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Rock Your Sparkler Shots Every Time with Matt Kennedy

My next speaker is matt kennedy and that's from vancouver b c now I know vancouver for mountain biking, which is an amazing place that but that cover is also known for sparklers believe it or not and matt was up there with his wife kristen they have three adorable little kids used to be a teacher and brings his love of teaching into teaching photographers it's very cool niche style of how to do the sparkler shot and weddings which is a really great idea you know niche market your things that you do the best that so without further ado come on, tell us how it's done spark we haven't told him I loved him late it so don't worry you're not going to know it's ok, so why sparklers are gonna get writing tio I'm going to get right do it you want to know how to do spark the shots because if you're a wedding photographer, you're probably going to be asked to do them so you need to know how to do them so you don't look, you know, s o I'm going to talk about a couple of three different ways to do ...

them sparked exits are the most popular right now, especially in the states you need to know how to do spark exits the one thing I'm gonna leave with you about that is just that you need to be in control so you need to tell the guests what to do and the couple what to do short exposure these sparklers shots are often done with groups I find on dh they're often done when it's a little bit too bright out to do long exposure shots brings me to long exposure shots these air my bread and butter these I love doing in my clients love passing so these long exposure shots are late at night on dh they are where you get to be a little bit more creative so that's what I'm going to spend the whole presentation talking about first thing for long sparkler shots location and light is really important you need to go to a place that is dark and especially where no ambient light is on the subject putting some dark area behind them is probably the best bet if that's the situation next thing is composition, you need to be able to compose it so that the focus of the picture is still the couple not the sparklers sparklers are adding to the picture this is a picture of a couple we want to still emphasize that now this is like the nitty gritty okay, so focusing its late at night it's dark it's hard for your camera two focus so taken iphone are a camera I don't have one on me right now that I just sponsor ourselves by apple by saying that taking I have them hold that facing your camera so you can focus on it then just get them to put it in their pocket leave your leave your camera and manual focus after that and you won't have any problems these air some settings that you can try like von long says, don't go off settings in total you need to be able to troubleshoot your settings after you have a starting point but that's a good start a place to start now troubleshooting so a lot of times you'll get the background too bright or the background too dark and sparklers too bright you need to learn how to maneuver the balance between those things sparklers do not change their brightness so think of these as off camera flash but a flash that you cannot change the position or the brightness of okay so you need to be able to compensate for it. Your shutter speed is what's going to really affect the ambien lights so mainly the background as well as any extra ambulance on the couple which makes them blurry? I saw an aperture affects the sparkler brightness and you are off camera flash that you're adding so when you're adding flash notice on this picture that the flashes coming from behind him facing her face that's very important you don't you want to make the bride looked the best guy whatever they so now in a situation like this the couple in this picture is actually pretty much the same brightness level is the background so in the first shot that I did this I just went in did a heart went out and I couldn't even see the couple. So the second shot I went in did the heart went out came back in behind them and rim lit them with the back of the sparkler so that they can actually be seen separate from the background. Now writing backwards I was going to bring a big poster and do this for you just a tip get a sharpie, get a white piece of paper and practice a few words writing backwards when you flip that piece of paper over, you'll be able to see and visualize how you can actually write it backwards it's very tough but you need to practice with writing backwards dotting and crossing here your I's crossing your tease it's very tough with the spark because it's continuous all you need to do is block it and then keep going with the t stop go keep going again it's tough using an assistant the most important thing with this I do almost all of my shots by myself I do the whole thing by myself in this shot I had my assistant run up and down the side with me it's important to just make sure you communicate the visions this is their ideas sometimes you got to go with whatever they want to do. This is a shot, but they really wanted to do so I went with it as soon as we nailed it, I showed it to them, they were in love, then we just moved on to the next shot that I wanted to do wedding party. This is something to just think about if you have the chance, bring the wedding party with you because they love doing it again. You're going to just build a lot of word of mouth marketing with these shots because they're going to love seeing it from the back of the camera if you nail it. Uh, if you can't do sparkles like in here, do you like painting using iphone? Yeah, you use something that's just going to be bright enough to be captured by the camera and you can still get some really cool shots with light pain. Talk to josh gene editing this is just something to think about these air done late at night, so when I do same day at its at weddings, I can't include these in my side show, but I can have this be the first image I post on facebook, so get home at that photo posted on facebook, people are going to share it like crazy. Then this last thing. I don't think I could even say anymore. But come over to my website, and I've got lots more resources for you and some three gifts. I think that's kind of it.

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CreativeLive is teaming up with Kevin Kubota’s Photographers Ignite to bring you another mesmerizing night of rapid-fire presentations. Ignite is a style of presentation in which participants have just 5 minutes and 20 slides to express their passion for photography. It’s like speed dating with ideas! This is the second time CreativeLive has joined forces with Kevin Kubota’s Photographers Ignite. The first CL-hosted Photographers Ignite was streamed live from Photoshop Week in February 2013 — and was so instantly popular it trended on Twitter!


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