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Video Delivery Options

one of the things I wanted to discuss is what happens when a client purchases of video what do you do with it where does it go and there are a lot of different options and this of course depends you know discussing we're parsing how much they're spending e being honest there are a there are several photography and videography studios especially ones that emerged that they actually deliver the final client videos on ipads many I've hades or full size ipads and so if you go ahead and you look online there are several companies that khun list these later feel like that what they do is they create beautiful cases that on one side would have and I've had and on the other side would have prince or there's other ones actually have albums with a special pocket for an ipad so if this is something where you wanted to really team up and have your highest end package has a full maybe it's ah wedding film you could have it delivered in that way on dove course you'll deliver files other ways in that...

for me a lot of times my clients they're harm me for video in addition to like a full portrait shoot s so maybe it's a commercial shoot where there's hair makeup wardrobe five different looks and so it's a big production it has a big expense and so it seems a little awkward just to send them a link to a digital file because we know this as photographers part of the joy that someone gets it is when you pass them that print right and that they can see it they can hang it on their wallets something tangible I know that at one point when I had my portrait studio I found it really strange because they started to sell digital files and so they would just come like if there's nothing nothing to give them and they spend all this money and it was this weird transition for me so what I found to be comfortable for me is one thing that I do is I try from a video shoot that I do in some way shape or form to provide a print of somewhat something even if it's just a still from the video that we've signed with maybe the name of the production on it another thing that you could do as a thank you um you can actually get from our block it's blogged at lindsay other photography dot com or the top links we did uh boudoir and a film noir and I actually had my graphic designer make two templates for movie posters so one way to make it exciting for somebody especially if it's for a family or wedding is to take a still from the production or still that you've taken and put it in a movie poster form just trying to think of some way so that there's something tangible a print that they can put up on the wall because here's what happens if they hire you to produce a video whether it's for you know grandfather and grandchild whether it's for a wedding they don't have you necessarily at the top of their mind because they don't have that thing that used to have the four which was the print on the wall that they keep looking at so then maybe a year down the line they look at that print on the wall and say oh it's time for family portrait again they're missing that so my recommendation to you is to still include some kind of print or keepsake so you stay at the front of their mind okay so in addition to that there are a lot of other ways to deliver files personally the platform that my pick to upload online is venu um there's two main platforms for hosting video the first one would be video or the other one would be youtube so here's the differences between the two youtube has a lot more followers a lot more traffic in general but at the same time traffic in general is not always good traffic um video is cleaner it's a little like a higher and more professional looking in her face and I also prefer the way that in beds on a block also if you look a lot of times youtube now is putting advertisements and things for songs and so it's taking away from your final product so for me personally deaf believe in you is the first you two might be the second I mean you can put up on both there's nothing wrong with that um for me every single video that I do I write a block post because the way that most people are going to be able to experience your final product would be online so part of what I'll do is I'll put a block post up and I will do interviews of the client or have behind the scenes videos and I'm just thinking for your businesses for as well as mine videos aren't all that good at search engine optimization this goes into another class that I taught I taught my very first class here was a class a new medium social networking for photographers video just isn't that search engine friendly so if you want people to be able to find you online maybe for the keywords like wedding photography syracuse for example if you need to use words so make sure that not only do post a video on your block for that reason but you had all those words for key wording but also gives people a personal connection to you could you tell the story behind and I feel the same way for photos and when I do you for video is when you guys look att the clips that I've uploaded to a video for us I know the lenses that we use the canon of the said the cannon the cameras that we're using more less equipment that we're using on set so you can see more or less how we did that even if it's not a behind the scenes video even if it's just a video itself so that does give you the opportunity for other people to panic google hey let me look att I don't cast or crane or synovate slider and it gives somebody feedback to look in your videos as well so those are the online delivery systems and just you know nowadays when you make a selection for your website make sure that it has video integration is this is something you're considering for example live books you can embed video what actually is it links up to every meal account you make a specific category and then it reads from that category and auto populate so that something you'd consider I know that photo shelter supports us as well so when you're making a choice that's something to start thinking about now that you never really had to did before right but taking it out of the web rome and taking into reality already talked about prince for example but there are a lot of good delivery options to give your clients their final piece so of course I put up online as well um someone show you a couple of cute things all right so this for example for an engagement video is a custom cd case and you can take stills from your video from the actual video itself or take images and this thing is really really sturdy and it's a custom designed cd inside one of the reasons I like this is in the past I was delivering files the clients and I was just like burning a cd with my logo on it and passing it off it doesn't look like they paid many many hundreds of dollars for it it doesn't feel like that so I wanted to produce them slight possible downside is um so our computers don't have cd drives anymore they're gone so I do talk to the client because for example maybe if it's grandma and grandpa and that's just like what they're comfortable with maybe it would prefer to do that but I always deliver something so the clients it's physical also because it's a pain in the butt when two months down the line they're like oh last files online think they don't know where they are so I tried to give them something physical as well so this is one that I think is really cute and deter both from miller's but there are definitely other companies that create this so this is a custom wooden box and you can select your frame and it's actually printed onto the cover what's nice is you don't have to worry about taking a digital image because it's printed on would you don't need a high resolution so you don't need to have a three hundred you know dp I image you wouldn't see the fix elation anyway all right so you open up get a variety of different textures inside but you can get custom usp ports okay and so they have ones that usb to be three and you can have anything you want printed on it my recommendation perhaps it's like your logo or you could have an image of the clients but at least that's something physical that they could perhaps put this on a desk something that I have done instead of having all this in it which is nice and has padding and whatnot is to take a few small prince okay for free include the prince there but because it's free you can put your logo on it and so there's still it's prince that they could display so put that around but again it's reminding them that they hired you for this and thinking of you in the future one of the cool things that I did for you r shoot once was a larger version of this and inside I did take stills as well so it's a fusion shoot and so basically we started off the shoe in the beginning fully clothed okay we can address and then by the end of the shoot she wasn't wearing any clothes okay it was a fine art nude by the end on dso what they received was a box and in the top there was a little little velvet case with this but then as you pulled out the prince she had less and less clothing okay um and what this actually was was a wedding gift to husband so I think that there's a lot that you can do to get creative and these type of things consent you apart so and I'm looking at all these things whether it's going to be an ipad to give me that wow and of course it depends on how much they're spending or maybe just the prints that they have something tangible vs I spent money but I can only view it online people don't value that as much as we need to hold something in their hands so these would be ah couple of my thoughts on file delivery just remember that the reason you get hired is not just because you made a good product it's the client experience and the fact that they feel some connection to you so if you give them something extra like prince or a box that they can cherish that they didn't even expect that's going to keep you in the top of their mind you guys have any questions or any thoughts on that I was just gonna ask price point on both this one is like forty or some dollars approximately so not too bad and I think this is going to actually be similar I got the one that's like super heavy duty you know andi she works a self defense in case of an emergency yeah but it's and you can get it with two cities as well andi I know although I love miller's I just wanna let you know there are a lot of other companies that designed the custom us bees and for example there was this one that I saw that it was in like a gold case not real gold but inside it basically looked like a really fancy watch case you know for that kind of gift so if that were a gift maybe it's going to be to the grandfather and grandson and you wanted teo have that feeling of a family keepsake maybe that would be appropriate and so actually just you know I think that's actually gonna be one of the hot new things this year that'll be really really popular as video becomes more popular as well as fusion so next week is photo plus in new york and I actually get contacted by a lot of the sponsors and I know that there are many people that that's all they specialize in many of the vendors there that's what they do video delivery its products so be really interesting to watch what people come out with my other question is when you're putting it on the drive vile naming what do you do do you put like say it's a fusion do you put like photos then video and do like would you name your video would you do you name all your photos what do you do for photo delivery yeah so the biggest thing just to keep in mind as you want to make sure whatever you name for them is the same when you're driving in case later on they were asking for something I used to do that a lot I would I would like have the random names and then send them something different to look nice and I have no idea what they're talking about but I do name it so that it has typically the clients last name uh well actually I usually put the year first because sometimes the client has repeat business so you're the date the file name the client name and then a sequence and that's what I have would have for them there are ways to get us bees and depending on how you export a file so that it will like auto play like the cds would their ways to actually author onto a usb but most the time really people just want the movie and the double click and open it up in quick time or whatever they have but there are ways to do that as well and how many gig are usually the final videos for delivery um well depends on the length from but these I believe the sizes of the usb was like it was like a thirty two gig was one of the choices so I mean you could you could actually put all of your the photos and all of the video and you're not going to go over but my videos that I produce are never delivered for me there under five gigs always like I don't ever produce anything that's big and most of time that's like the full file it's not even used to with the client would receive on dh just as a note we'd shot a music video earlier this year and this is what I did something like this for the client because they shot a full music video I delivered online they were happy the job wasn't done and then several weeks later they got this again so that they would have a keepsake so yeah I think it's I think it's thirty two gigs something like that on this one I thought you said three two two three that I know thirty two I know I want positive it's more than eight okay but I don't remember between eight and thirty two because there's different sizes you can get teo

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Videography just got easy. Lindsay Adler and Jeff Rojas are going to show how to apply your existing rockstar photography skills to capturing video — without investing in fancy equipment or learning complicated technical jargon.

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