Change the World... Your Business with Phillip and Eileen Bloom


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Change the World... Your Business with Phillip and Eileen Bloom

My last set of speakers for you tonight too close up our evening speaking of doing good with your photography philip and eileen um are wedding photographers or award winning? They do this amazing stuff but they really have a different focus their focus is really affecting change in the world with their work or by inspiring other people actually, the documentary film right together lost boys of paradise, which talks about um maybe you could talk about it more I haven't I have not seen the film but it's amazing I just I didn't heard about it but it's I want you guys to hear about it because it sounds from what I understand to be something to be quite powerful um close out the night come on up, you guys! Hello we are philip and island bloom and before last year we were small town wedding photographers, overworked parents and really we just until we experienced this completely unexpected, inspiring, humbling journey we've had two we didn't realize that our dreams of being international pho...

tographers and better parents weren't only possible. Those were two small we loved photography. We love this industry like you, but we realize now that all of this is just a front help us change the world photography isn't life but it's such a great tool to celebrate life and to even reclaim lives where they're being destroyed through your camera you can change the world while growing your business sounds cheesy change the world really, but I hang with us for a minute I think you'll find as we did that so much is possible and even profitable because think about it a starving artist can't feed the hungry even at the beginning we found small ways to give back all of us condone a portrait for a fundraiser or deserving family who can't afford it. We tried to ask ourselves what jesus would do if he were a photographer, but we weren't business savvy and pretty soon we're asking another question. You may have asked this who in the world has time or money for personal projects? For us, business had us feeling trapped our kids when we were outsourcing them. We're looking at the back of our heads while we worked on computer monitors. It was not cool there's no time to change the world, but when that's the case is usually time to step outside yourself and do something anyway, it wasn't the most rational decision bookings were down, but we went to help an unknown organization in guatemala's worst slum ironically called paradise we're talking about a place the police don't even enter extreme poverty in the world's highest violent crime rate, but this organization was breaking that cycle, rescuing boys from gangs and giving them a new life that song was going unsung organizations are desperate for photographers to tell their stories their heroes but to them you have superpowers your photography did you know that a front page news story is only read by about seventeen percent of its audience now attach a photo to that same story suddenly almost eighty percent of people will read it we're visual creatures and his photographer you decide what people see we were asked to make a short three to four minute promo video to raise support for the work in paradise there was just one problem we had never shot video that not all nine on iphone our first pieces of video equipment arrived three days before our flight let that sink in we want to express how doable this is for you. So after one week of filming and several weeks learning how to edit, we released what became a feature length documentary film lost boys of paradise that is continuing to show now and over more than twenty states from coast to coast on dh film festivals, theaters, churches, universities and because the story is worth telling even our amateur effort is changing the world for these kids basically this well, this is a good example manuel grew up on the streets of paradise with his brother hey dreamed of being a doctor one day until he was old enough to realize how poor he really was his brother was killed and he's now buried on a soccer field this organization created in paradise manuel dropped out of school, he dropped out of life, and this year after our film was released, manuel graduated um now he's preparing to pursue a medical degree and because of the boy's home that our film will help build thousands more doctors, teachers, astronauts may be photographers will be able to follow in his footsteps and that's us is better than any award or magazine cover. You can slap our names on how can I afford to do a personal project? You can't afford not to just think first. What better way to build new skills? You can't use a pagan to experiment, but here expectations can be set low. We were honest about our limits and got to discover what we're capable of without the pressure we got increase for wedding cinema right away you can advance your business and change the world at the same time a second think how this increases your brand value people hear about you because of this and they want to support it. My barber never cared about my wedding photography stories in fact, I was probably the fourth wedding photographer in his seat that day, but when I told him about lost boys of paradise, he wanted to sponsor it and plastered our posters and brand all over his storefront clients become confident that their money is going to good use, so everything they buy feels like value add. You go from sales, person to status simple, even the most humble do gooder. My sudden it more money means work. More ways to change the world in these projects often lie to travel. Traveling is no big deal. It's, a small world, but being international photographer is still a big appeal, and so you can book clients wired, going there's so much need there thousands of people with inspiring stories to tell it's, easier to ignore them, but they deserve to be heard. So don't let anything get in your way.

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CreativeLive is teaming up with Kevin Kubota’s Photographers Ignite to bring you another mesmerizing night of rapid-fire presentations. Ignite is a style of presentation in which participants have just 5 minutes and 20 slides to express their passion for photography. It’s like speed dating with ideas! This is the second time CreativeLive has joined forces with Kevin Kubota’s Photographers Ignite. The first CL-hosted Photographers Ignite was streamed live from Photoshop Week in February 2013 — and was so instantly popular it trended on Twitter!


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