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Editing Audio

when I structure anything in regards tio my day I now created c l footage once I click on seo footage you'll notice I have audio and actual footage divided so I should be able to click audio and see the different files that I have I don't want to I don't want to click through different everything on one specific track so I want to know more or less where where where things are this one from what I believe it's one point three nine gigabytes it's about an hour footage we discussed that yesterday left something running and just left it there all day so if I go ahead and preview that I don't know what I said you could have said thank you very very difficult thing to hear right I can't see anything there's no way for me I'd have to review all of this there's no uh there's no visual cues on to where there's any information that's why premieres a little more into intuitive than photoshopped we're tryingto preview these files right so what I do is when I'm processing my first premiere project...

to the things I did was color grade and the second thing I want to do is figure out what kind of audio I'm listening tio okay so I'm gonna go ahead and go back to premiere and open up the last project that we've been working on sorry for the loading time it's going to take a couple of seconds it is sad say click open and go justice they give justice with exclamation point so once I open this again it crashed before we got tio before we got to save anything so if you guys remember file new sequence I now have a new sequence I'm goingto select twenty four frames a second we shot at the twenty four frames a second I want it now reference my audio but a drag and drop that onto my audio track notice I cannot drag it onto my video track I'll take that and late to these third track okay I reserve my second track for music I reserve my first track for all the clips that are associated with audio for the video files for the first clip andi I went back and show you guys what happens if I don't do that I'm gonna start cutting audio from other areas so let's go ahead and uh maximize that screen so um I can't view this this is just a green track what do I do with this I can't visually see it I can actually just click the bottom of the actual track and drag along the bottom to seymour information okay I'm gonna go ahead and press the plus button so I can zoom in and see where that information is and from what I'm reviewing right now the footage itself the way form or that the way that the volume works in the crest and peeks when you guys are looking at away form is very very low it's almost indecipherable so if I look through this track I'm trying to track where the information of the spikes that we wind it up hitting which should be the largest peaks in regards to the audio that are readily available it looks like from five minutes and we again it's an hour of footage there's nothing there so I'm gonna go ahead and minimize that out it looks like we were speaking at certain points meaning okay you guys saw as I tracked now there's random spikes so let's click where that audio's I don't have to sit there and listen to an hour of footage I visually saw through cues where my footage started so let's listen now where that footage is I remember like it was yesterday it was a cool october night it's happened I didn't want to spend with the missus fitting that spent most of my nights my true love justice okay that's his interview and the reason I know that I shot shot that out the uh the live likes is for the file name your recorders will start recording information the same way that your cameras do with their specific name along with their file structure if I was recording with the d r forty it'll say gr forty number number number number this is saying task m zero zero zero six it's actually the task mdr sixty for the task and the one hundred one hundred they have file structures where it'll say one hundred so I know for from reference that this is my this is my lab mikes and russell I'm using I could see that in the file structure to begin with notices dior forty and it'll say task m I can also I should be able to right click and it should bring up the information properties there but let's see right click information dear forty let seymour information actually information should be saved there which is the way from his well so it's good to go I know more or less when my information is I'm gonna go back to the audio itself you guys were gonna notice a lot of noise in the audio it's not clean whatsoever his very muffled if you guys can bring up the audio again please okay let's move forward I remember like it was yesterday it was a cool october night type of guy you want to spend with the missus so those of you that is sitting at home you're gonna hear a little buzzing we're gonna hear something that sounds like a fan it's not it's not game I'm not raising the game that's actually the fan from the lights that we shot yesterday as careful as we were in regards teo filming without the fan being there I was still able to record that footage and unfortunately get the fan in there okay so what do I do I can go the premier out which has a whole audio engineering profile and go through effects go all the way down to audio effects and audio facts skill that I could have video effects even I said audio facts I really did that didn't I so audio effect has all these different tools that you can use to kind of ah manipulate your your audio footage I can easily just drag this up right add some gain and you'll notice that the levels of my audio are going to increase I can hear that one more time guys but it was a cool october night happened you'd want to spend with the missus so the more decibels and add the moor and gain I have the more I'm gonna hear that noise in the background for you guys at home I don't want to hear that I don't want to hear the noise so photoshopped house photoshopped premier has him built in programs to counter act any noises that you hear it's so easy as going to something like the noise er and dragging and dropping onto your your footage once you clicked the noise er you can go toe custom parameters this is going to sound really intuitive but it's actually really really simple excuse me no it's actually really complex I'm going to be the simple way of doing this so this is the audio engineering where I would sit here and say ok I could hear the drum in the background I'm gonna lower the decibels and try to take the drum of the background you have no idea what that means it's confusing you know what this noise mean what this gane mean what do what do all these parameters mane as a photographer I do not want to deal with that right so what's the easiest way to get this footage is clean it's possible that's what's on my thought processes so I found a program called audition that's available right through adobe ondas part of the creative cloud process where you khun delete noise just by taking a reference track of what that noise specifically iss okay I can do that even outside of my timeline hadn't delete the timeline itself I have my task and footage here if you guys do you have creative cloud it's as easy as right clicking edit an adobe audition and I want to edit that clip again this is an hour if you look at the timeline one hours zero minutes and twenty one seconds of footage it's a long process if you look at how long it takes to edit that footage it takes a minute a minute and a half to go through a whole hour footage that's nothing if you want to have a clean crisp audio let's go ahead and extract that audio so notice it's making a second duplicate copy it's not manipulating my first copy whatsoever so any changes aren't permanent by any means it's creating a whole new separate system where you can just save it right on there I am looking at the way form now we discussed yesterday want everything to be about twelve decibels right so if I look here my twelve none of my audio any given point reaches twelve decibels I'm gonna go ahead and zoom into my audio I wantto have some audio is gonna pick up to twelve aiken just drag the twelve the decibel but add a little bit more information and I'm starting to see that twelve decibel if you look I can kind of manipulate it very uh fluidly I'm gonna kind of stick at my highest point to the twelve decibel it takes eight seconds to go twelve seconds to go ahead and edit an hour of footage this is extremely easy to do right out right in an adobe approach a program lets go ahead it's white because I'm selecting all my footage at the present moment so I'm just gonna press and click so if I press that space bar to listen to the reference audio and drag my timeline over to where there's actually audio wait do you hear in the background what are all those noises you hear in the background that's lindsey adler do you guys hear the clicking in the background but you still hear all that buzzing and those of you at home you're gonna hear this a lot clear that we do here at the studio but it was a mystery as I'm listening to this no if you look at the information here even when he stopped speaking there's some noise in there there's something that's over laid you guys can't here in the studio as well but those of you home you hear faint buzzing noise okay I don't want to hear that I don't want to hear that in my audio so when we hadn't stopped that footage I'm gonna zoom into my uh I'm gonna zoom into the clip itself I'm gonna zoom in as much as I can as I zoom in and I'm like it microscopic microscopic level at this point if I really really look at this line there's actually information in here it's not a perfectly straight line there is little tiny nuances of information it's very very minimalistic as I keep zooming in you'll notice his little hairline fractures that's thie that's actually the buzzing that you're hearing okay so what I can do to delete all that noise in between us find an area that has the noise that no one speaking in okay fine a set silence point that you feel that's the noise that I'm trying to take out no one speaking no one's talking no noises that you're not trying to get out are not present that I don't I don't say that correctly today and there's a lot of nose in there um once I select that footage I'm gonna hold shift p it's going to say the current audio selection will be captured and loaded as noise print for the use of the next time the noise reduction effect is launched so that means it's capturing the noise that I want to go ahead and remove where do I want to remove it from I want to remove from all my audio so I'm gonna go ahead and hold command or control a if you're on a pc I know have all my footage selected I want to move it from everything I press command shift and pee it now removed every single bit of noise from that whole footage that I designated his noise okay if you at home if I press play I should have very very minimal noise if I listen to this whole footage and regard so what's uh actually there I'm gonna go ahead and stop that once that's done I press it's as easy as control excuse him command safe it takes about thirty eight seconds thirty two seconds depending on the speed of the computer that's it I didn't go into any other process of this whole program whatsoever I did everything with a couple short keys that's it just to edit my footage is going to make a second copy and premier I no longer have to goto audition so what I'm gonna do is now that my um my little clips are completely clean and clear of audio I can start cutting the uh thin actor's voice patterns and saying ok he didn't sound good at this point he sound better at this point so I can start cutting in between those clips yes I have a couple questions because I've been watching in premiere and also as you've been an audition it seems that you know you're only recording model channels but sometimes their stereo sometimes they're not uh what's the workflow as faras all that if you're going to cover that later that's okay I'll do that right now so I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and open a project quickly and let's go to okay apparently I should probably open a recent that probably would be the easiest way to go open a recent let's go too the uh the other platform that amusing that I wanted of editing last night express cancel you're right when we recorded it was completely motto if you guys remember one into it said it was left and right the problem is I'm recording into one specific line so if I look at some of the audio that we're referencing you pay attention inside the line you'll notice there's on ly information on one side okay so what david's mentioning is I'm only gonna hear that out the left side of my speaker if I'm putting on a headset that's it so what I can do is I'm gonna unlock that file let's click here and click on the file itself you'll notice that I have this little option or fact called phil left okay it's gonna take all the information that I have about my left and fully on the right as well so it's it's multipurpose ing and making it now stereo so I can hear everything up both sides of my headphones so I'm not just listening to one side why that's great well let's see if she had she's having an interview on we're both doing an interview at the same time I can lay both tracks down I want to hear us at the same time I don't wanna hear left or right it's like lindsay jack lindsay lindsay jeff I want to hear lyndsey and jeff when they're speaking simultaneously it's fine phil that left on and that's as easy as going to effects going down tto audio effects scrolling down and it's literally an option called phil left feel right it copies all the information brings it down to the other track and then you have dual audio so now it's stereo it's just replicating that same sound if you're doing audio in photo shop not photoshopped yeah I can't think right now will you have that same problem like if I do audio will it only come out and when speaker anything like that if you had it set to mono it would but it also depends on if you export it a certain way because you could export it so that it takes whatever audio track you had asthma no meaning one ear and it'll just export it so it plays in both uh but any time you need to do manipulation audio photo shops not a place to do it but yes good question yes I was one follow up question that you run into phasing problems when you duplicate the audio from left to right and I'll play the audio now when you when you first heard the audio itself it's tough to hear from speakers but when you're listening to it from a headset you can't hear any difference whatsoever it sounds like it was meant to be stereo in the first place on danube you could equalize it like you really wanted to get into audio engineering and say ok I want a master this and want to make sure everything is nice and perfect you can still do that with the field left phil right you'll be ok but that's depending on what you're trying to do so to make it as easy as possible just feel left and you're okay the person yesterday obviously didn't to me if I was casting and I was typecasting he looks great his voice doesn't sound like somebody from the nineteen thirties nineteen forties right um I can equalize that and make him sound a little deeper and manipulate those things it should it will never sound perfect unless you completely equalize it may be an audition or maybe in a different platform but it's is easy if I if I wanted to make it sound wont be like we mentioned before um I could go to pitch etc pitch shifter you can do pitch shifter if you want there's also uh eh you pitch that should be appear you don't just to a pitch and so you pitch I can change the pitch of his voice from sounding really really squeaky to our world go ahead and play that footage you guys gonna laugh at him please don't laugh at him you make him sound really really squeaky I can make him sound like the guy from saw which is what I kind of like the oh it's depending on what you're trying to the person's voice somebody mentioned the other day would you manipulate somebody's voice in post somebody's voice like in my mind I some really really winey other people say otherwise other people just say you're to sound whining I don't really manipulate people's voices because I think people very sensitive about a lot of aspects of themselves you have to ask them is it okay if I'm gonna be late your voice if you're doing something a little more cinematic say if I was doing something a little darker and it's supposed to sound like saw I would do that in a heartbeat no questions asked um if it was supposed to funny it's really up to you what you're trying to do you're not I've just had a little question so for all of these different um effects that you have and there's a lot of different categories once a good way to figure out what they all do how did you figure it out because there's a lot and I guess I don't know what I need until I need it so did you just figure out along the way do you want to know the truth yeah well I was messing with lindsay adler footage I was trying to make it sound funny so I had you going way ahead you have like a little mouse that's how I started cause I find it funny and I'm I can't watch this this is what else got it before you're standing so that's you know it's just messing with it was there like just some kind of reference somewhere I don't know how you started like with photo shop when I first started photoshopped I started finish up way before I started photography right so I started basically doing graphic designs emerging stuff together and just playing with it as opposed to watching a set video and I just sort of messing with things so for me I learned a lot of these just by playing around and finding out what does this do what does that do on your off time when you're learning about a specific subject and you're passionate about it you're off time is generally dedicated to that specific project and a lot of you photographers you'll notice that even if you're not shooting in your full time photographer maybe you're watching f stoppers or maybe you're washing creative lives you're doing something photography related and that's what I love about this it's still video related like I'm still technically doing work I just find it funny being over like here lindsay won't won't won't I just posted it jeff I just want to point out what you said to me this morning was that you just found audition last night last night so he figured all that out on his own blood for in the morning we had four in the morning which is funny I was mastering everything in premiere the way that I should you guys before and it's time consuming because you're you're trying to reduce low frequencies and high frequencies and you're trying to take out the noise all manually you guys saw all the little things that you can turn the knobs and dials and this and that and the other it's annoying I'm not gonna lie to you guys I'm like what's really the easiest way that you can sit down to do this I'm there at four o'clock in the morning like if I needed to and I did have to have this edit by tomorrow morning what do I need to dio google went on google found this program called audition and it took me ten minutes to unlearn audition no shorties is like this is cool let's try this how many if you if I wasn't teaching how many shortcut keys that I really do four or five and I had my audio clean and I got the audio clean so where you guys were listening to it in the video that we heard earlier I would've again typecast in its way it's a little it's a little maur deep voice for the specific actor you know right out of camera but if that's his natural voice it just doesn't have any buzzing in the background doesn't have any issues because I play this for you guys now if you guys wanna listen to audio top of that you want to spend with the missus that's what he sounded like yesterday that spent most of my nights nothing else in the background just thie audio the little ambien noises that you're hearing are what we recorded on set yesterday when we're holding up the laugh like that dave you helped us out which is holding up a lab mike tio let's say the clock or holding up the laugh mic to the to the little typing if you really watch the footage itself that's the only time I use free stock audio clips because we don't have a telephone on set so I found something that's a telephone on set if I look at the actual telephone let's go ahead and zoom out the footage itself so it's royalty free like it's not free stock footage so this clip here's my telephone ok you'll notice right off the bat if I look at the it's almost like a capacity with footage of the decibel rating is a little lower than it needs to be the decibel ratings down by negative nine point but is it right now nine point five six whatever it is I also cut that specific ringer quite a bit if you look at it this is what thea the phone when they're sounding like originally theme here is an audio it's a little longer I could have used it that way I just wanted to be a quick cut something nice and fast and just manipulated something where it looked like he picked up the phone started out of nowhere he picks up the film I didn't make any noise for that the second he goes tio start typing that was you typing yesterday as I'm sitting there recording audio I heard you guys in the background in certain instances I use audition again to remove you guys from the audio itself so that's his easy it is if you're going to a wedding and you're going to use the engines to or you're going to use their last mike you're going to use the iphone recorded to record any type of noise you wantto remove anything assigned from your subject fifteen minutes I learned or ten minutes I learn how to use that I could use it within five minutes you know how long I took to even with teaching export that and make it into new clip here I'll look at my project father yes ma'am didn't make a brand new audio file like like if you go ahead and look in your folder did when it was in addition did it save a new file or is this basically like a reference with modifications it actually made a new file so if I go back to my seal footage so you could use that in photo shop so if you look so you guys know I'm not lying read the time that this time code is it's two forty five am that's I think what you're my clock is different but it's two forty five am that was no essentially it's recording our time because it's on wifi so two forty five a m this morning I was sitting there you know messing with audio and he created those new files notice how quickly those files were created to eighteen two ten like they're really fast files I don't have to deal with it as much as possible if I was sitting there audio engineering and sitting having to listen to an hour of audio it's time consuming you don't you don't want to sit there okay I can't hear this person here let's bump up the audio here okay let's slow it down because this person's here it took me forever to do that in the past and again keeping it simple audition helps me and it's just part of the creative clouds if you guys are part of the creative kraut creative cloud already it's a benefit for you guys yes I was going to say actually mad at the fact that I made fun of your audience e I actually have used edition before for a couple different projects stop some of you might know like garage band or something like that so let's say that you don't you want to just focus and audio for a little while you could actually do everything you need for that audio track over in addition export it and use it in photo shop just in case that's what you're comfortable with but that being said probably you have additional creative clouds movie premiere would give you more capabilities but the same thing you don't have to worry about trying to manipulate the audio over here in premiere you could do it all in addition and bring it back in so you don't have to worry about like my messing up other settings and there's too much going on you can keep it a little bit more simple kind of like if you guys have played with smart objects sometimes you can't make clusters of objects a little more advanced photo shop or something has been placed have you ever placed a file if you double click on it it actually opens up the file you can manipulate it and then you close it and updates it a za layer if like in photo shop so that is why I like it all kind of functions the same causes an adobe product she's getting excited over here people bringing the sounds in the phone shop question from online scott wanted to know where you're getting the sounds from and I know we talked about places to get the free folly online you know I don't have the exact website but what I'll do is the second the show's over I can put that on twitter for you guys um so you guys know just you will want to follow jeff at sage or fish everyone following on twitter which we're going to the chatter so I'll post that the second the show's over if we have a break I can do that as well for the next break I confined there as well if you guys look at the the audio tracks there I spoke about the first line being thie ambient noises or the folly the second line being the music so if you look at it it's automatically masters have both of them because triple scoop music those stereo and then the third line has his vocal track notice that there's cuts in his vocal track what I did was thie after himself obviously didn't get the whole thing in one take you also notice if you've watched yesterday if you have it make sure the plug in and purchase of course and watch or watch you know that way that way he didn't do it right the first time on any specific cut but if I go ahead and minimize the audio let's say minimize the visuals mrs fitting to spend most of my nights with my chula justice phone rings it was russell to atone look it had been my latest everywhere that he has breaks in his voice and there's there's moments in time where he's not speaking I created that it's not from his voice it was what I felt appropriate for the speech and the techs and how long to break things all I did was take when he was speaking copy that from the specific clips or take clips of that I'll show you guys how to do that right now take clips of whatever I find appropriate so let's see if I take my audio file I drag and drop it up here this is my preview reference now go ahead and pre play that overnight on top of that you want to spend with the mrs aiken select it's where I want my in and out to dragon drew up until my timeline and how you do that I'm going ahead and notice I only let's say if I only want top of that you want to spend with the missus that section there okay I'm gonna go ahead and mark in mark out that means that this is where I want the clip to start and this is where I want to clip to end I'm going to go ahead and go to the drag audio tool right here drag and drop that right onto my timeline all I have is that specific line nothing else I don't have any other audio from that specific clip that does not create a new clip on the on your project files that's on ly a reference clip to that specific clip that I wanted of choosing networks with visuals as well yes so do you find it easier to drop the full clip in and cut out what you don't want or to do what you did there and do this clip in this in this way ok this is the easy way to do that with visuals and with audio um we spoke before lunch when I was a little like I don't know what I'm doing to you making sure that I'm previewing things here finding what I like and choosing the clips based off of that so let's say if I drag and drop this media appear and if I review this footage was talking he is you're standing there well I only want him kind of looking off into the distance whatever reason I can start my clip their play tryingto should be reading it right before he turns his neck towards may I don't want that specific audio so I'm gonna go ahead and cut out right there dragon drop that footage right onto my timeline notice when I drag and drop my timeline the audio tracks automatically associated with that as I move up or down the audio track is moving with that specific audio if I would've bring that anywhere into my timeline it's also it's uh it's actually cutting over whatever I've done before is well so for me if I'm going to put this in there I find what specific clip I'm going to use force if I wanted to fill this gap this is the only gap that I haven't found video for or whatever isn't I'm going to go ahead and find the specific cut that I like I'm gonna minimize it so where it fits within that go ahead in that parameter and this should fit within that little tiny space but literally just drag and drop and you notice it's already impeding my audio right so what I want to do in that case is I could go to this clip right click on link I don't plan on using the audio footage this reference with that video whatsoever delete just drag and drop the video that if if you have the audio line that its corresponding with it locked will it still delete the audio well let's say if I meaning if you lock this specific audio this audio this order yeah you locked all those and drop something on top of it it's going to go to the nearest section possibles if you look it's starting to go all the way down the line until it finds some somewhere to put it so even if as to create a new track for itself it's gonna continue to go all the way to the bottom which is annoying because then you have to go through five tracks to see if there's any audio in there the cool thing is if whatever reason that does happen and you have a mess that's in premiere of different audio tracks and you only want to hear let's see the music on track one if you mute all the other areas that do have tracks if you don't want to delete it and you on lee unhygienic or showcase that the music file that you're trying to do when you export it's on ly referencing the audio that's a muted for the final export which is great because I've done that in the past before I might have missed something you know something so small that I couldn't see unless they really zoomed in that you wouldn't hear the audio when I when I go ahead and export and I'll notice it afterwards I'm like oops you know unlinked elite so that's in the option as well I heard hershey and about the speed so I know that you can change the speed of video as faras audio he speaks really fast kind of slurs his words together a little bit is there any way that you could slow down his speech without changing the pitch at all absolutely so can you do that when you're a master it when you look at voice patterns the second you slow it down and start sounding wont be so what you would have to do that's money where it won't be good so the second you go ahead and drag his voice it's going to sound want and you're going to have to fix his pitch to figure out where it needed to be before so let's I can show you an example but it's complicated no well not complicate out to show you what it sounds like and then you can decide if you want to learn all the engineering and fix it knife so let's see I'm gonna unlock that it's no longer muted I look at this file I'm going to zoom in and I'm going to right click okay I noticed my volume is perfect I can also right click um speed duration I'm using and manipulating the speed duration of a audio clip I could do the same thing with visuals I'm gonna go ahead and uh reduce that specific audio clip to seventy five percent of its speech pattern it extended to clip out to accommodate for the seventy five percent and dragged all the way out it's no longer if you right click again it's no longer express anu anu it's currently a one second point zero zero eight the second one to seventy five it's adding information at the end it's not much but it's certain information so seventy five percent you may not see a difference you may see sound I'm gonna press play executions throw sounds like saw two may esso you'd have to re master at that point it kind of fix his pitch to match everything else that's just an option let awake and a lot of work especially since you have to mean there's our numbers you can judge it by but you also in and have to judge if it sounds correct besides just looking at the numbers so that's where it becomes a lie a little so that I can get it right and camera well aren't getting on the microphone yes that's what we like to say to make it easier if you're trying to do a documentary you're really not gonna want to sit there and make everything slow motion while the person's talking you never see a documentary just go how are you doing because you get bored first of all and second of all it's just the pitch patterns off everything's off the second they wanted to go into anything in slow motion to cut two different cut something outside maybe a waterfall we spoke about yesterday and showed that in slow motion the person still speaking at perfect pitch pattern there speaking perfect speed they can speak over that and you just during transitions in slow motion I wouldn't slow people's voices down unless it's like a fight scene from fight club and it's like I'm going to hit you you know something like that so now that we discussed how we get it let's replicate it so just our new project we'll try that file knew sequence that's going to ask me to go ahead and review that footage and I'm gonna show you guys some effects as well maybe we'll try something a little different this time maybe try something black and white

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