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Class Introduction

hi guys and how everybody out there in the online audience uh lyndsey other jeff ross and let me let me just start by saying that uh video for many of us is scary a little bit intimidating and I'd like to take a second to tell you why I decided to try to figure out this old world of video and all this scary things like audio and things like that well I often use video to make me more money from photography and I'm guessing a lot of you there can resonate with that so what would happen is I would have clients um fashion photographer that asked me to do a fashion shoot and then they'd be like can you do video and I couldn't so I'd have to hire people and then that's coming right out of my pocket but I saw this video mode on my camera han and like a wolf the people that showed up have the same cameras as me ok they have a couple like microphones have a little bit more but they're not really doing anything different doesn't look that hard so I set out to learn it and what I discovered is t...

hat I made a whole bunch of major major mistakes like really that um for example some of the things that I didn't realize it's like you can't just put it on any settings you want like I thought you could just do whatever should have speed you want whatever I sew you want and it would look good I didn't I didn't know that that wasn't the case so what ended up happening is for a lot of my clients I would shoot video and it would look beautiful like relating still the same the composition all of that and I would outsource the editing at the time and my editor would be like so you should do a little research on hot issue what the settings are in things like that and of course as a professional this is it's my career so I set out to learn that um there are a lot of things that were intimidating probably one of the biggest things for me would be audio so what I would like everybody out there in the audience to do and all of you guys here um I want you to figure out out of these three days what your fears are and get them answered so this class is not intended for people that want to be cinematographers like sure maybe you end up there someday but this is intended for photographers that want to master this thing called video so in general I'm not going to be talking about you know one hundred fifty thousand dollars video cameras I want to show you what you can do with likely what you already have and then like okay let's step it up a notch with a couple other tools and things like that so please everybody figure out what your fears are the things that hold you back and that is what we're going to cover for the next three days um how are you guys it's actually nice having yes here it's a very very small group I love you guys so eclectic my background videography was somewhere along the frustrations that lindsey had shooting video I used to travel a lot with her and I was her assistant on set and when she started having these frustration she's like I'm going t pay you essentially to go learn and I'd never done videography whatsoever I'd never picked up a camera side from doing still photography and that was about a year ago since that time I've shot a couple of music videos in istanbul I've done a commercial ad for a I don't feel well and my lobster brent harley davis in the new york city of a shot a commercial harley davis in new york city within a year of picking up my first video camera and a lot of that was everything based on the composition stuff that you guys already know it's really not that hard for me it's just a couple settings and learning a couple tools and being dedicated practicing so picking this up and realizing it's the same platform that I'm already using I know some of you had mentioned that before and saying it's really not that difficult I couldjust transition right over so it's been fun eso all the behind the scenes videos that you guys see that she's on that she's obviously not shooting herself I probably did way back when so and it's just it's kind of related to all of this is we'll definitely geek out nerd out a little bit on gear because honestly people want to know what we're going to cover we have something where we have like the beginner kit the consumer pro sumer kit the pro kit and then he calls it the mack daddy kitchen sink kid s so like if if money wasn't an issue and you want everything so okay granted we're going to probably go over a lot of things and we'll get like some things that are a little more advanced I'll tell you when to tune out if you're like okay I'm feeling like I got a lot of my brain was like okay we're going to nerd out on gear or like tech for a second cover your ears it will be okay because I firmly believe that you could make awesome video with whatever camera you have whatever lenses you have the tripod you have and that's if and photo shop on that's actually gonna teach so I'd like to give you an overview of the next three days and then we're going to jump right into our presentation and that's the key there it's keep a simple video for photographers you're just taking what you already know and just adding little things on so today what we're going to do is it is going to be lectured with a lot of sample videos things that we have all done that we've done and I direct fashion films but we went out and we shot for a few clients and also a couple personal projects to make it applicable to you so that we will have a boudoir video we have a high school senior sports video we have some fashion videos we have grand father and child so we kind of put it together so that it's applicable and so we'll cover that today lots of demo we have a gigantic stack of gear um so again don't I don't think that you need that and I know I'm going on stopping for bodies have to say this I just read an article it's actually up on f stoppers if anyone wants to check it out about five misconceptions I had about video before I got started and one of my main misconceptions is that I needed to buy new stuff so what ended up happening is they bought all this gear because I'm a nerd and I thought I needed it and then I realized how many video jobs I needed to do to pay for that gear to break even and it took a why so that's probably not a good idea eso anyway so that'll be today tomorrow we're doing to live demos so in the morning I'm going to be doing a boudoir shoot um and so I'm going to show you howto light camera movements and I'm gonna ask our audience here to actually take part in that get the camera moving tested out I want you to say what you find difficult we'll work together um and a bunch of other gear and things like that and then in the afternoon and well overall I mean you guys before we even start that just knowing how we work together I know that's that's generally held a lot of people wonder in our you have one man band you got shooting together lindsey and I work in various projects and sometimes we work where one person's leading that specific project depending on their vision so depending the client's needs see if it's a fashion film out because of her experience I'll let her run and kind of go with her stylistic approach to things because it's a lot like a kind of her fashion photography just film it the same way so when you guys see the sets tomorrow it's going to be designed to one set that's fitting her style and one set that's really fitting in my style so we're gonna have a lead on that specific set so my set's gonna be a little darker then and less girly very girlie I'm goingto adl ensler and then actually that ties in perfectly he's going to be doing a film noir style so it would be really great and the lighting that we're going to use relatively inexpensive constant life and then your stroke modeling light's exactly so you don't actually need to buy new lighting and the constant lights seriously really inexpensive by all means I think a lot of videographers may hate us for this class just because wayne teach you thie easiest way not to go to film school and still get a good production out of it not so buy all the expensive gear that you would need like literally we're going to use your stroke modeling lights I don't think any cinematographers would be like yeah but you get it you have no idea what you want so much equipment that you don't use I mean we thing with us is we spent a bunch of money just buying equipment so therefore I sleep like no need whatsoever because we like we need this for video and some of it broke some of it disintegrated some of it worked some of it still collecting dust so we use certain things and it's nice once you learn what fits for your stylistic approach what you can use it well over the years a swell so perfect and so it brings us today three hundred three we're going to be doing post processing so I will be starting in the morning showing everybody how you can edit video in photo shop so if one of these things that's holding you back from video is feeling like you have to spend money photo shop at its video and you can do a lot there I'll tell you look like limitation certainly there's some things you can't do but for example I like to do lens slayer and like creed of a sex on money you can do that in photo shop and I used to think that you had to have like after effects and I'll cut and all this stuff known not all you could do right in photo shop so I'll be teaching that and then jeff will be spending the rest of day and premier I'm going do premiere when it's for you guess I jump into my ear how the easiest way to get a video kind of flowing goes because you can spend hours and hours and hours editing I just want to get as easy as possible and just the quickest fastest time for your client was possible and if anybody's member of creative cloud premieres and excluded in creative cloud for adobe so we also thought that was a good idea besides teaching I mean final cut or something we have to spend a lot of money it's it's kind of built in so that is going to be what we're covering for the three days and we thought we would ease you into this nice and slow on our beginning presentation is samples of how what you know in photography is exactly the same and video and then we'll do a show you what's different we're going to start with the exact same and we're gonna show you clips of what we've done and I want to make sure everyone knows ask tons of questions place tons and tons of questions anything that you have three only thing that I would say is not relevant is like don't ask you about one hundred fifty thousand dollar cameras like not super relevant what we're doing but other than that any questions you have and oh by the way where you can find us um if you want to connect um and on my facebook page I'm posting a link to all the gear that we're using because we're going to mention a lot of gear so there's a link and it directly links you so you can check out the gear see the spec see the cough absolutely and just so everybody knows out there were actually pushing that in the chat room as well so if you want it now you can go directly into the chat room which is that green chat live with class participants link and we will get you that link there and moving forward my twitter handle there is actually my name backwards just in case just like ninety five percent of people don't see that so just in case that's literally my name goes all faces he made fun of me oh wait I have I have a thing to say just cause I have to say this she's my significant other in case anyone's curious yes there's always like chat in the chat rooms that's like people get kind of sketchy like they think that I'm like okay I'm just gonna I said out there so in case I like lean over to wait three months before she realized that was my left many brits and I'm like really you could seriously so you know that's just that's way we'll probably banter a lot but I'll try to keep it something of course so and we didn't want to make sure we think they're sponsors but the reason we include this up here and I know that it's in the chat room there are several discounts on different plug ins that will be talking about and then also if you want to rent lenses which might be a good idea because we'll talk about lenses maybe wanted to try that and so these are the people some people that have supported us and one more thing if you go to my block and I know what's in the chat room way have a contest for over a thousand dollars in gear and includes things from several of these sponsors so its mean I think you just like sign I think just showing us it is not accomplished I think you just give your email no that's what's so no no work required all right girls let's get started let's go all right so no stress everybody depressive it's not so bad true because I mean even when russ was giving the introduction saying like you know it's it's so different there's a learning curve a lot of it is like if you just break it down a little pieces it's not so bad so that's it we're going to start here

Class Description

Videography just got easy. Lindsay Adler and Jeff Rojas are going to show how to apply your existing rockstar photography skills to capturing video — without investing in fancy equipment or learning complicated technical jargon.

This Creative Live course will focus on simple, easy-to-implement videography techniques. You’ll learn how the photography gear you already own can be repurposed for video. You’ll also explore the lighting basics essential to capturing motion. You’ll build concrete strategies for integrating filming and editing video into your existing photography workflow. Lindsay and Jeff will share their unique techniques for using video as a way to tell stories and for integrating your one-of-a-kind style into your video work.

Whether you’re looking to add a lucrative new dimension to your photography business or ready to capture compelling home movies, this course will demystify videography and give you the tools you need to film and edit like a pro.