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Motivating Factors with Ana Brandt


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Motivating Factors with Ana Brandt

So I want to introduce to you my next speaker name is anna brandt who's, a celebrity fashion photographer from new york but used to be moved to california and is now doing pregnancy and new warn photography and interestingly she started a line of pregnancy dresses, gowns not moves I'm assuming on I read it's a baby gnats I was like what's a baby maybe not want on organizations tell pan type of hand which helped to educate other photographers in the same thing right wings baby and newborn photography so that's again another great mitch and something that I have done some of it I really love to actually pregnancy newborn theo ok, one of all the past speakers have to have taught us tonight that they're motivated talking about motivating factor tonight and everything that you just heard every single one of those people I am gary guarantee you that they were motivated by something right? Sometimes motivation might be just to get the perfect silhouette in front of the sunset so that your mom...

stopped asking you for the perfect silhouette in front of the sunset so shaken instagram all of our friends sometimes just that is a motivating factor but motivating factors that are very, very, very, very, very, very important he looked at the word motivation for miriam webster in the process of getting someone to do something right you want to actor do something you need to be motivated needs to get you out of bed and needs to drive you it needs to be your moving force every single six assessable person the world has been like my motivation for me sometimes it's just getting the better picture of instagram my daughter doing the perfect silhouette because my twelve year old that the perfect sunset using his iphone so whatever your motivation is if it's just to beat out your children who can only do that for the iphone ok moving on to the factor you need the factor to go along with the motivation because it's something that's going to help produce the results so I'm going to spend my four and a half minutes left and talk to you about motivating factors because if you have nothing else and you have motivation I promise you it's going to be rewarding what are your reasons? What is your motivating factor? What gets you out of bed who is looking to you? What is your legacy? You should know all these answers what excites you? What makes you smile year tio ear if you don't know these things, write them down because otherwise you're gonna make your daughter do silhouettes over and over and over on you're going to keep making your jump in the pool prove that you could take the most perfect instagram photo with your little smartphone I promise you write it down sit down who are you and find out what you're motivating factor if you don't have a motivating factor here is what's going to happen? You're going inconsistent work you're going to get depressed, you're going to have a lack of self esteem, lack of inspiration, jealousy going to get a little bitter which is going to really, really well which is going to result in chocolate alcohol too much time on the cell phone arguing with your partner so what you need is you need a motivating factor why? Because the motivating factor gets you out of bed regardless regardless of what your day is like it's going to pick you up when you follow it's going to push you up the hill it's going to annoy others just f y I and when you do get a motivating factor, your daughter is going to realize that she's done doing silhouettes in front and if she just takes this road but the salon she could make beautiful music so you're going to see the motivating factors do more than just get you out of bed ok, so how do you get motivating factors watch kids they're amazing for finding out to be motivated why when kids fall down what do they do? They get up when they get her what they do, they cry they will draw anything anywhere with any color inside the lines outside the lines they will just keep going and going and going and while marni on the next flight okay so watch kids they're amazing what is your reason? I mean wow this is motivation on speed can you say that on speed you need to have a reason these air live three little reasons but before they were born my three reasons were me myself and I if you don't have kids if you don't have a furry pet if you don't have someone literally dragging your toes out of bed every day then if you go back to writing down what your motivational reason is it'll get you through your career I promise so how do you find it you find it you find what motivational factor because that's what we're talking about tonight I have a few more minutes to get you to find out how to get your motivational factor so one of the ways that I'm going to tell you the oh find reasons get me out of bed every single day trust me even if I don't want to they dragged me out every single day but one time out of bed it's up to me teo move along on my reasons so how do I have a motivational factor you only do what inspires you? You don't compare yourself to others what does it mean when you get on facebook and you post a picture give yourself two minutes on the news feed because if you're on there any longer what's going to happen, you're going to start questioning yourself. You're going to think you stock everything's wrong, you're going to get start getting depressed, eating chocolate, arguing with your partner on the sofa. You don't want to do that, ok? You want to stay motivated? He want to focus everyone that spoken so far, he's doing what they love their doing, what inspires them? Everybody leaves behind a legacy. What is yours? What is your legacy? Motivation is the difference between success and failure. The next time you see a successful person, don't be better. Don't be jealous. I don't think they're lucky. Instead find out what their motivational factor is. Find out what's driving them by now, it's getting them out of bed what's allowing them to do the art that they want. Tio, this is your life. You only get one shot, it's the reason and sometimes it's the only one and that's ok, just go with it.

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CreativeLive is teaming up with Kevin Kubota’s Photographers Ignite to bring you another mesmerizing night of rapid-fire presentations. Ignite is a style of presentation in which participants have just 5 minutes and 20 slides to express their passion for photography. It’s like speed dating with ideas! This is the second time CreativeLive has joined forces with Kevin Kubota’s Photographers Ignite. The first CL-hosted Photographers Ignite was streamed live from Photoshop Week in February 2013 — and was so instantly popular it trended on Twitter!