idea of having a presentation on your phone or even just I would say being able to use the phone is a remote um because that's a good backup to know how everything works together so on dh then also the different ways that I can really kind of use thes presentation features like online and social media and just we're talking about at lunch a little bit you know, just getting in there and playing with it a little more to really understand like how once once I know it no can navigate my way around tio actually then start really thinking about ok what are the different ways I could use it because I really wasn't that aware until today I got to play with pages before sos from a little bit of familiar yeah and a little bit of clarity with numbers but just as a basic spreadsheet yeah, you know so you prior to today or that these classes you haven't been exposed to a lot of the advanced four nationalities there had to offer and hopefully your eyes have been opened and hopefully we'll go home now are back to your business and say, you know I can do this I can I can really make this work to my benefit and take advantage of a lot of that yeah and also for my the side business that I'm starting I will need toe have some visual charts about social media and what it can do and things like that so as you were talking throughout each each of the programs I was like oh I learned how to do that that's really possible just from things that other business owners have said to me you know it's great if you have a really quick, quick and dirty tichy that visually shows people like the work flow and what it does and how simple you can make it and I've been like I'll have to do that and then you're talking like oh, I can easily do that now yes you know easily that's a key word easily yeah yeah I mean making fliers making posters making hand out cards, making whatever it's all possible I do want to get feedback from you but I have to tell you one really quick story this is sort of a fun story you talked about you love the fact that you can control or give a presentation from your iphone. So this is going back a couple of years now certainly before the apple watch was out and it was relatively new to the feature of being able to control a a slide show or a keynote slide deck from my iphone but I was at one company at the time and I was given a presentation in front of about twenty or thirty people and the way that you advance on the iphone is you just kind of swipe across and this particular slide was coming up where I knew that I had added a slight transition that kind of it took the current slide and flicked it off to the side and so I had the thought that is I'm giving this presentation that wouldn't it be fun to make it feel like my hand was swiping it off the screen and so with this kind of out of sight at the same time I advanced the slide here I used my hand and switched it that way and a transition and the slide flew off the screen and anyway it was a lot of fun and it really made a good impression and um unfortunately, after that nobody paid attention to what I was saying because they wanted to know how in the world I did that but you can have a lot of fun with this too it's not all serious it's not all business you could have a lot of fun with this and just be creative with it really quickly like could you do just a photo presentation of, say, your family vacation or you know the photos that you did traveling and just use it on keynote in those yeah yeah it's play around with importing pictures and some other options but you absolutely you can do you see a home side? Yeah, exactly and take it to someone's house on your phone? Yes, exactly just absolutely body what do you think? Um I am excited tio um just get into more just have a way to present things visually a really visually oriented person and I get a lot of clients really wanting to understand like what's behind the scenes and how do I make things and how does you know people just really curious about I process so I'm always trying to find ways to present that to everybody so this is going to cut down so much time I'm very excited I love it yeah, and making things visual really does dean visual makes things so much easier to understand and apple's I works we really does make that a lot easier. Just that visual element is fantastic. I have a huge grin on my face not just because I love talking about this and teaching about this but I love you guys were really starting to grasp the power that we have with I work so uh yeah, russ had one other idea for like I think it kind of works for both of you guys and a lot of people out there. I know one of things that people always like to do is get like enquiries from people right as a photographer or someone who makes story you know you're talking to somebody on the street and they're like, oh, I love teo you know, look to check out your work you say ok, well here's a card or check it out what you can do if you have a form that you set up that's like fill in your information hand them your phone they type it in done and then you've got the data at home already because that's what it's for like yes have this like with you all the time and there's no like excuse there's no like well they'll forget by the time they get home there's a way to capture like leads wherever you are in a very you know you could make it very pleasing very form functional always really absolutely and that that mobility it really does free you from from the confines of your of your desk you know many times I'd be I'd be working on a project and I would start it on my laptop and I love to go for walks and I always have my phone with me and I would be on a walk and I'd say yeah I need to remember to do this right get back well wait a second pull out the phone tap tap tap done get back to my desk and it's already committed to that file there so absolutely yes the iphone my iphone is right now connected to this to this device here so I'm not going to remove it but I would love to hold it up at this point say it literally is a computer it's a full blown computer that unlocks so much potential for you so now it's up to you you know, we talked about a lot of this now it's up to you to go back and play an experiment and research and and test things out. So that is my charge to you, so I'm done with you. Now you've got a lot of work ahead of you to make it really worked for you in your business. So so it's been a lot of fun. It's been a lot of fun for us to kevin really appreciate your knowledge, your expertise and the very clear and concise way that you explain everything. So we really appreciate your time here. I want to thank you. Also, tio, jen and team who were here as well, for the whole thing has been great to have you guys. So that's our call now to you folks at home, as kevin said, go forth and put this into practice. You have a lot of tools available to you to take these things on the go with you and actually make a change in your business. Be ableto work from wherever you are be able to do so effectively and efficiently and creatively. And I think that that's what kevin has said over and over again is a real strength of the I work platform is that allows you to work creatively like streamlining and making these tools very, very easy to use he's, giving you the tools. So I hope that you will use them. Thanks again for watching this, and we will see you next time here on creative life.

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