Portrait Albums: To Do or Not to Do with Katie Garlock


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Portrait Albums: To Do or Not to Do with Katie Garlock

We have katie and katie garlic has been a start for for over twenty five years and there you are I don't worry on she actually sold her business quit left decided she was going to go off with her her hubby and chase some dreams in washington d c and that was so excited she got bored and started all over again on started a business again in washington d c on one of things that she does now it's it's a boutique business but she really pushes the portrait album and so that's something she's here to talk to you about tonight welcome, katie okay all right. So I know your secret fantasy you know that when you get late at night when everybody else has gone to bed and it's just you sitting at the computer all by yourself you think about that tall, dark stranger with a lot of money. He shows up at your house and offers to buy your freakin photography business so he can sit up all night and edit endless images while you go back to it. Normal schedule with a regular paycheck and weekends up yeah,...

I had a chance to live that fantasy ten years ago and I took it after thirty years in business so the studio sold the house my husband and I went to lovely washington d c he went to work for c span and I got a really grown up job in downtown d c it was awesome I carried a briefcase I rode the metro I just my weekends off it was absolutely everything you could possibly want for about six months I mean I had a starbucks in my building doesn't get any better than that after about six months I began to think oh my god what am I doing? Is this really how I want to live my life? I mean I had done it backwards from what everybody else did this was not what I had in mind for every day so I pick up the camera start doing occasional portrait on the weekend you know, gateway drug and pretty soon like I've got to get back to this but now I'm in a big city I'm sold everything I own except this one did camera and what am I going to do? I can't suddenly said to my husband you're gonna have to pay for everything now I know we made this big transition so I'm thinking maybe I'll do it on the weekends maybe l I just I didn't know what I knew what I wanted to do but I couldn't justify leaving that job like so many people are saying today and then I had a sign from god I was supposed to go back to photography technically I got fired from my office job but I can better that my sign so now I jump back in but here's the question how are we going to make enough money and I mean fast because I've got to pay for all these bills in washington d c the answer for me was portrait albums custom and I tried a lot of other things first believe me custom designed high end individual portrait albums I absolutely love these things I love them for so many reasons I love them because they are profitable one of the first things I had to learn how to do that's my little granddaughter by the way I had to learn how to do was restructure my price list so that when my clients looked at what I had to offer they could say the collections that have the wall portrait's to give portrait's and the albums are my best value that's actually what they say to me and then we're all very very happy I love albums because they are repeatable you can do these every single year it's not like we just did this last year it's like oh where we going to go this year I have photographed my clients swimming, skiing, picking apples in the mountain top at don I seriously do the other reason I love them is you can have some place to put them then people will looked up you could legitimately run out of wall space they'll just be I'd love to buy more of those now you're not letting to run on a shelf on a book room on your bookshelf unless you're married to this guy. Yes, he has read all those books, and that is just one while in one room of our house, so you're gonna have room to put these on there or you can put something on an easel peak and put it on the shelf there's just a million different reasons to get these another reason that I love these albums there again, the hard page books, they are child friendly. I have my parents tell me they read these to their kids as their story books. At night we sit down here's our bedtime story, the kid's khun turn the pages, I told him, let your kids touch them and turn the pages, but they are not child proof, and you want to make sure they understand that because generally try to break in unbreakable comb. Yes, they can break. Don't let your kids play with them that their child friendly, they're not child proof, so let them enjoy them for those reasons. So I've told you all the wonderful reasons that I absolutely love these albums, and I think every one of you should be doing that, but wait a minute. Just because it works for me doesn't mean it's going to work for you. You've probably already thought a half a dozen reasons this absolutely will not work for you, and in case you haven't thought of any, let me help you out how that is very, very likely that you live in a bad area now I don't know who first started the term your area is the space between your ears, but that is absolutely to remember I was making four hundred dollars sales in my area, the overspending capital of universe washington d c four hundred dollars average sales until I changed my area and that changed everything. Maybe your clients don't want albums. I know mind out they look at mine, the samples they go these air so nice, but we're not helping people. People want something hang on the wall and a couple to give away. Nobody thinks they want an album until they see the images plant the seed till the soil watch what happens? Maybe you're just too busy to design albums these take a little time to get in there. I started out having the company do my album designed for me. I figured that cost in my cost of sales and my pricing, and once I got the hang of it, I started to do it myself, and then I paid myself and, of course, we all know in this economy and this economy, people want to put their money on something they will keep for the rest of their lives and hand down to their kids. I know where they can get something like that. So if you wanna have more fun, if you want to make more money, if you want to keep your clients back here after your jump in with both feet, try albums. They are absolutely spectacular. They can really boost your bottom line. Thank you very much.

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