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Shoot: Boudoir Movement Part 2

I swear going teo viewfinders now quick question from wind wah hoo that some people may not know uh you're using a fixed eighty five millimeter lens so how have you been zooming in to see uh okay so what I'm doing is I'm zooming in in this camera zooming in by just hitting the magnifying glass once for what is it five percent and then the second for ten percent soon ten times ten times ten times zoom um and the other thing is where it looks like I'm switching maybe from like from her lips to her eyes that's actually focus changing so it's not like really zoom is actually just moving my focus point and the same thing if I were having her move there I could also maybe focus on her eyes here have her lean back and then lean into the focus so that actually adds a little bit of movement to a cz well I was going to take a look at viewfinders and this is I'm gonna have you guys just like test amount to what you think and so which one do we have gone there you see this this like hypothetically...

balances magic chat rooms were freaking out earlier when it was leaning up against the wall so I think they're probably crying right but there was no camera on it before another wass oh it's really funny because for a while like I like I started photography when I still lived at home with my parents still like I would do something like I'm not supposed to do with my camera even though I'm like mid twenties and like oh don't make sure no one sees it I'm like wait it's my camera I couldn't do what I want and not get drunk okay you wantto talk what you gonna do on this okay we don't have to switch that just put this onto this camera use this one saying you want me alive yes this year's alright like this I said oh god hold us okay so when you want to put this make sure that you find a nice little balance for klicks in that you're not holding too much stuff in your hands at once let me see that's thank you plug it in let me see that other camera so I can get the little tethered cord at the said hold that all right so this particular one is made by goodman and there's a couple and they have their cinema pro kit and then they have their custom finder kit um I had this for a very long time it has the eyepiece so you can block out ambient light based on if your left eye or right eye dominance so you guys now because we're tethering today I want to make sure that this is called a jerk stopper so this stops us from pulling out that that's very inappropriate if you take that on their own context but it's not from pulling out the court for dumb boys that jerk okay that's it we're using right there so it's significantly magnifies the screen when I'm in love you see if I have always this one's not weird in there you said a man that way so many so you guys know you could just literally unclip it here loosen it up and pull it right out and now you can do what you can tell me switch it from my switch out the marrying and this whole marriage thing I'm talking about only exists to this day which one do you uh this whole marrying thing I'm talking about only exists if you've done the firmware upgrade on make sure they're okay all right perfect now I'll actually the sea once again thing get the mirror thing I'm talking about now is like it has to do with the screen and it's only exists if you've done a firmware upgrade doesn't have anything to do with filming video so okay good all right so now I can actually see what I'm focusing okay can you make your hand a little softer perfect and press issue all right perfect great so let me first of all modifying my exposure increments of one sixty keeping my shutter speed the same pick something around like that I was twenty four to seventy on so now when I zoom in it blocks the ambient light and it is significantly easier for me to focus and some of these um some of these viewfinders actually let you have die afters in the v funders so that you don't have to have the glasses push against the viewfinder so the day after is built in because that's what I'm used to for my camera so you shit happens you know don't have glasses on and trying to it is I answer for this one's actually at the end you can just twist and turn this act is your diop turn that camera pick this one so if you notice that extends out or kind of goes forward and that you die off they're built into the specific you know which is super helpful it's because it's definitely a pain have tio try to focus when you have your glasses one so that makes it much easier for me to focus all right so I'm going tio have you guys look at this first sec who doing pick somebody is that the the plan you want eager alright so when pass it to you we're going to get another one set up while you take a look at that all right all right you wanna hear and that I think about what you don't know it just goes out of life it's time to turn off so you're gonna focus on the here help him there yes with zoom lenses do you ever have the trouble of the zoom doing things you don't want it too while you're shooting or accidentally grabbing the wrong good question uh so all the lenses I have now I don't have a problem with what I usedto have lenses that they're really really big zooms which means from like eighteen to three hundred and sometimes changing the angle the actual zoom would uh fallout like you had just change it so I don't have that now so if you have like a less expensive zoom sometimes actually the lock feature on the side just watch out like the movement of the camera actually make a difference so you guys live you my recommendations because right now lindsay has bad eyes right so dave's trying to see through there he really can't because it sets or her eyesight so I would go ahead and loosen the south hold us out set your set your focus to where you would find that nice and crisp and clear to begin with okay so you know that's crisp unclear right set your goodman or whatever you finally decide this will be like a one time thing specifically for your unit okay make sure it's nice and tight in there screwed in make sure that your die after it's set to you're perfect focus you know that's perfectly focused right for you so so it actually has like a form of glasses and basically really the same way that you have it on the top of your lends itself you know you're such a little marker the viewfinders had the same thing so once that's crisp and clear for day if he could move around walk around now always have perfect focus on that specific unit so walk around anywhere now you'll get sharp focus that was the issue that including this I know well most of the other and see the same concept they check it out much so it was how's that specific new finder helping you see um what's on set in regards where you're moving just move around move around the subject itself look at her hair look at different points and while that's happening let's look at the screen guys and see more or less how he's able to focus maybe a little faster than he would manually without a uh if you find her and a similar concept pretty quick that was good this one similar concept would be the kudo just human time okay and make sure now that you're the viewfinders to help you physically see the screen a little better cell what would you say anything going at about that one it was the same kind of kind of kind of suit day few primarily I've used one of those before so the z finder if you're going to go with the specific kit in my opinion sou za kyoto has their own shoulder rings if you decide videography is for you okay I want to stick with whatever brand I first purchased it's almost like your cannon and you don't want to buy a bunch of nikon lenses because they're not going to adapt with hood hman it's kind of universal they have their own little kit and it can be mounted onto any quick release za kyoto has their own personal quick release that they used for all their specific unit shoulder rig's and everything like that synovate uses all man frode amounts so you can multi purpose all your man photo amounts with synovate so it really depends on what you make your first investment where you want to continue making your investments they all and we showed it yesterday it was a bunch of rigs they built together it's all plug and play at that point so this one specifically is what you would use in a photography standpoint to run around running gun I for myself this is how I started off with using any of you find it was easier for me to see through one eye I spoke to you guys yesterday had lasik done these lights of very very difficult for me you'll notice me looking down a lot is because I have hay lowing around every one of those lights which is a little stronger than what you guys see I have very very sensitive eyes toe light now and when I'm shooting anything if I'm shooting it on location I can't see right at the viewfinder because the light source is in the background I can't actually see this very well so using the viewfinder helps me detect what I need to see in the background so when I'm mentioned before about setting once and never worry about again I usually in that situation was set it out let's eat at my house make sure that I have it perfectly focused on the diameter said this is a di after that's built in here where you can literally just twisting excuse me here you can twist it and turn it around and figure out more or less what's gonna work for your specific lens do that at home first then go on location and then try there because if not like they was having some problems with focusing when he used it from lindsay's eyes so if you say so shit for the day with this missing liliane there's not gonna be a single shot focus I'd be out of focus the whole day so make sure that you focus on you're at home said it make sure that nobody touches it this is your specific units I was like a toothbrush don't let anybody else touch it and if you do like clorox it or go buy another one like so make sure that everything is in critical focus before you leave the house this preparation that e I du because of the eye that I think has a bright flashes on set three months after getting my lasik done I still had migraines if I would shoot for a day I would have like horrible horrible migrants but even now I mean it's my judgment of my eyes I tried to use something on set so I don't have to see those constant flashes so the subjects a little bitter because they've seen the flashes right like but you don't do this every single day you do this frequently like I do so don't worry about so much all right so I'm gonna actually have him look at the exact same thing david have you shoot the whole thing synovate cyclops and if you guys want to get a quick shot once I find this up there yeah I'm okay with drink can you just stick your head in there and tell me the difference between this isn't actually fixed let me go ahead and adjust this for you this isn't perfectly justice sorry this is about a forty inch screen in your face thiss ones about seven hundred dollars so it's it's one of those things where I invested in this because I know it's a long term it's on the enemy using for a long period of time so what you want to be sure you don't drop this but this uses am a man throwed amount amounts right to the screen the first couple times they use it a little knowing to get it completely fixed because you have you have these little bearings that making move up and down and you have the little course relation inside actual make sure that it's consistently focused I don't want to see space between my on any viewfinder space between my view finder and the camera so I want to make sure that it's perfectly in sync with one another so if I look at this if you guys could get a close up there I want to make sure that it's coupled asbestos possible that there's really no light getting in there because if not the viewfinder isn't doing its job right so let's go ahead and close that up tightness in not signed in and let's see thank you it's a little better than it was before it's not perfect but it's a little better than it was before too tight tragedy can strike yes little technical difficulties this back a tiny bit and that should be a little easier for you teo focus there that is trashed so I should you guys that I took it apart it's a macro lens on the inside so you could multi purpose it with other lens if you wanna shoot a macro shot I'm gonna go ahead and play this sorry at least you guys can see what dave sees so we're gonna make sure we're on live you go ahead you should see that on the screen and then what's the difference between using this unit to using the other two units are the other unit that you've used in the past and the one that we should do today the biggest thing that he notices the size difference there's much more detail and I could see what I'm coming into focus a lot quicker and easier I'll show you one of the this right now is currently on a shouldering so for me if I would use this I actually wouldn't have it on this tripod by any means I would literally unclip it take it off and this is how a used the unit so now put your face in there and make sure it's adjusted to your shoulder and the whole deal is worse there ok put that up to your face and then switch hands with may ok at any given point you want to go ahead and re focus you can take your hand off of one and switch it on the other that ugo and focus critically and so if you guys want to see that screen as days moving around he has a chance to vue focus I can't do that on a small lcd screen I can't tell the difference so I can run and gun and maintain critical focus while I'm shooting so viewfinders air great tool for you to be able to use in different situations so once you get used to it's not too bad so when I'm on set this is a this is the you find it amusing because it comes out all the light I'm gonna ask you one question about that right now because you have both your eyes in there how do you keep from bumping into something do you have an assistant watching you actually shoot myself like without anybody on set most of the time like ninety nine point nine percent of the time I very specially where we spoke about this yesterday about using the deejay ay phantom about thinking lindsay calls me leonard but playing video games all the time I know where something is in relationship to everything else which isn't always true like if I'm title bump into something so that kind of judge where things are what I like about this is once you've practiced with it enough you know the distances between different lenses like you know if you use the eighty five relatively how far you are from that subject or for using something like the one fifty how far you are from that subject you start becoming its almost like muscle memory you start knowing where you are in relationship to everything else so that's what I find with this if you hold it enough and you work with it enough you start kind of judging listens and its business practice popping up and going back down I don't move with it like I know I'm not like I don't have this on and I'm not like oh I'm gonna follow everyone around because you miss the whole thing shot will be waiting to see your movement because it's not like you're on a steadicam rigor glide cam so the only time I'm doing it is just like more mobile in general and so that I will and then it goes down when I'm moving to the next spot but that's for event so I'm never like I'm not trying to move around a lot and I cannot be nervous and if you guys are watching me filming hurry along time ago she's moving for walking you don't cross your legs okay I'm being weird but like fencing if anyone ever did it you're not actually supposed to cross your legs because this has no balance you're actually supposed to just leave like this so I would say it's the same kind of walking thing that I do instead of walking but crossing over because your balance and fall off was that olympic style fencing um let's dio and would you search the batteries out thomas and get it set up for me thank you think better okay thanks all right so I have some extreme close ups that I know that I need and I love my extreme close ups john are you in extreme close of kind of girl I am a nikon so if I'm messing up the menu and I look ridiculous that's why so that car for looking ridiculous okay so um for extreme close ups I absolutely would use a tripod because my little breasts in the model pon would make a difference so here's how it works for you do you ever use mine for no form isa different so you gotta make sure that this is not locked and you're gonna push in and slide thisland k alright so you go and I don't know I found the super confusing in the beginning that's just me well it won't actually will stop it if you let go it won't run but if you want a half way back then you lock it there okay perfect yeah thank goodness and actually I'm gonna make you go even more extreme I need like eyelashes like eyelashes so I'm going to switch you okay yeah here and say this is not where this will be difficult a one fifty macro on a full frame camera four video if you were shooting at two point eight e can't even show you how small focus that is it's tiny so maybe you might have tio increase your s o if you want to not have to shoot wide open maybe your other settings was having were having you shoot it two point eight two point eight with this lens is like heinie maybe we need to shoot at four point or something you guys also going to freak out I forget it lindsay all the time about this making sure she has a cover on there so I know that the chat room's gonna be talking about that make sure you constantly qosimov and that you put a cap on it is the live view before so we're gonna flip this on there I looked at certain benefits you think there's a right turn camera uh yeah that's what it is nighttime came in that was excused I know okay alive you perfect all right and I want to assume and just so you know what there's no women on this one bring their perfect so with this particular lens that can blow our way and let's go and I can actually trip was moving a little bit yeah so what that this is the uh bottom out this has the pan lock it it it won't pandas much case I want a pen to her so when zoom out first and in a little bit for me because we want we want more this is extreme keep going keep going perfect for you okay let's unlock this effect on her okay on and then lock it lock it back in your pocket I keep wanting to put my eye in the viewfinder I'm not used to so that's one of the toughest parts of switching over is making sure that you're using the line do you see how clear that is on the back your screen by the way yes it's actually kind of it's really cool that I'm used to so used to looking in the viewpoint that some people to see that's what you focus on her bottom lashes okay bottom lashes their focus look how thin you are that way we're that's just like just my wow so just know that one of the difference between photo and video though is you don't mind it as long as it comes and focus at some point in that shot it doesn't have to be in focus the entire part of the shot and little first look how soon then she wass with a small thin plane of focus so if she was going to press so press start stop and just do it gently just because you saw that plane of focus if you'd hit it hard it's going to move everyone we've got to be so careful look look at us and just blink your eye her and it gives a man a little slower and if you guys pay attention you can actually see her pupil dilating maybe moving even more so hit it again to stop the recording and moving the good of interface I like seo that aiken seeking do me a favor can you close your eyes for about fifteen seconds until we tell you they're open them so we're gonna find we're gonna find focus and then that's something else that we can play if I like that creative wise close your eyes they go you could use auto focus if you wanted to get close like that's something I would do it he's out of focus I'm not recording just to get me close and then I could do the final adjustments and I'll tell you want open your eyes a couple seconds and you look like the rough adjustment zoomed out if you can yeah my only right there I think that was your man and just maintain critical felon focus you can actually use this like a joystick oh okay canan I just feel like everything and what's good is you know that is so right it's good you don't have to zoom out to record you just hit record should not like you have todo okay you're happy record it oh and they get also when I can look at count to three and open and you should see her pupil start violating I liked that effect that's pretty cool right so you know it's like so I can actually ready I'm just gonna make it a little bit closer I get like that goes back into creativity it's still out there still news inside there even though nothing's technically moving her island and the pupils constantly dilating it's still considered movement so it's still considered video it's if you would take a photo that cause there's a lot of people take a photo of just that the little macro shot of an eye same shot just movement big difference all right such a fine adjustment what a stupid idea this is what a macro lens that's like I could get in and do you mind do you mind the red lines in her eyes like right there um I would ideally not yeah but so one thing is washing where her eyes are looking so look all over your left okay and eyes open a little more still see their faces looking for you're here I'm gonna actually look great here okay so I don't see it as much I might actually position her eyes based on where I see it left you guys remember when we talked about hee why is darker now you're blocking like you and now you can see me yeah wait here look your eyes a little higher you can see me okay I think but again this is a static shot the only movement is the person the subject's eyes and the people dilating it's still considered movement and you can still use it in the video piece it's extremely simple to do so those little things that you see throughout the day that may be a clock ticking or something moving something small little instances make a difference like lashes or would you like it it's creative you go for it whatever you want what's gonna happen is we're going to take all this footage that you're recording tonight we're gonna go ahead and edit that between the two of us and you guys we'll see more or less what that looks like you are and then looks torn out that way but yeah yeah now blink birth side she's directing uh and then I'm gonna show you monitor and slide and so I will fire you for the flatter john don't be afraid to get into like the camera if you need to yeah I love the live you have never used it before if you shouldn't get to go see what you can go exactly okay and then back again here and blink and then open higher like soviet thought process in terms of the way we're gonna win the just doing a final peace and still editing tomorrow I just want to show you guys what I did overnight so you guys can see what we did in the because I'm not gonna have time to edit the whole video the whole day but what the final product would look like if you were to sit then finish everything that same one all right cool so high that nice okay all right let's talk real quick about monitor and sliders and then that will cover pretty much everything that we need to have this section and you can grab another shot if you want ok eso talked about the monitor yesterday I have it set up here so this would be a good example and he boy tight into this there we go got it all right so for example I have a slide shot where this is on the ground or it's really low it might be like it's really awkward to tryto watch it the whole way so what I could do is hook up the monitor and I can see like that perfect okay so I'm gonna hook this up to you guys in suits on the screen yeah that's the one thing in you that most of the things you're going to be using so obviously it's time consuming writing if you're one person it's like in a minute when you figure out what you need on set right so you have all these toys that you have an option and I call them toys they're still tools but um tools of toys where you just you decide what fits your style best okay if you find that you love slider shots and that's going to be your thing you know and only you know what it takes you and how much time it takes you to set up that there if he's shooting sports and all he has is the model pot to break with him he doesn't have the amount of time that you have to set up the video tripod through on that slider on there if you're shooting let's say concerts or bands or things like that and you wanted to do a full production shoot you need to tote around with lighting you need told around with sliders you need to tote around with model pods you know try but it really depends on what you're specifically shooting so definitely include that kind of judge you were flooding okay great um so what I am going to have here is the ability it's not showing up over there so I need to change my name earing guess no mere ing right now okay all right so I have the ability to have a flied shot but I'm looking at the monitor and that should show up there there you go perfect so now when I remove my slider I can watch here um can I have a camera looking at the back of the screen for just a second all right so I'm gonna show you that the whole focus speaking exposure thing all right so if you can actually see that right perfect so if I hit it looks like a little video camera on top hit that it gives me the ability to select the guy that's outlined with red so right now in the back of my screen nothing is outlined with red she's totally out of focus but if I change here I start to see right now I see red lines in the background keep going now I see red lines in her hair a little bit in her eyes so you can see where you're where you're critical focus is so I can actually tell it again and can you zoom into the subject's eyes once you do that this is using the screen so we're just going to test out how clear and chris that actually works okay so according to my focus speaking right right there dr thank you visually saying this ring in two seconds mm so if I'm out how would this one watch this finds you well when I say you know you guys were seeing is actually not our screen it's the resolution that's on here so there's not gonna be ng us crispin clear as out of your camera that makes any sense you're just seeing the interpretation of the lcd screen on your back all right so I'll just tell you that this is where it says focuses and let's check so if we were to record there and just display that when you're done writing off the lcd and play it back will see the difference is I'm just gonna focus focus speaking so I focus speaking tells me there and it tells me right there so you're starting the slider now I'm focusing at the shot point you want so that's what I want her to come into focus so you want to kind of pre decide on that where you wanted to and so there's ah a uh tension on the slider aiken release the tension

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