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Knowledge for People with Nikky Closser

Every time we do ignite one of our goals from the very first one that we started was that it would somehow support some sort of a nonprofit or a group that's doing something great and just if we could bring attention to them if we could raise money for them whatever it was an integral part of why we wanted to ignite and so tonight we have a group that's called knowledge for people and I have someone here to share with you she started it in two thousand eight and it's about uh interestingly, you know there's need all over the world as you guys know and they're a lot of causes that we're all well aware of, but one of the things that I wasn't really aware of is it autism in developing countries is really not really acknowledged in recognized and supported and that's something that nicky has discovered that need support and she's founded this organization to bring awareness to autism in developing countries. So nicky so much going on so I don't get fancy slides or anything I'm just trying ...

to remember here, so if I lose my track has my nose okay? So like heaven said, I started knowledge for people in two thousand eight because just after college I started traveling to developing countries and one thing that I was kind of learning because in my past life I worked with kids with autism was that there were no services for these kids and so I just wanted to do something about it it really bothered me and I wanted to make a change so imagine if you had a child who was not developing typically and you had no idea why and then imagine you take him to the doctor and the doctor tells you a whole get over it and then he doesn't get over it and maybe next year told that your child is demonized or that you're a bad parent or maybe your whole family is ostracized from the community because of your child this happens all over the world kids with autism thing this happens all over the world to kids with auto schism autism occurs everywhere but often people don't know what it is and because they've never heard of it doctors can't diagnose it right if you don't know about it you can't say that's what's going on with your child and then there's they don't know what to tell you next about intervention often in many countries kids with autism are not allowed to go to school it does not have to be this way so knowledge for people is a group of volunteers who helped families and communities around the world better understand and accept kids who have autism and we do that through outreach, education and advocacy since two thousand eight we helped hundreds of families we have educated government officials in nepal and in the maldives and we've advocated for laws tio help protect these kids they're no laws to help protect these kids. Also we've educated doctors and psychologists about the signs of autism, about the symptoms and about the importance of early intervention. We've also educated teachers we've done in depth trainings for teachers, speech pathologist, occupational therapists and other service providers, and most importantly, what we do is we teach the teachers and help them with their continuing autism education so that they can teach others once we're gone. So it's just it's just been just such important much needed work in the area. So we all started this work because we just wanted to do something good in the world. We all just wanted to help out in some way, and we continue to do this work because we see progress because we have parents who come to us and say you have changed our lives mean, it's just it's so powerful, they said, you change the life of our child. We have firsthand seen the shift in people understanding that kids with autism are first and foremost children first, they're not autistic first, their autism isn't first their children first, and they deserve to have the same rights as every other child and be part of their community um okay, what's next so yes, and we also continue to do it because it feels good and because it's so fun to help other people and it's just you know I get something out of it to andi I'm a photographer so it's great that I get to document our projects which you all know how important it is to document our work. So if you want to learn more about knowledge for people head over to knowledge for people dot org's we're all volunteers funding can be really hard let me tell you it's been difficult so if you're interested in donating, of course were super grateful even ten dollars can make a huge difference and then you can feel super good about helping people tio so also something that's super cool is that we decided to dio giveaway so triple scoop music has donated six hundred dollars worth of songs and white house custom color has donated a seven hundred fifty dollars, many studio set you don't need to donate to enter or anything like that just head over to our blawg knowledge for people dot or ge knowledge for people dot org's slash blawg you can enter the giveaway you khun donate if you want that would be great on dh you could just check us out and if you're interested in helping in any way contact us through our website so thanks for letting me speak about

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