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Apple® iWork® for Apple® iPhone® & Apple Watch

Okay, so the I think the last thing that I wanted to show you in terms of technology here is I want to show you how we can use an iphone and an apple watch okay, so what? I'm going to dio for this demonstration I'll actually go ahead and roll my sleeves up and get dirty here have a little bit of fun now and s o opposition myself here we'll go ahead and turn this phone on so you can see what I see. All right? So this point you can see I have a presentation open on my iphone and at this point on my apple watch aiken aiken open the the built in keynote application which comes preinstalled on the apple watch well, go ahead and launch that and with the apple watch being paired to the iphone it can automatically detect and sense that I have a presentation open ready to play so at this point all I have to do is hit the play button on my apple watch and it will start the presentation now the cool thing about this is I have my iphone connected through an hd my cable to our larger display over h...

ere so there's actually three elements going on here the first element is what the audience sees here on the large screen display so this is the slide the other element is over on my iphone and this is actually, the presenter display that you can see here so that's going to have my current slide next live speaker notes all of that and then the third element would be my apple watch, which has the controls that allow me to go ahead and advance slides. So so the nice thing about that is imagine going to give a presentation you worked really hard to make this presentation look incredible on your computer and through the miracle of sinking to icloud drive it's automatically on your iphone and you go to the show up to the conference or to the the meeting house where you're going to give your presentation with justin iphone and a video adapter and your watch and you say to someone here's my computer and you hand them your iphone and the adapter and you start that sinking process there and you walk up on stage and as you're walking on stage, all you do is tap on the icon that will go to the next slide. At that point, you could just walk around stage and I'm making creating chaos here for the cameraman. But if I come back over here, all I'm doing here is tapping that next button and you can see I'm advancing through the slides so it's very cool it's still pretty cool because again keep in mind that theo iphone is a full blown computer in a lot of respects and I just think it's so empowering so amazing that in this day and age we could take something is small and compact is that powerful? We could show it but a large conference hall where will deliver a full blown critical presentation too, to a thousand people and we can say here's our computer and I've got the control right here I just think that's amazing that we can do that. So speaking of amazing, I've had an amazing time talking about I work for icloud I work on the go and talking about all the amazing possibilities that that really affords us as people as business people as team members to really take advantage of a lot of this technology and really empowers to do some amazing things so let's take just a second and take a look at the pages and numbers for ios app so on my iphone here I have a couple of files that were going to be working with I have one file here in numbers that I have up this happens to be a spreadsheet that I developed that shows just quite simply, cem some sales numbers so I just wanted to give you a sense for what the user your face looks like now we went through this on the ipad a few minutes ago if you need to re watch that that would be a great a great thing to do but in terms of how we navigate through the user interface on the iphone it's a little bit different in large part is the same. And it's, really, the difference is the size of the screen. So, for example, if we wanted to add some formatting to one of our one of our objects here, we would simply highlight that object and choose the formatting option. In this case, we chose a table to format. So now we have formatting options specific for tables. I can make adjustments there. I can make adjustments to the headers and the arrange and things like that. Um, I could add additional object so I can add more boxes. I can add more arrows, another table. A graph by tapping on the plus button here, a tw, the top and again, we have the same access that we had on the ipad, just on a slightly smaller screen in numbers on the iphone. So here we can see we've got tables. We have grass to choose from both three d two d ah, and some interact interactive graphs. We have our boxes to choose from and our images that we can choose from let's, go ahead and close this, um one more thing that I wanted to show you here, and this is the same for you. The ipad as well as for the iphone when it comes to printing from these devices, I didn't show you this on the ipad, but I think it's good for you to see on the iphone just keep in mind it looks the same on the ipad that does the iphone but in order to print first of all, you need to have a printer that is ios compatible. I know hp makes some really good ios compatible printers they happened tio call that e print technology um and there's some other ways of connecting a printer to your network so that you can print wirelessly from these devices. But when you're ready to print the way you would access that is using this gear icon in the top right hand corner, you would tap on that you would tap on print at this point it gives you the print dialogue where you could set up the print preferences the printing parameters and then tap on the print and it will automatically go out to your network and analyze what printers might be available for you to print too in this case, we don't have any printers that we can print to, so so I won't show you how that works but okay? And I also wanted to show you while we're in here the sinking capabilities through icloud drive so what we'll do is we'll go ahead and highlights and data on this graph and we will select all of that data and in this case what I'll do is I'll create a new graph based on this data, so I've got the data selected I will tap on the plus in the top right hand corner and in this case will choose this bar chart here good and add that and we can do select and as you can see, we have the same capabilities that we do on the mac version of numbers as well as thie ipad version of numbers where we can move that around, we can make changes and just by the mere fact that we added that graph well, then commit that to this particular file. Now what you don't see happening is in the background um the the changes to this file are actually sinking to my icloud dr account, and if we go ahead and switch over to my mac screen, you could see that the changes that we made on the iphone are already in the mac version of numbers, so you can see it just happens that fast and that easy really. So at this point, if I made another change in the mac version of numbers that would seamlessly sink back to my iphone and we could do that all day long and it's a lot of fun, so let's go ahead and switch back to the iphone I'll show you one more example here in pages again, just to give you a sense for how the sinking works, but also how you use how the user interface is maybe just a little bit different than what we're used to on the mac and even maybe just a little bit on the ipad, just by nature of the size difference of the screen. So again, here we have a document of the options for formatting at the top of the same lips. Let's, go ahead and select some text here will select all of this, and we'll tap on the formatting option up here we can center that weaken bold that we can turn that into a list we can make lots of formatting changes that you would expect that we can make. Um, we can also add our images, we can add text boxes and everything like we can on the ipad and other applications on the iphone on the mac it's all about the same in this case will add what's that a star could have that star here, and we'll just shrink that down and and maybe make some changes and shifted off to the right here and again, just by the mere fact that we have added that change, what you don't see is in the background those changes are being committed right now to icloud drive. He's being sink to my icloud drive and those changes air now coming back down to my laptop. So if we go ahead and switch gears and look at my laptop here, we've got the numbers file in the back, and we've got the pages file in the front. Um, sometimes it takes a little bit longer to sink these changes just just because maybe network speeds or a little bit slow or, you know, there's. Some different technical variables in there that might that make might make that happen a little bit slow, but in just a second here, we'll see that star appear in this document and there's that. And so you can see again how fluid it is to make changes on one device and go back and forth with these changes between other devices. And we can see how easy it is to get things done using the interface on the iphone version of the app, says wells, the ipad version of the alps.

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You don’t have to be tied to a desk to be organized. Learn how to run your business from your mobile devices in Apple® iWork® on the Go with Kevin Allgaier. 

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