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From Nine to Five to Being Alive with Benjamin Von Wong

I want to introduce to you my next speaker who you probably if you've been here a week familiar with benjamin guangguang uh, really amazing teacher, photographer and has a background in engineering, which I think is interesting because it helps him to solve problems and as photographers were constantly trying to solve problems in one way or another, small or large s, I think has an interesting background bedouin loves to share, loves to teach and actually is doing a lot more teaching that we might know, so welcome to the stage, benjamin. Hey, guys, so I'm super happy to be here today what I'd like to do in this five minute presentations to share with you a crazy adventure that I've had since I quit my ninety five job that's still happening and hope we'll keep happening for the rest of my life in some way, shape or form, most of you can probably relate aiken some of my three and a half years of mining engineering in a pretty straightforward way, I went to my job, did work, took some pre...

tty pictures on evenings on weekends and had some fun holidays once or twice a year, quite safe, quite predictable. In contrast, my new life since quitting my job of johnny to twenty twenty twelve has been quite crazy. It's been about traveling almost six months of the year teaching, giving conferences like this one to hundreds of people and it's given me the opportunity to work on the craziest projects from preparing a real life where is well they're out in germany playing with tesla coils, lighting a church on fire in paris, tossing people into a waterfall is creating a music video using nothing but cameras or even assembling epic medieval armies of my own. One of the most amazing experiences that I had was working with a crew from the underwater realm who I met by simply sending them a random email after noticing their kickstarter project, letting them know that I would love to get involved though they were in london on meeting seems completely improbable. I found myself looking for inspirational people to interview for a tick starter product of my own age moments later, so I reached out to dave reynolds modeling over here, and before I knew it, I was hanging out with them in a four meter diving pool in the middle of the u k another example of creating opportunity would be this shot over here coming up featuring re toucher chester van bama over in belgium in this fantastic abandoned location this was a result of a random email after I noticed that he did the retouching for another photographer that I looked up to by the name of the owner art but I mean, not all of success, not all stories start with success. I met one of my most in partner important partners through failure. I tried letting a person on fire unsuccessfully twice on two very unfortunately popular beyond behind the scenes videos that caught the attention of professional pyrotechnician under this over in paris, france, he proceeded to insult my work, and I probably replied by telling him that we should work together on since then, I've been doing fire with this guy across multiple cities across the world, constantly pushing the limits of what's possible. I'd like to reiterate that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I quit my job. There were there was no three year plan, no market studies, no business plans on who would possibly need images like these ones. All I had was a naive belief that I was going to get out there and make something happen. Yet somehow not knowing not planning led to insane project have only gotten larger, crazier and even expanded past the realm of photography, such as the six minute game of thrones fan fiction, complete with armor, zombies and zombie horses that I just released. And I think that the key is to realize that if you dare to dream the impossible, you can take that dream and make it into reality. This absurd photomontage over here for a crowd was for a crowd funded project that I wanted to do that actually became true. I did end up in europe at the luth not doing that face. Is it easy? Absolutely not. They're definitely hard times rough times. I mean no boston's after you making sure that you wake up in the morning. There's no paycheck in two weeks and there's no getting pages to show about work. No work, no pay, lots of work sometimes still no pay. But is it worth it without a doubt? And for this simple reason? Because knowing the reason why you wake up in the morning is worth more than any paycheck. Let me repeat that knowing why you wake up in the morning is worth more than any paycheck. The first time I actually quit was not my job as an engineer, but my job as a photographer. I first began photography shooting events, but eventually came to the conclusion that I had to let it go. Not because business was bad. Actually, quite the country business was so good that I actually ended up with two jobs, photography and engineering. I didn't want to jobs, I wanted a job and a passion so I could shoot stuff like this. He's two years on the road I'm so shooting zombies passionately accepted now they're special game with karen zombies I realize that it was headed in the wrong direction away from what I love so I had to make a change anyone can do what I do it's not because I'm particularly talented actually this image over here is my first attempt at shooting in studio epic right hard work and dedication not talent is what really is going to make a difference at the end of the day and if on top of that hard work and dedication you actually have a dream that you believe in aa goal that you want to walk two words stop daydreaming and start making that dream into reality the fear will always be there it never truly leaves fear of failure fear of the unknown ah fear of instability but sometimes those fears are way better than the alternative of not knowing what you're waking up four in the morning. I know what a wake up four in the morning and that is to grab life by the balls to live the ups, the downs and everything in between and I believe I believe that I will succeed at whatever I set my mind to do because that is a real reality that I have chosen to live in and in this reality also choose to believe in you thank you

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CreativeLive is teaming up with Kevin Kubota’s Photographers Ignite to bring you another mesmerizing night of rapid-fire presentations. Ignite is a style of presentation in which participants have just 5 minutes and 20 slides to express their passion for photography. It’s like speed dating with ideas! This is the second time CreativeLive has joined forces with Kevin Kubota’s Photographers Ignite. The first CL-hosted Photographers Ignite was streamed live from Photoshop Week in February 2013 — and was so instantly popular it trended on Twitter!


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