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Underwater Photography w/ Lisa Reilly & Heather Hitt


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Underwater Photography w/ Lisa Reilly & Heather Hitt

My next speaker's, lisa riley and heather hit uh they're going to talk to you about underwater photography and these actually started off atlanta college of art that's right shooting drag queens and rock concerts what a great way to start your business right? So she has a real eye for alternative beauty, whereas heather comes from a background of graphic artists and has a knife form or of the existing natural beauty so together I think they make a pretty good team always looking for beauty whether its existing or imagine so welcome to the stage hi, I am lisa riley and I'm heather it we're here from los angeles, california to talk to you about underwater photography and how it has inspired us and challenge us in many ways. One thing is we realized that it's not what it seems when you get into the water yeah, as you can see from some of the images there very serene and ethereal and beautiful and seemingly calm, but the experience of actually shooting it is more like war zone it's not and...

you can't breathe and awful faces like you're dying and but but the image is of course a very, very dreamlike uh it's fast and furious we go under reshoot as much as we can while the model is still not breathing, I come up, we do it again, it's like I said it's very fast and furious and then you see the images and they look like they're frozen in time they look slow motion but they're really not it's it's a whole different world is so that the economy is just sort of beautiful about how it's it is realistic you're shooting what's really there but it just is so seemingly otherworldly and as was mentioned earlier, our styles air sort of very different but this is a medium that can encompass all your styles no matter what they are I prefer sort of to find not photo journalistic but yeah, something sort of politically photo journalistic where is lisa does stuff more like this, which is, you know, very rock n roll and fantasy driven and esso underwater khun definitely you know it can take whatever you throw at it and it can give you a lot back. The dreamlike quality also is something that you can't really get unless you composite, which is a whole different art form. I really like the whole photography aspect of it doing it in camera and then and post you can do lots of amazing things with it absolutely so yeah like that like like digital art and that you can sort of create the moon or create a unicorn or whatever thisyou don't have created out of whole cloth because there's a lot that's already there and it's already very otherworldly and like I say, dream like and that you know, you could fly and you don't have gravity and you could be a mermaid or you can float when you're pregnant on so there's, lots of lots of things that you can bring to it, but with all photography it's good to have backups and a backup plan because things will and can go wrong exactly the extra insurance shots is what I like to call it, like we could do the model halfway in and halfway out, because if they're horrible underwater, then you at least this way you can put them on the ledge, take photos of them outside of the water and it's still, once they get in the water, you because every model is different, you never know who's going to be great and who's just going to be a big puffer fish, like the last model that they just showed she was gorgeous model on dry land and underwater, not so much so when we did that it was sort of ophelia in the in the water, and it was beautiful. This guy forces a pro, but it was just a fun way to yet play with how they get into the water, but yeah, lots and lots of insurance and happy accidents shops, which, of course, is everyone's favorite muse I'm as you notice I'm happy accident I was the cheapest model we could find for some of these shots that's me but there was there was a problem with that micro loans yeah like the water was sort of carbonated almost because the filtration system so it was all of these super tiny micro rebels but that's like my favorite shot has it in post you that sort of manipulated and I feel like it looks sort of twenties and sort of like heavy you know like silver green emotion on it and so there's lots that you could do like I say happy accidents are your best friends are getting really one of god's living and here's another example of the extra insurance of having your model in the water but their head out of the water if they're not doing so great under shoot the outfit lots of flights of tips and tricks and so we just wanted to try to encourage you to have some fun with that and to explore it as you can it is it's like a whole other world and it's you know as closest as wherever your nearest pool it's on and throw in props and things that have can I speak to whoever you're shooting? I had a thing for vargas girls so this was when I had blonde hair so we did a vargas tan so and the three dollars gallon from and throwing the hula hoops in the water. I've thrown anything from a tricycle into the water that was missing a wheel. So to steady the broken record player thrown in the water, their whole cell visual. So we really encourage everybody to give it a try. Because it's a lot of fun, and it will spark your creativity. It did for us. So thank you so much for listening.

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