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Lesson 10/13 - The Story of Stories with Russ Andes


Photographers Ignite Volume 2


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The Story of Stories with Russ Andes

Once upon a time far far away there was a boy named russ southern tell stories, rust old stories in text in film and photos stand up comedy and then he came to seattle became a videogame designer to tell his stories that way which of course led to him being a host on creating lines mean way in the next chapter of his life here he's telling us all the story of stories welcome rests my mom died when I was five I never developed the really ability to communicate and connect with other people, so I dove into stories I read, I learned and I did that that was what I did instead of connecting with people I failed out of school, I lost several jobs but all I had were stories let me tell you that story again later humans are unique in our ability to tell stories to each other and communicate information and allow others to have the experiences that we have had without them having the experience themselves. A lion has to step on a thorn in order to know what it's like to do that we can tell our ...

kids don't touch that stove now we as photographers have a unique ability to not only tell stories to the people we are legitimately talking to but to people around the world and to our descendants to the people who we may have left behind we have stories we have the ability to communicate via pictures so you can see the emotion in addition to feeling it so here's my question what makes a good story a good story has rising action a good story has conflict and a good story has drama there are many different ways in which people tell good stories and you can find your own for me there are three main areas first of all connection you have to be able to connect to your audience you have to be immersive you have to really be able toe put yourself into that situation and it has to transport you to someplace where you've never been before that is the magic of stories now beyond that why do we tell stories originally it was because we needed to survive we were not the biggest, strongest or fastest animals in the world so we needed to work together in order to take down the woolly mammoth. And now some people also believe that the human brain developed as a way to display our faith, our sexual thickness and so much in the way that a bird's plumage is a way to show off its fitness. We tell stories so if you like the way that I'm talking ladies I'm single way also tell stories to ourselves every day I was we go through our lives events happen to us and we have the ability to either to interpret them as we well either positively or negatively that is our choice as we go through life and it's something that we do some consciously it is not something that we choose on most cases if you've ever been to the store when you're hungry, you know you buy more food that's because you're stomach has told your brain this story without telling you and that's why we do that all the time the secret is not anything magical that the universe is doing it's a process called primate our brain looks for things that we have told it to look for so in the random noise of the universe once we've decided on something our brain picks out those things and makes us aware of them and gives us those opportunities but here's the thing we have the choice to interpret it how we want we can believe that the universe is on our side we can believe that something has happened outside of ourselves to make a successful or we can believe that it's our choice that is what we did on ourselves that made a successful we have the ability to believe things that aren't true if you've ever talked to a three year old or a politician, you know that it's a it's a powerful ability it's dangerous but it's also powerful because before you can do something, you have to think of it and before you can change and be something that you're not, you have to be able to conceive of the idea that you are not as you are two powerful concept and it's something that again is unique to human beings we have the ability to make fiction fact our stories our memories are the stories that we tell ourselves the way that we look back on our lives the way that we look at the things that happened to us on a daily basis that's our stories that were telling ourselves think back to your own story think back to the things that have happened to you what story are you telling? Because we write our own autobiographies we're the ones who are in charge of deciding what are the events in our life mean to us we get to decide that on a daily basis on a moment by moment basis as things happen to us as we remember things, it is our choice and are all about biographies to find our future because you cannot do something until you can conceive of the possibility that you are someone who can do that thing you cannot make a choice until you are the type of person who wouldn't make that choice and you it's not just me it's not just you everybody has that option we have the option to choose who we are going to be on a daily daily basis so, let's, go back to my story. My mom died when I was five. I mr mentally. But that doesn't matter, because the events in my life uniquely put me in a place and gave me the ability to communicate via stories. So what I do on a daily basis, it's what I do. I understand people through stories, through the stories they tell through the stories they tell themselves, and I want to hear your story. Thank you.

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