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Sharing Documents on iCloud®

So here we have a file that we've opened and again we're keeping in mind this is a file that's open via the web so this is not the full blown application for mac if we want to share this file out what we'll do is we'll click on the action button here on our tool bar and will click on share presentation and I won't go through this process with you right now because we're not going to it's not going to be meaningful for this scenario but at this point what we do is we click on share the presentation we enter the the recipients email address or name if they're in our contacts already they will then receive an invitation by email to join and to view this file and they have full access to this file just like we do so this is really great for if we're working on a collaborative effort between a team if I if I want to send this out with you jen or your body and I want you to give me some feedback I want you to add comments I want you to add new slides I want you to add shapes whatever it is t...

hat you want to add we can all do that together not necessarily at the same time but we could do that together and whatever changes young you add to the slide the next time I go out to review that slide those changes will be there for me as well again because it's all cloud based and centered on the cloud one thing I need to make sure that we understand with that is there are services like google that allows you to do real time editing with things like that, so if you have two people in there at once and you're working on a presentation or a spreadsheet, you can actually see the changes that the other person is making right, then that's a nice feature but there's a lot of overhead with that this does not do that, okay, so if you're working on something and there's going to be a lot of activity and a lot of collaboration around that file, you want to make sure that only one person at a time is using that file. Maybe I'm using it for the morning your reason in the afternoon you're using in the evening or whatever the rotation is because if I make a change and jen, you make a change at the same time there's going to be a conflict there and we need to figure out what that conflict is and how to resolve that conflict so it's possible for both of us have it open at the same time, but in terms of making changes to those files, you want to keep that in mind as you do that so all right, perfect all right, so how are we feeling about icloud in general? Does it feel like we're getting a sense for the power that it has and and some of the things that we can do with icloud, let me ask you, do you do you use icloud right now? No, no, ok, jen, yes, I dio although not as much for photos, because I don't necessarily want all my photos to go into I photo because I have other I've liked room and all that right between my ipad, I was traveling a lot through asia, so with the ipad, the iphone, that was kind of the best part, is it? I would do it do things back and forth as often as I could, yeah, just to have a little bit of the back up, especially for my phone, right and one of the points you just made and I think it was subtly, but I think it's a good one to accentuate is the fact that if you're using a third party photo management tool outside of the photos that built in, you're not going to be able to use that photos sinking feature. Like you would if you were using the photos, so if you do want to use that feature, it does require to use the photos app on the mac to do that and you have to have the feature turn on on on all devices. One other caveat with that that a lot of people don't think about is on the surface they think this is great all of my photos are going to be in the cloud. My entire library of twenty five thousand pictures will be accessible from anywhere and that's true, but it does require storage, so if we go back to what I said earlier about the free icloud account, it gives you five gigabytes worth of storage that's not very many pictures, so if you're if you've got a twenty five thousand photo library of images like I think minds around there that you're going to upload that's going that's going to require you to bump yourself up in a in a different pricing tear with storage so they have pricing plans for twenty gig and two hundred gig and five hundred gig and won terabyte um I met the two hundred gig or maybe the five hundred gig plan, which I think is about ten dollars a month right now um and that's always changing as well, but but that's enough for photos and also all of these documents my particular icloud account I have typically anywhere from ten to thirty I work files out there at a given time, so between pages numbers in key note on these air files that are working files that I really do want to work on here today and then here tomorrow on a different device and just have that access actually, you just brought up a good point that I know for a while confused me and I had had a few people explained to me a few times, which is that I cloud isn't necessarily backup storage, right? It can be when you pay for it and you use that, but like it, just because you're sort of transferring things and you have it turned on doesn't necessarily mean you're backing up all of your things as a safety precaution yeah and it's happening without you consciously doing something about it. So for a while I was a little confused that psycho is everything in the cloud is it safe? But if you people had to explain right now, you have to make that choice because especially, I'm gonna have a lot of photos that just have to I mean, they just have to be in a few different places but working on documents though too it can actually be away too, to have your documents sort of transfer seamlessly yes, which is different than physically backing up yes, and I'm so glad you brought that point up again. I work in I t right? And I I understand backups and anybody who is not backing up their system I want to have a chat with you, okay? Backup's color medical have to learn that it is critical for personal and it's critical for business you just have to do it so yeah that's a great point you make one thing specific to that to just kind of add to that is I've got this file out here this keynote filed that I've been working on when I added that file it added the file across all my devices automatically part of icloud right? And the sinking is great, but if I delete the file from this device, guess what also happens? It deletes it from all of them as well, and if I don't have a backup of that file it's gone, I've got to re create it and, you know, can we rely a hundred percent on apple toe have their services available all the time? They're pretty good. Most of the big companies are pretty good, but they're not one hundred percent and we can't expect him to be one hundred percent I've had files disappear before for no reason and you know it's just something that I deal with working attack so what I do is I augment what they're doing in the cloud with doing something like um on the mac with time machine so time machine is a built in a built in backup system exactly yeah and so that actually in fact that that's a good segue way let's let's go back so we're actually going to come kind of wrap things up with icloud drive and in the second half of this class will be going into a little more detail with icloud drive but with icloud dr um it's it's the storage that we use for our documents so I cloud drive is where our documents live so if we go ahead so this is back on the icloud dot com home page and we'll go ahead and click on the icloud drive icon this will open up our storage space. Okay? This is where everything lives now for this particular demo account I only have the one kino file okay? If I had pages files if I had numbers files those folders would also be listed here but they don't create those folders automatically it's only when we create our first pages file, for example that the pages folder would exist. So in this case what I would do is double click on that and this is now going to open up that folder but but doing backups would certainly include all of these files as well so that if they disappear we've got that time that that backup to go so so I cloud drive is this storage component of icloud, the service and there are good, good reasons to use icloud drive, and there are reasons may be to consider using something else other than icloud drive, so we're going to be talking about that later in this class and go into a little more detail about just what is cloud storage and why do we use it when we use? How do we use it? And what does it actually mean? Where is the cloud? Russ? Do you know where the cloud is? No it's all around us, it's all around us, so we'll be talking about that, but but in terms of I work on the good I work on the go specific to icloud, um, I I'll just kind of wrap that up now and that I think gives you a really clear picture of the services that are available is part of icloud again, the reason we took this detour was to help you understand what goes into making icloud, what it is and the fact that now we're going to come back, and in the second half of this class we're going to talk about I cloud drive and how it is we actually use that too two for storage and for collaboration and things like that

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