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Building Repeat Sales

Lesson 1 from: Keep them Coming Back: The Secret to Repeat Sales

Mei Pak

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1. Building Repeat Sales

Lesson Info

Building Repeat Sales

Hi everybody welcome to creative live my name is willie ton crystal and I'm your host for class keep them coming back the secret to repeat sales with the may pock if you don't know may, I'd love to introduce her to you she's an exciting expert instructor she's done it all, she's, a marketing strategist, said that helps small and creative business owners on her website creative hive co she's helped designers artists makers build buzz surrounding their business she also not only talk the talk, but she walks the walk she has an amazing handmade business of her own very successful it's called tiny hands and she creates scented food jewelry super cute you should check it out online a tiny hands online dot com it's in featured in hundreds of stores as well as on in touch magazine everyday with rachel ray and finally parks and recreation of tv show please help me in welcoming to our stage may park thank you so there's a lot to cover, so I'm going to go back to my feet and I'll let you get sta...

rted. All right, thank you so welcome to this workshop on how to get your customers past customers who bought for me before how to get them to keep coming back from you repeat sales I'll start you guys off with this great quote from our from a study that was done it's fifty percent easier and cheaper to retain customers then to gain new ones so the time that you spend on marketing the time that you spent on social media on instagram on facebook I know there are people there are small business owners out there who spend way more than five hours a week on social media that time is money if you're not paying yourself that your paint you you have to pay someone else to do that time it's funny because amazon handmade just came out right and I know a lot of you guys have registered for that so I have actually been selling on amazon before that started to roll out and I actually use fulfillment by amazon which is where I get to have that cool little prime shipping stick around that that really helps drive sales but I was in a facebook group one day and I was and people were talking about how the fees were really high like twenty to twenty five percent is what I pay for every sale that I make with amazon and the logic behind why I'm totally ok with paying that percentage that commission is that's money that that's a guaranteed sale for me that I will gladly pay amazon twenty to twenty five percent of that sale if I don't have amazon doing that for me I'm sitting on my desk spending my time on social media which time is money right? If I if I could go out and get a job and get pain that regular paycheck that's that's the money I could be making and you should be getting paid for that time that you spend on your business when the time that you spend marketing your business. So I gladly pay commissions because it's built into my pricing and I didn't have to work for that sale, so I gladly paid off to someone else, so it repeat sales are easier and cheaper for you to obtain, then it is to try to find new customers out there, because again, you're sitting there doing social media, doing blogger outreach, doing email newsletters, all of this is your time that you ought to be paid for if we can lower that cost and make it easier for you to get those sales without having to spend all that time, why don't we do that right? And getting those repeat sales? So here are some challenges with repeat sales that I wanted to address ahead of time, just so that we're all on the same page, even though it says it's easier and cheaper to get news new repeat customers, why does it feel so hard? I remember when I was new in business in like my first one to two to meet even three years, it was hard and honestly, I don't think that's a bad thing if you're new in business if you are just getting started and you're not getting repeat sales, so if you're not getting those repeat customers, don't be so hard on yourself. That statistic that you saw, you've probably seen it everywhere, and everyone talks about how you should be focusing all your marketing efforts on generating repeat sales on getting your past customers to come back. The other myth is that repeat sales don't just happen automatically, and I think that's, the major tramp, thie, the mind set that we have when we think about repeat sales were just, you know, we think we sent on a product, people received a product, why aren't they coming back? There are things that we need to do to get them to come back. For example, if you want your customer to be loyal to you, you have to earn that loyalty, so they're specific things that we can do to earn that trust and that loyalty from our customer, and we'll talk about some specific ways on how we can do that, but when I started, I didn't have. I didn't have my stuff together. I didn't know what my branding wass and all of that did not contribute to getting repeat sales. So if you're just starting out, don't be too hard on yourself. If you're not seeing that repeat customers air coming in, it takes time. It takes momentum to get this ball rolling. At the end of the second segment of this workshop, I will be talking about how to do facebook re marketing, which is a very practical, effective and affordable way for you to reach back, to pass customers, or to people who have visited your shop. And so that's one way that if you are a new business owner, that's one way to really drum up on that repeat sales and start to build on that momentum so you don't have to wait organically. You could. If you have that as a resource, you have that extra money. I would definitely recommend that you re market back to your past visitors or past customers or even email list subscribers.

Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

So I am turning 50 however am about 25 in my heart. I just started with a networking business and am somewhat savvy with social least I thought....then Mei enters the room....she is simply fabulous and very easy to follow and learn from. I love her natural calm way of teaching as well. Once I started watching this class, I decided to buy 2 more of her classes and now, I even want to buy the last class I didn't get just in case I start crafting and want to sell something I craft too. Hands down, you will walk away with some good guns / ammunition on your belt as far as tackling the social media giant. Thank you so much Mei Pak coming from an at home mom in Hawaii.

João Vítor Martins

That was a great, concise course. Mei Park was very pleasant to listen to, and I think she got all the points across with clarity. The course is focused mostly on selling products online, but I managed to get a lot of gems to apply to my photography business. If you are struggling to build your online presence (and gain more customer loyalty), this is a great course for you!

Ainur B.

I'm surprised there are no reviews for this class. I think the class is wonderful! Mei shares a lot of tips and tricks that are easy to implement and kind of common sense, but I know quite a few of us don't really think about (I didn't). The only drawback is that I found Mei's hand gestures VERY distracting - she keeps frantically waving them around (probably nervousness or inexperience in public speaking, I don't know). Other than that, I think this class and the other classes taught by her are a must if you're looking for ways to further grow and improve your handmade business.

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