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Photography is Not Your Life with Christina Heaston

Next speaker is from some place that I love because I'm born and raised there which is holy week and christina is ah started in south carolina's all right cristina yes christina was in start of south carolina's about ended up in a white she really hates cats and I think that's important for you guys to know if you brought your kids with you tonight please keep them in the back row she's definitely afraid of him but in that she's a really swell gal and I think she's got a passion for what she's going to share with us tonight so come on up christine okay so I went to this photography workshop a couple months ago and I met this photographer we'll just call him f stop to protect his identity and also because I can't really remember his name but I love meeting other photographers especially tall, talented bearded photographers they're kind of my favorite and I know I'm a little biased but I think photographers air really hot and you guys on this room confirmed with that tonight because this...

is a really good looking crowd so I was talking to f stop and just kind of chatting about shutter speeds and you know, sexy stuff like that and I was hoping tio kind of keep the conversation going past the new of light room update so I started to ask him like so what do you like to do when you're not working and he looked at me like I was speaking another language and I had had three mai tais. So I kind of was speaking another language. It's my it's, hawaii it's fine, you can do that. So what good is he was like so surprise that I would assume there was more to him than photography. And he said he told me what he likes to do is listen to movies while he edits photos. That's his favorite thing to d'oh is listen to movies like at its photos because, you know, photography is my life is what he said to me. And I just thought, could you be any more pretentious? Like this is not attractive, so I left like, right after we made out thing, okay? But there are, like, a lot of problems with this for taurasi is my life attitude. First of all, it is not sexy. Being a photographer is sexy, but finding out that you're never going to emerge from behind your computer is not if you work so much that you don't know who you are or what you enjoy and you're missing out on some of the very best parts of life and yeah, not ok, and the second thing is it's really it's, just not healthy. Emotional health is a learned discipline and it's something that we all have to be intentional about practicing, especially as entrepreneurs, you know, we're over functioning always working because this is our is our business it's our passion and our livelihood they were always in work mode, we don't really clock out, but we should because our bodies and our minds and our emotions they need rest. You need time to recalibrate your life and, you know, refocus and that doesn't mean that you're losing productivity, it's it's actually the opposite because if you're working so much without any breaks, then it's also most like a false economy because in the in private like urine product is not as good because you're not as efficient and we're more than just photographers you know where people who want to communicate and create beauty and make the world a beautiful play case and we're lucky enough to be using photography is our tool. But that's what it is is a tool whenever you make for talking for your life and allow it to keep you from the world rather than to make you and the world around you a better place than you're abusing that tool we take good care of our cameras and our lenses, but we don't take care of, you know our bodies and our brains the very frieder of our art and that their problem is it just doesn't leave much room for inspiration and that's what photography is about and yeah, yeah, you want to be inspired by other people, not just your own work, like where is your inspiration coming from it it's just coming from you from your own work from your own photos, then you know, it will run dry there's not really any growth through there, right? Yeah. So I want to correct you guys, tio structure life in a way where you set aside time for adventure and for study and for meaningful relationships and people, and what I like to do is set aside one day a week. Well, I don't do anything I mean do stuff, but I don't any work just tio just get away and appreciate like, the beauty around me and the people around me and the life that you know, I've been given. So next time somebody asks you what you like to do besides photography or what she'd like to do when you aren't working. I hope they haven't answer, and I hope that you know, that photography doesn't have to be your life in order for you to be an amazing photographer.

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