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Keep them Coming Back: The Secret to Repeat Sales

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Creating Effective Promotions

Mei Pak

Keep them Coming Back: The Secret to Repeat Sales

Mei Pak

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6. Creating Effective Promotions

Lesson Info

Creating Effective Promotions

So let's talk about creating effective promotions so I know a lot of us we do discount codes to do free shipping and all that stuff, but so many times I've come across people who are like I gave them a twenty percent coupon code but no one used it so let's talk about some very specific ways on how we can make sure people take advantage of your coupon codes so some specific things you can do is if you have a list of your of your past customers, you can send them an email with a limited time offer tell them you have a new product out and you want to make it available just for people who have purchased in the past definitely keep your email simple this is a mistake I see with a lot of people who are sending email newsletters is they start to send check out my block, check out this product, check out this other product, check out my social media, check out my facebook and they're just too many things that will distract your customer so just pick one call to action that you want them to tak...

e is it to check out this new product that you have is it to sign up for your for facebook in this instance, you don't need to go too crazy with this email just showcase your new product showcase a part that you want to push and give them a coupon cold with that always include pictures in your e mails to get their attention and again, don't clutter with any irrelevant information. So if your goal is to get your past customers to buy this new product that you have try to keep everything else separate, don't ask them to go to your blawg your social media links keep it at the very bottom that can click on it that they want but try not to distract from the main goal that you're trying to become accomplish. So when you're creating your discount or coupon code, it should have a short expiration. They think this is the main thing that trips a lot of people up is when you create a coupon code in it, you can use it for a whole month this is, you know, going back to that urgency when it comes to marketing. If people know that they have a whole month to use a coupon code, they're going to say, oh, I still have time to use this. I'm gonna wait and I'm going toe see, it may be a product that I like shows up or I'm gonna wait until I have more free time to browse and shop or going away until after I take a shower or after I have my breakfast once they wait once they say they're going to wait once they procrastinate they're going to forget to come back they're going to forget to use your coupon code so the moment that you can shorten that time period make it seven days, make it two days make it three, four, five days that really helps in that sense of urgency for people and it encourages them to really now is the time that you need to sit down and browse through the site because you only have forty eight hours to do this also consider making your coupon codes limited quantity. So what I'd like to do with my analyst is I like to whenever whenever I released a new product and this works really well, by the way, when I released a new product, I show a picture of the product, I tell people that there's like a twenty one percent coupon code totally random number like that just to get their attention a little bit because it's different twenty one percent coupon code twenty three percent coupon code I tell them that they're only twenty of them available so it's a first come first serve basis and this gets them all like I had to be the first person to buy this because if I don't buy it now, someone else going to buy it before me and the twenty coupon codes are going to be used up so some examples of coupon codes you khun dio there's free shipping there's your discount off there's your free gift there's your buy one get one for your get one half off what I found or at least studies have shown that people actually respond better to free shipping coupons than they do percent offs or discount offs and there's just something about it being free shipping that makes it that much easier for people to buy you don't always have to be it doesn't always have to be an outright discount if you don't want to go that route you could potentially bundle different products together that might complement each other that you think would be great together us a set and kind of lowered the price a little bit in a way it's not really a discount you're kind of creating a new product here with this set and you're offering it together at a lower price and it's what I mentioned earlier I like to offer first dibs to my past customers or to my mailing list for any special collections that I'm launching or any new pieces that I'm creating and you can also use any of these promotions and actually put them into facebook to create re marketing ads so what are we marketing ads re marketing is it's kind of a funny word it's marketing but re marketing but its marketing but marketing again to the customers at all who have already been marketed to so re marketing is or in other words, retargeting is you promoting your products again to people who have already seen your work and it's effective because people already know who you are people have are are already familiar with your brand there's this concept and marketing that says that people need at least seven impressions off your brand before they decide to buy from you and probably it's a lot more than that. So someone who's just seen you for the first time very unlikely there that they're going to buy on that first time that they find you they need to see you a few more times before they decide to buy. So how can we do re marketing? What you can do is create a spreadsheet of just just email addresses you don't have to have the name or edge or kneeling address or anything like that just email addresses and you can compile this list from your past customers or from your email subscribers and then you can upload this spreadsheet onto facebook so that it can create ads that you showed on ly these people on this list. The thing to note here is that not all of these customers that you enter into a spreadsheet are going to be found on facebook what's likely and this happens to me to this the email address that I used to log into facebook is not the same email address that I used to make purchases with online so there's a chance that if you say, for example, have one hundred past customers that you uploaded to facebook, you're probably only going to get like sixty of them that facebook is going to find what you can also do is and a tracking pixel to your website to remark it past visitors. So a tracking pixel is basically a little piece of code on your website that adds what's called a cookie and someone's in someone's computer that can then track what website what websites it has visited, and this tracking pixel is something it's just basically gibberish code. You don't really need to understand what it is, but you can take this code and facebook will give you this code. Take this cone and put it on your web site what's nice about this is you don't have to have people's email addresses and you're targeting you're basically targeting people who have come and landed on your website who have checked out your prop products. You may not have their email address, but as I mentioned, your customer needs seven impressions of your product before they decide to buy from you. This is a great way to say, hey here's, my product again you were you visited us so you visit is before why don't you come check out this other product again? Because we know you kind of like it

Class Description

Everyone knows the old business dictum that it is cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one, but how do you get that existing customer to buy again?

In Keep them Coming Back: The Secret to Repeat Sales, Mei Pak shares the tricks to getting repeat purchases and stabilizing your revenue stream through existing customers. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Add polish to a shopper’s experience
  • Provide customer service that leaves customers ecstatic
  • Set up promotions and sales targeted to past customers
  • Use Facebook Ad retargeting to reach existing buyers

You’ll learn tried-and-true ways to get customers to come back your online shop and buy. Mei will help you develop a solid remarketing strategy to attract the customers that already know your brand and love your products.

The sale doesn’t end after you’ve sent your package to your customer, in fact it’s only just begun! Learn how to land repeat purchases for your business in Keep them Coming Back: The Secret to Repeat Sales with Mei Pak.

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a Creativelive Student

So I am turning 50 however am about 25 in my heart. I just started with a networking business and am somewhat savvy with social least I thought....then Mei enters the room....she is simply fabulous and very easy to follow and learn from. I love her natural calm way of teaching as well. Once I started watching this class, I decided to buy 2 more of her classes and now, I even want to buy the last class I didn't get just in case I start crafting and want to sell something I craft too. Hands down, you will walk away with some good guns / ammunition on your belt as far as tackling the social media giant. Thank you so much Mei Pak coming from an at home mom in Hawaii.

João Vítor Martins

That was a great, concise course. Mei Park was very pleasant to listen to, and I think she got all the points across with clarity. The course is focused mostly on selling products online, but I managed to get a lot of gems to apply to my photography business. If you are struggling to build your online presence (and gain more customer loyalty), this is a great course for you!

Ainur B.

I'm surprised there are no reviews for this class. I think the class is wonderful! Mei shares a lot of tips and tricks that are easy to implement and kind of common sense, but I know quite a few of us don't really think about (I didn't). The only drawback is that I found Mei's hand gestures VERY distracting - she keeps frantically waving them around (probably nervousness or inexperience in public speaking, I don't know). Other than that, I think this class and the other classes taught by her are a must if you're looking for ways to further grow and improve your handmade business.