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So at this point what I want to do is focus that some of our time on um I work for icloud ok so at this point with the other classes that we've been teaching we've learned a lot about pages we've learned a lot about numbers and a lot about kino we're starting to really understand those what's really nice about I work in conjunction with icloud is that if we're using icloud drive and we'll get it I I caught driving a little bit but if we're using icloud drive for our storage for documents those files that we work on our seamlessly in sync with not just our other devices but also with the web so at this point I could open one of these applications and if I had files stored within those applications I would be presented with the option of openness opening those files and making modifications to those files and so one of them that I'll show you here is keynote I'd to actually have a sample kino file loaded in this account so let's go ahead and open that and it takes a second here and at th...

is point we just have one five so that's really simple if we had a long siri's of files this is where we would utilize the search for presentation features and say you know find everything with the name story in it for example so that's a quick way of finding your specific presentation we also have the option of creating a new presentation here is, well, so an example of why we would care about this and why we would use this is let's say we're visiting someone else's office, and we have a flash of inspiration as we're walking through their space, and I say, you know, I need to build the presentation of, but I really struggled on how I should start the design on this. I'm really inspired by your work space. I think I've got a great idea. Let me sit down at a computer and let me start working on that presentation so you can do that here. One thing that I want to make sure you understand what that is, whatever you do here will look the same way on all of your other devices with regards to keynote, and the same goes for pages and numbers as well. For example, if I if I create a new presentation here, and I want to choose a certain theme with certain animations and graphics and all of that, when I say that here and I switch over to my laptop it's going to look exactly the same as it did here when I initially created it that's a really big deal, I call that feature parody because that allows me to do anything I want here. And I know that that experience will will be the same on other devices and all of those assets to go into building that presentation will be exactly the same this is really empowering because it allows you to sit down one device, create something, switch over, modify it on another device, switch over to a different device, makes some changes there and then maybe go back to another device and make the final edits on that device and every step along the way you're seeing the exact same file that's really cool when I talk about the bricks and mortars of of what goes into building a house and the fact that I cloud is the mortar a piece of that brick and mortar equation that's exactly what I'm talking about its icloud that holds all of that together so it's very very cool stuff so one thing I wanted tio show you here is that when I open this presentation you'll see what happens is it opens it up in a different tab so we can actually switch back to our initial tab and we're back to where we are we are at this point let's go back to this tab here so at this point we're actually downloading a local copy of that file it's going to take a second open that up and at this point we have access to that file and we can see exactly what that file looks like this is just a short three slide file that I'm working with. Um called my story by kevin allgaier. We have a lot of the same features that we have access to in the er in the I work for mac aps we consume, we can do all of our edits it's a little bit different, but it looks very similar. So if you're familiar with those I think working in I work for high cloud via the web will be pretty intuitive for you. So for example, I can zoom out here maybe forty five percent, maybe twenty five percent, et cetera. I have options to undo changes and redo changes. I have options to insert tables, insert charts, insert boxes. So here I've got the same options that I had before I can uncertain arrow. Um, I have full access to move those around, and I even have access to alignment guides just like I did before. Can I? So let's delete that off now, when it comes time to presenting, one of the things that I really like about I work for icloud via the web is that my presentations can be delivered in virtually the same way that they can be if I were delivering that presentation from from keynote on my laptop. For example in this particular case I have some slide animations and transitions so what I'm going to do now is I'm just going to hit the play button here at the top and let's see what happens so ships out of the way okay? I'm now at this point giving my presentation I want to advance to the next slide and I have an animation here and look at that we have the same cinematic quality effects and animations and transitions that we had access to in the full version of kino for the mac this is really cool I get really excited about this stuff can you tell russ I'm pretty excited about this a little bit of credit you just a little bit and all of that by the way was happening in the browser so again we could do anything we want from any device and get the same things done by the way I'm going to switch over here just for a second now this is all on a mac in safari ok it's an apple hardware apple software apple browser this's all apple so we expect that it's going to look really good right? So what I'm going to do is I have a windows virtual machine on this computer here that I'm going to switch over to and I want to show you sort of a home and I want to show you what this looks like on a pc so this is a full blown windows pc just happens to be running on my mac but we're using firefox is the browser we're using windows as the operating system so here we are logged into the same icloud account and I will click on the keynote beta icon it'll take a second for that to open up and at this point is going to go out and read all the files we have access to if I created a file earlier in in in icloud I work for icloud on my mac. That same file would show up here so at this point aiken doubleclick and open this file again it's going to open it in the new tab we'll take a second here it's reading all of the assets. If you had a kino presentation that had a lot of images and some video and things like that in there it would take a little bit longer to load. So keep that in mind as you work with that but you can see here all of the features are the same. So we have our view here with our side bar we have our zoom in and out we have are the same features and functions here we can insert a graph here and have it look exactly the same so that's really, really nice and we have all of our options here for editing and let's, go ahead and play this slide show. Okay, so here we are playing our slideshow let's, go ahead and animate that it's a little bit clunky just because I'm running on a virtual machine, but you get the idea, so it looks the same. Whether I'm using mac and apple specific software or I'm using a windows pc and just a browser, I don't have to load anything. I don't have to configure anything. It just works and it's just available. It's very, very cool. How are you guys feeling about that? Going good about the accessibility side of things for him? Can you, through icloud have can you run a keynote through icloud and then have someone remotely come to a web page and watch you run it? Or is there a way you can share it through icloud in that way? So u there's not there's? Not an easy way to do that specifically, I know that when I'm making changes on a file, those changes aren't necessarily real time, maybe to someone else who's collaborating on that file when we talk about the sharing feature, one option with that is to use a third party solution, maybe go to meeting or something like that, where you could actually bring up that file and as you are presenting that file locally on your computer and your streaming that out to a series of participants that would be a really great way to to disseminate that information across multiple people. So does that answer that question? It doesn't take a perfect. Okay, so I have a problem here with the slide. You guys see what the problem is? Ok, what's the problem. There's a typo. Okay, that's intentional. All right, so what I want to do here is I want to go ahead and let's double click on this again. We're still on the window side of things and let's. Go ahead and add a second l there and there's, nothing really to save here in terms of going to make a change you don't need to save it is just when you make that change it's automatically committed to that file because it's all web based and you're actually modifying that copy in the cloud. Okay, so at this point, what I'm gonna do is let's go ahead and close out of this file and I'm gonna switch, get back to my safari browser and wait a second. What happened? The type of is not there, but you notice I didn't have to close out of the file and go back in again, I didn't have to reload it what's happening and this is this is sort of the magic sauce it goes into icloud is it because it's a cloud based service everything is directing is being directed from and pulling from the cloud so if I make a change over here on one device and that changes automatically committed to the cloud it's automatically going to push down too other devices that already have that file open so this is key note, but the same thing applies the pages and numbers, so this is really, really cool and it's so automatic um that's just that's just magical let's go ahead and close out of this file let's go ahead and create a new file here we've seen this before, right? For those who have watched the keynote class, this is very familiar. We're going to create a new file we still have the same options of the standard ratio, which is a four three or a widescreen ratio, which is designed for more wider displays like this one here, more modern displays so we'll choose a wide aspect ratio. Let's, go ahead and choose this photo essays we'll double click on that we'll open a new tab it's now taking that theme and it's reading that in and in just a second here we'll have our first slide up and at this point we can start typing away and as I'm typing like I said before those changes were being committed I can add other objects here let's cut an ad an arrow so we can add that and we have the same availability of options here that we have in the full blown keynote for um mcintosh version of the application so we can change our borders to something a little more interesting we can change is this eyes on that we can add shadows can't really see it on a black screen but you get the idea you can add reflections you can add their changed the opacity on those objects if we go over a text you can change your paragraph styles your fonts, your alignments your size your colors all of these things on the arrange side if you have more than one object you can change the layers of those objects if you want to rotate the object you can rotate that object and by the way just like in the full blown keynote for mac version of the application this is all happening in real time so as I turn as I turn this object I'm getting a real time display and if you look closely enough at that reflection I'm also seeing that reflection adjust in real time with it as well so that's that's really cool that's very powerful I think ok any questions with any of that now I won't take the time to go through pages and numbers for icloud but I would strongly recommend that you get you spend the time and go through those on your own, and that would get you a familiar with those options as well. Yeah, what percentage of functionality would you say is represented in the the mobile version or that online version? The web based version of these programs? Like, how much can you do hear that? How much can you do hear that you can d'oh in the app on your computer, right? So that's a good question? I don't have the exact answer because I haven't listed out what features are available and not available in my in my best guess I would probably say about eighty percent so it's so it's actually really impressive? I mean, doing things like rotating objects with the reflection and having not having that show up in real time, that takes some serious coding. Now I'm not a programmer, but I know programming well enough to know that doing things like that is really difficult. They have spent a lot of time and f apple has in making this as full featured as possible. And I think part of the reason why it's still in beta phase is that they're still working on getting it to full feature parity with the mac app and with the ios absolute talk later about in this class, um and I think until they get to that point, though, they'll consider them in beta. But I think they're they're getting pretty close if we yeah, it's, very impressive. And again, it goes back to that enabling power that it gives the end user. I really feel like I could sit down on anybody's computer and just hammered this stuff out and get work, get meaningful work done.

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