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Shoot: Noir Audio Part 3

I'm gonna press record now I stopped it from recording it's running in a thirty seven minute mark I'm giving you guys more or less how much time these things a recording in this thirty seven minutes as I've been speaking so this isn't thirty seven minutes of just him speaking I'm going to go ahead and again this specific audio tracks been rolling this whole time she's now synch up and I'm going to make sure that we're focused on this camera here for reference and I'm going to snap again so we make sure once we're all set up linds are you okay there I'm gonna lock it down okay two seconds let me make sure that I am tak focuses on his hat that's what we're gonna go with right now so record and one two three and if you could do me a favor and just read your last line sound a little more aggressive this time very last line very last line down your brandy close this file this is a case for aldo ross and associates there was no doubt about it this was personal I'm sure you've got something t...

hat I didn't do it did you guys notice I never listened to my audio what's the first thing lindsay went to go do she listened to the audio so that that's why I'm saying it helps to work in a team whatever reason I trust in this thing and I'm like click it'll be fine she's like no I need to go check and make sure it's okay so she think it's fine so can you try that you see I didn't do it and do that purposely so you did a good job that one more time I trust her but now it's double checks you like she did can you just say hello hello okay so we're good there and I'm gonna have you say adler row hostile one more time just because she'll get mad if you don't say her name correctly okay so this wass uh this is a case for apd liberal hostin associates there was no doubt about it this was personal perfect so I think he did a really good job with that thank you very very much for acting for us for today I sincerely appreciate it we're going tow d mike you and we're gonna go around and take some ambient noises so I think you're done for the day wei cannot thank you enough for being on set I'm gonna go ahead and do my cute lindsay if you want to speak about let's uh before before lindsay was on let's give a big remnants thank you so much okay all right so we're going to record some of the sounds of things that would be happening on the table so on my to do list would be to get the phone hanging up maybe the sound of when he picks it up now grab that um we can get aye there's royalty free sounds not just wrote a few music we can get the sound of a phone ringing online no problem that's not gonna be an issue I also need although he was really good at the taiping took it the taiping he was amazing nothing but he's really good I need the typing I also maybe want this the sound of him putting the uh drink on the table and I think that would be about it what am I missing anything let him drink all his apple juice and he took it with him so that may not be a wear the apple juice and I have apple juice back I'm sorry I was like hey you can drink it but I uh I think that should be it maybe one sound of moving the what you call that wait could always want to push its way think that one of the last things we're gonna do and I'm gonna show you guys in post tomorrow let's record the fan at sixty frames a second so we can slow it down in post oh yeah ok good point so I'll have an empty you know very lonely empty space is no there isn't we haven't run the fans because it's extremely powerful and extremely dangerous and it blows everything off of that set and I don't want anyone to lose any fingers would you okay so would you with the hat should wait maybe you can use this for something and move the hat I'll get very lonely set we have here I mean I can sit in for him but it's not gonna look to say yeah that's cool yeah just uh if you can zoom in just like something like that where he doesn't need to be on set is that so he's lonely and how do I turn this thing so I'm going to foot back with my mirror so that they can see me change the settings sure so was this a saying little backs my marrying okay just watch your fingers watch your face alright so no should be able to see my screen perfect okay so now when I go into them movie it record signs I can click here and I have to pick a higher frame right so for example notice how when you go to sixty frames per second there your resolution has decreased is not nine twenty it is now twelve eighty by seven twenty so this is what I'm going to select and when I select it I need to go up and change my shutter speed so my shirt speeds at its sixtieth and that look all right that's ok you see the little camera shake that's on there I mean the little fan shake that's fine um do me a favor let's actually just mess with the shutter speed and show you guys with that I'm gonna film a little bit of it right now on the shutter speed I'm supposed to be out which is the six sixty eighth of a second that what I'm supposed to be um actually hasn't been right we've got to sixty okay just reiterate we're twenty four frames per second beta fifty thirty print frames per second of sixty I don't hardly ever shoot slow motions I was even thinking about it I'm supposed to get one when twenty fifth of a second watching this won't exactly he did me a favor and unplug it while I do this wait you think that's really funny okay so uh what we're gonna do is we're gonna change the shutter speed and so you might even be able to see on the screen that you have here but you'll notice um when I increased my shutter speed so if I go from one one twenty fifty one five hundred I am actually changing my exposure like it is actually a change in exposure so I wouldn't need to compensate by either adjusting my I s o or by adjusting my aperture and you'll be able to see in that footage that has increased my shutter speed I'll be able to see the blades more cleanly just be very very we got a tip that I used to remember something all right let me just grab the shot that I want I'm going to stay here for safety purpose is to make sure that this doesn't fly off the desk okay what we should focus on here maybe they don't bleed how many do you see in the movement in the ring itself all right here we go so this is shooting at sixty frames your second how you have a paper on dramatic dramatic why not flying paper everywhere ok good so now I'm gonna pause that and I'm going to go instead of um one one twenty fifths of a second I'm going to go up to one five hundred of the second look what happens so I do have to compensate so I'm goingto open up two point eight but that didn't help me enough so I'm gonna have to s o s oh six forty not enough twelve fifty how's that look it's fine okay and then we'll go to twenty five hundred dosing the choppiness of the fan now you can see the fan so it's record that again all right I got a little bit of that and one more time how I don't mean it's going to thousands I heard people say two thousand so let's go to two thousand and then we'll bump by so to compensate higher than I just go to sixty four I'm absolutely concerned there's a lot of other photographers that'll teach you to shoot like this yes look at that here's what I'm going really well here's what I'm gonna wind up doing so you guys know post here's my idea already I'm gonna color great it in black and white or color great it in color the way that I like it and I'm also gonna throw film grand over so for me at this point if I wanted to throw that in there it's gonna look like the film grant I'm gonna throw thirty five millimeter film grant and maybe maybe using like an anamorphic preset so it looks like a movie and I'm going to record one war to compare later and let's get set up on the audio that we make sure we have time I am what is actually ready running well I have to do is go over there and plenty okay the only thing I'm gonna do is I do want to bust we'll compare I'm going to shoot this exact same thing at twenty four all right let's go back that I have it at no money for we're showing you is saving you money and I'll say that very lightly you're learning from our mistakes and I say that because we shot like what it was like before when we first started and if you notice there's no continuity between your your shots like you mentioned before there's the style isn't the same it doesn't look professional in that single manner and to me that's still loss of money because if you think about trying to sell it client they're like what is that you know what happened there I want you guys to make us much money as possible learn from our mistakes it's the cheapest way to learn any mistake possible so you get there look at the difference now this looks cinematic this looks nice and smeared you don't see every single bit if you're shooting sports they'll maybe you like it the other way did you get a laser shot into your love that so interesting okay so I'm gonna have an employee on and don't lose a finger not a nose a finger so there's a couple things that you could do um if you have one reporter as jeff said you could actually and if you have one mike you just have allowed if you had to you could just get close and get my fingers typing for example but probably would use the shock of mike what do you say let's say in the grand possible the grandpa shoot right keep holding the grandpa shoot that's fine teo in that specific shoot I wasn't able to get the baby cooing while I was able to record the grandfather the way that I was able to do that was go to the baby after the whole set was done and just record ambien and literally just think they laugh because if you have nothing else to work with and this is all you have work with what you have right just hold it up to the baby and that's what you heard it's nice clean crisp clear audio of the baby and just over laid over the fact that grandfather speaking the baby's audio when he was being held is nothing like the audio that you wanted appearing merging the two main the replication of he's on set going yes so for the loop of the baby how long has the video is you know what is it it's longer so would you want your full audio of the baby would you want to record the baby for that longer do you loop it the audio that you guys heard I was annoyed on set I know there's going to be really funny but I was annoyed because I say quiet on set people still keep talking it's a baby by people I mean lindsay and the mom and the baby they're talking about babies I'm scared of children I'm like what do you guys doing I just want to record I like geeked out and I'm like okay record the baby no wouldn't say things so here I am recording the baby you guys are hearing little clips in between people talking okay so it's nothing I didn't record the baby the whole time we got five good right yeah so you guys hear that same cooze over and over and over again it's just a replication of okay it's just a baby cooing on set you're not even thinking about those little ambient noises because it's the same it's the emotion behind the video you're not unless you look at it technically and you're like okay did I hear that before did I not hear that before it's okay so in that same instance I can still use this laugh mic ideally to type is the first time ever use this typewriter so I'll try would one of you be willing to listen to the audio and we're going to try it once with this correct so I'll try the same thing you tried the holding right oh god you just want type no this is like intense okay you see a solid red light jimmy favorite just click about four times and let's see how you a little louder ladders if I move it closer and so he was having on my fingers the sound is actually back here soon okay peeking over that green line I can get so it's not going over that green lines so we're okay and regrets the recording audio notice I spoke I probably shouldn't say anything time for about five to ten seconds oh it does make a difference okay right now we can regular typing is how she okay with that being said it's perfect slide across looking done next thing is if I wanted to play this and this is him speaking about the case in the beginning and we'll play this tomorrow it should be a glass of whiskey I should be able to put it down and he's gonna listen to that so quiet on set how did that sound did a peek I didn't peak but it was very bhumi okay she wanted back just a little more time last thing is the phone wait and I'll still close with the clock and I could make it tick so remember she remembered the clock I don't remember a clock I was speaking when she was getting those details shot so she remembered what I miss b carry on with the pick up first it's fine can we try one more time just the upper end of what should be going good okay o'clock at the last point no they actually shooting the fan so you guys can see the difference in post in regards to slow motion I probably won't use it only because it wasn't playing the whole time so I'm using it for editing purposes sound if you need to like once you spread that across if that was if she sort of process faster than he did in the video absolutely what's the easier one speed up the video are slow down it's actually the same same thing I mean un premier when I take you guys in premiere the video in the sound have two different tracks and you can slow down each of them very easily so okay just taking is like super super quiet I can only hear if I do this so on the first track you said the very far left a knob on the back they're far left decisions must be three together turn that all the way to max all right so I'm gonna hold this close so they can okay and the train it is remember the royalty free sound karen to you they're clicking clock so it's not really a big deal so how we doing over there can you put it really closely just you guys can hear that at home write the clicking of the clock you guys can't here on set but they'll hear it at home perfect and I think the last thing maybe him pulling out the paper sure you wanna hold it up do you uh I just did folly in like four seconds which is recording audio after the subject's already left you can do that afterwards there's no reason you can't unless it's a baby cooing you can still have somebody if you have time to like talk to the mom and the baby's cooing and you want you're going to hear may speaking if that's okay um if the baby's sitting there still cooing and what of reason the mom's away and you're talking to the mom maybe leave the recorder the mic inside the room with the baby if you have a chance you know if there's a way to record that extra following by omens so good e you have to remember to make it like a real phone numbers already you would never use all that I was like this is boring you could have the first three sounds okay repeat if you need ok so you guys saw how we recorded separately from one of the subjects here there's no problem with doing that as well and just merging everything toe in post and we discuss that tomorrow to make it look seamless together and just um I'm can't quit all the time we have left but if you didn't have the love of mike and you just wanted to use this what would you do differently when recording me you could use the iphone connector we discussed that before so that's one hundred fifty dollars or somewhere around that range it's not that expensive for youto like literally take your iphone and just do the same thing and press record using one of those you bring it down like you do break down with its called the foamy thing on it or do you use it you can use the film we think it's up to you if there's if there's a wind around I wouldn't do that this is how you want to hold cary grant it's actually the noise is so that is that right the noises here so I would be it's too close to eighteen to thirty six inches it should be about here so that's the uh that's the way that you should use the shotgun mike that was about eighteen to thirty six inches at first I had to close and you're gonna hear is a bunch of popping you're not gonna hear anything concrete so you wanna make sure that if you look at the directions on every microphone they should say about a distance that you should be a way if you don't use it that way you're going to get peking and you're not gonna be able to recover that specific sound or if you use it to far away you're not going to be able to hear anything same thing with the the omni mikes or any type of microphone that using actually was an early mistake that I made because I didn't want to spend the money on the laugh and omni didn't seem really fit what I want and so I'm like okay I'll get a shotgun mic and so the early interviews I did I was holding it way too close and so everything was popping even even if it wasn't peeking and sometimes it turned all the way down and it was still on speaking and the other problem I told you about I would mess with the cord and you would hear every bit of that and then the last mistake that I made and I felt really awkward sticking on mike and someone's face like it just that you could tell that they kind of coiled up so what I would do is it's a here well you could hold it they do one of two things nervously grip the cord mess things up or they do this hey so you know I did this and the movement from here to here is I mean the twelve decibels that we have their minutes massive so it's the right tools for the right job the other thing is when you go to him when you go to some of these trade shows you're going to see a bunch of videographers walking around shotgun mikes even in a photography capability I mean for some reason to stand is that one oh that's why because I'm putting it on backwards it's my fault actually should go on the opposite side of the shotgun mike does that one turn running just to pass cam I was this one's running just to the task in the d r forty in the back I'm gonna take this out there there's two tasks just to task and dear forty and sixty so that one if you notice it was in the set up that I had discussed yesterday which is I'm gonna take this off for right now on the side of this pole this is my assistant for the day I paid him nothing I'm going back to what I was gonna mention over here you're going to see a lot of people at trade shows shooting there road mike's just on camera right so we discussed thie way cameras record so if this is the way that I'm trying to record my audio right off of here where my ship let me actually just tighten this up where my shooting and where else am I shooting everything behind her right so what happens is I hear everything behind that specific subjects you can make sure that you can't hear or you're not like there's no traffic behind that person there's nobody walking behind that person so what they'll generally do is keep him in a little booth of some sort so they just get that specific person well what happens is you get a little bit echo and it depends on who's going to be there don't usually have the lab mike's president or bring that at worst they just position a person where nothing's behind them that goes back to the question about shotgun mikes what's the cleanest wayto get up who was it civilized lasts a man came in wanted up asking how to get the cleanest audio out here just make sure that you're very cautious where your place is subject to get the cleanest all of you out of here you don't want anything noisy behind them like soft couch would be a good I would shoot lindsay there I think that's fine I think that if she's speaking my way I'm not really getting a lot of bounce from her speaking because look the way that her vocal like patterns are this would be the cleanest I could get out of that I mean I want this point that I had just has to be within three feet off care run towards her child close to the chest and be great but if you're like I've got this camera and I need to have all my hands yeah you're right you're right that's perfect

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