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Overview of iCloud® Features

Ok, so let's start with first about how we access icloud. In some cases, we access icloud from our mobile devices, so from our iphone from our ipad from our laptop, but in other cases, we can access I cloud services from safari of web browsers, safari firefox on a pc, we can access it through firefox and chrome and an internet explorer sort of lots of different ways to access I cloud services. And by the way, as we go through this it's going to feel like a major detour from what we've been talking about in other classes is part of this series of classes because we're not specifically talking just about I work, although we'll talk about that and to a certain extent, but the reason we're going through this in the way that we are, is so that you feel comfortable with the suite of services that are part of the icloud service and near the end will kind of wrap that back into why we need to understand how this works in order to understand how we use this to our benefit and using the I work s...

uite of applications on mac and iowa's devices so you can see here we have ah siri's of of icons, when we go to icloud dot com, we have email, we have contacts, we have calendar. These are all areas that we have access to, and we'll go through a demo to show you a little bit more in detail on each of these items. Um, when we talk about I work for icloud, we we focus in on three specific modules or applications that are part of their online suite of services. So these air, these happen to be pages numbers in kino, which, oddly enough, correlate with the pages numbers in keynote applications for mac, and later, we'll talk about the same applications for our iowa stop devices as well. One thing you'll notice here is that all three of these applications are in beta technically, although I have been using them for production for quite a while now. Um, I don't know when they'll be out of beta. I don't know that anybody really knows when they'll be out of beta, but I think that really just indicates that they're continually making these products better and mohr feature rich in full feature for for feature, for future use. Ok, so with that let's, go ahead and switch over to my computer here, and what I'm going to do is bring up my safari browser, and what I'd like to do for a little bit is just go through each of these modules so that we understand. Foundational e what each of the modules does and some of the benefits to we'll talk about what each of these modules will dio. And maybe even some of things that way can't use these modules for that. That maybe might not be so intuitive. So as we go through the icons the first when we come across his mail mail is pretty straightforward. Right? So email is email. We all have email. We all use email. There's nothing too special about this except for the fact that one of the things that I really appreciate male as part of icloud is the clean interface. Thie interface on on the male application via icloud in browser to me just looks a lot cleaner than a lot of the other cloud based email services that are out there. Not that that's a bad thing for them, but it's just a different feeling for me. It just it feels like a cleaner feel to me. Just a couple of things. I wanted to point out here again because it's all kind of tied to the icloud services is if we go across the top menu bar here. This is where we have the option to. Reply or forward e mails this is where we can flag emails so if this is something that we wanted to come back to and revisit this email maybe tomorrow or the next day we can flag this email that's going to give us a visual indicator that hey kevin this needs your attention later on weaken dilly email from here we can file our email using this option right here where maybe we have some folders set up on the side and maybe we have ah customer folder or maybe a vendor folder and as email comes in we can move these email items over to some of these other folders to keep them organized for us and then of course this is our but in here where we can compose a new email and send that out um one thing I did want to go through in the bottom here is our settings button there's a few really interesting options down here that I wanted to go through with you one is we can go into preferences and this brings up the option of allowing us to do like an auto responder email or things like this. Quite frankly this is an area that not a lot of people are aware of are familiar with so it's nice to go through this and get a sense for what what the possibilities are when in working with email so for example this is how uh as email comes in, we can maybe set of forward on email tio maybe forward to a different address maybe this is our secondary email address and email that way have sent to this account is may be forwarded to a different email account that we use maybe a gmail account or a yahoo or something else that's a little more generic and then we have the option of deleting the email from there after it's been forwarded, we can automatically have email sent to a specific folder within our structure um things like that so we have some control over that if we go whips let's turn that feature off if we go into accounts, one of the features that we have access to as an icloud icloud account member is we have the option of setting up aliases so here's a really interesting and great tip for people who travel people who attend conferences all the time. I don't know about you, but I attend conferences once in a while and one of the side effects one of the negative side effects to attending conferences is all the junk mail that comes in after the fact um, most of the time you can't register for a conference without registering with with an email address, they then we'll use that email address to send you information on their products and flyers and notices and things like that my, my little tip and trick for you is before you register for an event like that may be coming here and set up an alias, and that alias could be, you know, if my address is kevin all guyer at icloud dot com, maybe I would set it up as kevin, all guyer underscore the name of the conference at icloud dot com, and then you use that as your email address to register for the conference. The great thing about that is when that conference is done, and you don't need those email correspondences anymore. You simply come in here and delete your aliases, and when that alias goes away, that address is no longer valid. And so all of that email that would normally come through that alias stops coming into your inbox. So that's a that's, a nice little tip there for helping to manage the barrage of email these you get in your inbox when we compose email, we can set a couple of properties in here once we can set an email signature, so for example, I don't like the necessary or the the default signature here called, sent from icloud, so maybe I want to change that to kevin allgaier and maybe out of phone number or something like that, so when I had done and created a new email message, then that signature will automatically be applied to that email and that's nice because it just save you time and having to type your contact information and some other information that you might want to include maybe a web address and some other information so that's nice to know the vacation option is a really nice option for those who travel I know that when I'm traveling or what I'm engaged in something like this I'm still getting e mails like I normally dio and it's normally a lot of email and it'll be a nice thing to let people know that you know I'm going to be busy for a couple of days and I can't really respond to you as quickly as I as I have been recently so uh maybe I would come in here and turn this on and type of messages says something like hey, thanks for the email just you know I'm traveling I'll be busy with the pretty rigorous schedule um I'll be back in the office on friday and between now and then I'll respond back to you when I can but it might be a little bit slower something something to that effect and so what happens is when the center sends you an email they'll get an automatic response back and they're at least aware the europe you might respond slower than the normal the last option in here is we can set up rules so how how does how does male handle the email coming in? So if we do add a rule, we have a few options in here. So let's say, for example, I get an email from a specific clients so client at company dot com, and every time I get an email from this client I wanted I want something to happen. So I have a few options here. One option is I can have that email automatically move to a folder. So maybe I've got a folder for client abc, and every time that email comes in, I wanted to automatically file itself in that client abc folder the house meeting, keep things organized, easy to find things, and it streamlines that process. So I would just simply leave this on move to folder, and I would click the drop down box to choose that client, abc folder. Some of the other options is I could move it to trash, or I could forward it to. For example, one reason you would want to do the forwarding option is if you are working on a project with a team of people and maybe you get a lot of email from a specific individual and that email is designed to go out to another group of people or a person. You could set a forward so that whenever you get that email automatically pushes it out to that group of people again. It's not a big deal, but it's a little time saving tip there that that will help tio improve your efficiency and make a little more productive. The move to trash feature, by the way, is a great one for specific junk mail, or if you get email from a specific a person that you really don't want that email, you can automatically send it to the trash can that's very convenient. All right, so let's click done on this one let's, go ahead and switch over to another option here. So let's go into contacts now I'm for demo purposes here I'm I'm using an account that really isn't populated with a lot of data, so there's not going to be a lot of data in there to see, but it gives you an idea of what, what the possibilities are. Contacts are pretty straightforward. This is where you keep keep track of your contacts, your your mom and dad, your children, your colleagues, whatever. Um, you know so it's pretty straight forward. So I can come in here and create a new contact and, uh, have lots of information. That we can populate from phone number tio web address to social networks you can add in there to birthdates birthdates air really cool because when you add birthdays in here and you have that feature turned on in your calendar it will actually auto populate those birthdays into your calendar I use that quite a bit because I'm a big fan of wishing people happy birthday on their on their big day so in my calendar each day at nine o'clock I have automatically tell me hey today's russia's birthday so you better give him a big birthday cake and some balloons right it's probably not today but when it is so so that's a really nice feature there on dh that's a that's a sense of the integration that you have in icloud across the board one other thing that I personally like to d'oh and this is sort of a no cd you know I like things that look tidy and to be to be nice is I add a photo for us many people as I can and that may not seem like a big deal but what's nice about doing this is when you add a photo here and then you have this information sink to your iphone let's say it's jen I have your photo in here and you call me when that phone rings I can look at and it's got your picture and that all sinks seamlessly in the background again, that's, what makes I cloud so great is that it just everything just kind of sinks magically in the background. You don't really have to think about it. Um, the other thing that you can do in contacts is that you can create groups so let's say you want to keep things organized in a certain way. So let's say, maybe I want to create a group called creative live, and at this point, I can add contacts specifically to that group called creative live. When I have a group like that set up with with recipients in that group, I can then go to email and type creative live as the group name, and it will send that email to that entire group called creative life. So it's sort of like distribution lists that's that's how that works, it's very convenient. All right, let's, switch over to calendars. So countering is great because we're all busy. Um, I use calendar ring pretty heavily. In fact, I I actually use it to the point of if something happens in the day and it wasn't planned ahead of time, then at the end of the day, as I'm kind of reviewing what happened for that day, I'll go back in and put that activity in there if it's something you know that's substantial or relatively substantial the reason I do that is because if I ever need to refer back to that to find out when that happened I got a horrible memory I'm not good with dates I'm not good with names but this allows me to recall that information and I can go back and search for that at any time um just like with with contacts you can create additional calendars you can share those calendars out with your friends your colleagues, your family members and keep them on the same page you can even create resource calendars for example if you're in a small enough office with just a few people and you happen to use icloud is your a cz your your calendar in contact and email system you could create a resource calendar for maybe the conference room or maybe a specific piece of hardware maybe a camera or a laptop and you could schedule who has access to what at certain times so one thing I wanted to do here is just show you how the sharing works so we'll go ahead and create a new calendar so the way we do this is will click on the edit lincoln the bottom and we'll click on the plus button at this point by the way we can we can modify names of existing calendars we can remove calendars as well so for this one I will type in here creative live and we'll click on done case we're done with us and now we're free to go ahead and create an event here will call this activity and this is part of our creative life calendar we can see that quickly and easily because of the color coding that they have here you can save got blue, purple and red and uh and all of the events correlate to that color, which is very helpful if I wanted to share this calendar out maybe I mean, I'm working on a project with creative life and I wanted to share this out with the team of milestones or or you know, things like that sharing from the calendar app is really, really easy through safari on the right hand side of his calendar there's a little share icon that's great out as we hover over that we can click on that and now we have a couple of options here for sharing one is we can share this as a private calendar and with that we'll go ahead and click on that option here and then we can add somebody's either name if they're in our contacts list or their email address and when we hit ok at this point they will receive an invitation to subscribe to that calendar and when that happens everything that we add to that calendar they are they are they have full access to that calendar so again, this is really, really great for keeping people on the same page and it's it's one of those things and we're going to talk more about how I work fits into this but it's one of those things that really it's that sinking mechanism that keeps everybody on the same page with everybody else the other option here is we could choose to to make a public calendar. I know several people that actually maintain a calendar in their icloud account that maybe other people want to subscribe to in a public way. So for example, there's a basketball team, you're your local towns basketball team you could create your own calendar for that maybe it's a high school for that high school basketball team and then you can create that as a public calendar and when you do that it creates a special link you could then make available through other resource is for people to grab that link and subscribe to that on your calendar so you don't necessarily invite people specifically to that calendar, but it's made publicly available so that anybody has access to it. One thing to note about that is if you do that and you remove the calendar from your icloud account, everybody else loses access to it, so you want to make sure you're you keep that in mind as you're doing that one thing that I will mention um about sharing is that you do have some control over whether it's full access or just read only access to a calendar, so we'll just make up an address here, bob at home dot com and when we've added that address, we have ah, drop down option here on the right hand side of the address, if we choose that we have options to either allow them to view and edit that calendar so in their calendar, if we choose that option, they'll actually be able to to fully modify that calendar, they can add events, they can remove events they khun do whatever they want to the calendar. That's great in small, more intimate collaborative teams where you trust the rest of the team members, and if you're working in a group where it's larger and you're just pushing it out has read only you definitely want to choose the view on ly option, and that allows people to see it and when you make changes their updated, but they're not able to make changes to the counter themselves. So that's important to remember just one thing about calendar sharing, we actually use this very heavily in our family, just so you know we've got it's, my wife and I we have six children and as you can imagine, life gets really, really busy and the way that we've designed our calendar system. And, you know, we course sort of consider ourselves a small business in that sense because there's so many of us but the way that we do that is everybody has their own calendar in their own icloud account, and then all of our children's calendars air shared with mom and dad with full control so that we can add things to their calendar soccer practice, you know, baseball practice, ballet, recital, whatever, and uh and we share a family calendar out with the rest of the family. And but we do that in a view on leeway because, you know, having forbid our six year old lawyer to go in and delete a bunch of activities from our family shared calendar, then we have no idea what's going on again. So we have that level of control over that in a small business environment. Um, this is this is an ideal resource to helping to manage projects and teams and your collaborate efforts. So it's it's a it's a great resource let's, go ahead and cancel that, ok, let's, talk about photos again, this is a demo account, so there aren't going to be photos out here but this will give you an idea of how this works. Um fact, there's this's just a welcome splash screen, so I'll just I'll talk to you about how this works with this latest version of ios in conjunction with the latest version of mac os ten there's a feature called foot photos sorry, icloud photos library have to get that name straight icloud photos library the idea behind that is you have several devices. I have my laptop with the photos app, I have my ipad and I have my iphone wouldn't it be great if I could take a picture on my iphone and it just magically appear on the rest of my devices? So that's, exactly what icloud photos library does is the relatively new feature that they've added to icloud, but it could be really powerful. Teo, I think of someone like me who's working on maybe a product brochure where I'm out in a in a studio and I'm taking a few pictures on my iphone and the second I walked back into my office to start working on that that flyer in pages, for example, those images are already in my photos library, so it's a really powerful tool, super simple it's a matter of switching that on, and you're done so. So to switch that on, it is a setting we won't go through the details here, but it is it is a setting in your photos app on the mac and in your photos setting on your iphone and ipad as well. One thing to keep in mind with that is if you are using that feature like I am, and I love it, if you delete a file from one location, it also deletes from your other locations as well, so just keep that in mind. I was in the habit for the longest time of taking a bunch of pictures, and then I would use it for something, and then I would delete it off my iphone thinking it was still on my mac, and historically it was, and I could go back and grab it from there, but with icloud photos library, if you delete it from one location, it's gone from the rest of the locations just like how email works, okay, let's, talk about I'm going to skip icloud drive for right now because we're going to spend a little bit of time at the end of this talking about that let's talk about find my iphone this is a super simple at this is something that's very convenient for people who tend to lose their phones um what? We won't go ahead and log in here, but the idea with this is if you have your icloud account set up on all of your devices and all of those devices through ikat are registered with the icloud service, you can quickly and easily go to icloud dot com, which is how you access all of this. Click on the find my iphone link and you can find your devices. This is a huge, huge deal for people that either lose their devices can't find their devices or worst case scenario let's say you're traveling to europe on business and on your way back you put your ipad in the in the pocket in this behind the seat in front of you and you d plane and you're walking out of the airport and you think, oh no, I just left my ipad in the airport that might be hard to recover from that because of security. In some cases it might be considered a loss. And so through the find my iphone feature on icloud, you can actually remote wipe your device is a cz well, so let's say you left it somewhere you're you know you're not going to be able to recover it, you can remote wipe that device and clean off all of your data and set it back two factory settings now that's not going to do anything to get your phone your eye, your ipad back in your hands but at least you know that your data is safe and secure and that's you know for me data's is more important than hardware hardware is is a commodity you can pick it up anywhere any time but your data is critical insensitive the other thing you can do here is you can if you lose your device you can actually have a send an audible ping so as you're walking around the house or the office and you know it's here somewhere you can have a trigger that paying and it emits allowed you know bp noise even if the phone is on silent it'll emit that loud noise you can find it easier okay so that's find my iphone let's talk about notes for a second we all take notes were out and about and you know maybe we're taking our dog on a walk through the park and we're thinking about a project we're working on and we have an ah ha moment we think oh man, I should include this in this slide deck or I should talk about this in our next team meeting um you know, we all have those thoughts all the time problem is what do we do with him? You know, in most cases we think ok I'm going to remember that until I get back to the office and then I'll write it on a sticky note okay with notes weaken jot down that note either on our laptop are desktop are iphone, ipad whatever and have that note automatically sink across our devices apple is always working on improving the notes feature of the icloud service you can also include photos now which is a relatively new improvement to the notes feature so if you're out and about and you take a picture of something maybe a flower because you like the colors and you're inspired by those colors and you want to use those colors in a slot in a kino slide deck for example you could take a picture of those flowers add it to your notes and then when you get back you can actually use keynote and capture that color and use that as part of your slide deck so being able tio add pictures to your notes are are pretty cool all right let's talk about reminders for a second do you guys ever have things you need to get done? I have a lot of things I need to get done no rush you have nothing to get done no never I'm not buying that you've got a long list I'm sure we're all busy I run a business, you run a business we you know we have children, we have family, we have things to get done personal items that need to get done um I love reminders reminders is it's one of those things that I think a lot of people sort of dismiss, as you know, it's. Just another reminder, zap. There are other ways to remind yourself to get things done. There's a big movement towards g t d getting things done in a certain way about being minimalistic about things there's a lot of different ways to manage the tasks that we have to get done on a daily, hourly by minute basis. So reminders is another wave of getting things done. What I like about reminders is, first of all, it's, simple and it's and it's in sync with all of our devices. So whatever I adhere will automatically sink in the background to my iphone, my ipad and vice versus has got that bi directional sinking mechanism, but using reminders in conjunction with your iphone or your ipad is super powerful. Not only can you set a reminder tio, to remind you at a certain date and time. So for example, remind me tonight at nine o'clock to call mom ok that that's built into a lot of, but they take it one step further, and they do geo location reminders as well. And this is really, really powerful, let's say, for example, that I need to call mom when I leave the creative live studios. I don't know what time that's going to be it could be four o'clock, six o'clock nine o'clock tonight I don't know what time that's going to be, but I know that I need to call her as soon as I leave the studio, so what I can do is go into the reminder and say remind me when I leave this location or I can say remind me when I get to this location. So for example, if I'm going to the store, I want to be reminded that I need bread and milk and eggs and, you know, here's my list of things I don't need to know that two hours before, I just need to know that I need to go to the store, and when I get to the store, the alarm is going to come up and say, by the way, don't forget to get this this and this so geo location reminders are really, really helpful, ok, let's, switch over to the settings portion of this this is there's nothing to magical about this, but this is where we can manage our account. Okay, so in this case we can manage our apple I d from here we can manage the language that we use, we can manage our security, so if we want to change her password if we want to turn on two factor authentication and by the way I just have to give you a quick plug on two factor authentication because I work in technology I work with security I worked with a lot of people that really need a secure solution. So two factor authentication just in really simple terms is more than just a user name and password. Okay, what two factor authentication does that says ok what's your user name and password in addition to that you also tell me here in your settings for example right here that you have an iphone six okay which I have in the back room and where as part of the two factor authentication we're going to send a code to that phone okay so when I go to log in on a different device that's not a trusted device I will log in with my accountant password it will also send a code to my phone so I have to have my password and I have to have that device handy with me. The reason for that is because passwords let's face it are there they're becoming easier and easier to guess. In fact there've been some celebrities that have been in trouble over the last couple years because people have been able to guess their passwords so this way even if you can guess your password you're still not able to get access your account without that device physically on these for you for you to review that code so two factor authentication is a great feature to turn on I highly recommend all of my clients and also to u turn on two factor authentication just add that added level of security to your account down below here will so the free icloud account gives you five gigabytes worth of storage which in some cases is plenty but as you use it more and more with photos with kino files with pages, files and other things that contend to fill up pretty quickly they do have pricing options for adding more storage on top of that. But the free version does come with five gigabytes and it goes all the way up to at this point in time one terabyte storage that's a lot of stuff I don't use nearly that much but this this storage graph here gives you a nice visual view of how your storage is looking and how things were broken up a cz well then the last thing I want to show here is just the series of devices you have connected to your icloud account like I mentioned before I have a laptop I have a desktop I have an iphone and I have two ipads that are all connected to my account so at any time I can come in here and see those devices and aiken aiken manage those devices maybe I sell the device to someone else maybe out another device. I could see what devices I have that are currently connected to my eye called icloud account from here. So it helps you to keep your your account organized. Okay. And then the last button on here before we go backto I work is the home button. This simply just takes you back to home again.

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