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It is with pleasure that I would like to introduce my next speaker jeremy color I think it's a perfect follow up because of I think most of you familiar with him some of the wonderful things he's he's done in his heart and uh you know he's a celebrity photographer from nashville he's not shootings liberally portrait ce he's working on projects you know in africa and haiti he started helped portrait which I think is a fabulous program what do you know? You know what he wants pooped in the refrigerator and ate a whole wheel of cheese so what a perfect fit that's welcome jeremy koller tuesday following that is intense generals an inspiration actually just changed my presentation in the last twenty minutes so bear with me but um I same slides kind of uh I'm a celebrity photographer I've achieved a lot I've been in rolling stone entertainment weekly have shot all the celebrities have had tremendous success I'm repped blah blah blah blah blah I just don't care guys I'm here to tell you all t...

hese goals you want achieve all these things you want to do it's not fulfilling listen to me right now and listen to me when I say that thing's jen's about things I'm about or what is going to fulfill you I'm always thinking about we are the first generation ever the future generations are going to be able to research online with the first digital family tree when people google our grandparent's they won't find anything when people google you they're going to be a fun all kinds of things. So what are you saying? What are you saying every day and your status? Said bates and your tweets and your instagram post what are we telling our children? One day my kids are going to be researching me what are all those interviews saying what do these stories telling with my life and I try to do things that each bigger much more important much more meaningful than celebrity shoots is of the project I did in haiti where I gave people uh rubble and just said write whatever you want this is hell porch it where a father and son got the first pictures taken together after thirty years I have not seeing each other this is extremely powerful stuff we do here make it for women with help portrait we glam him up when we let them say whatever they want and she claimed herself is miss fabulous, which is fabulous it's amazing um this next one is we have any family we see a lot of broken families come together that haven't seen each other this is maybe after divorce or different things but this is powerful stuff it's not just a cute little photo shoot for people in need we've seen lives changed over and over this kid in pakistan said my name is same on pakistani, and my message to the world is that we're not terrorist, so please stop treating us like them. We're seeing lots of messages like this come around. I did a project in rwanda last year were photographed killers are genocide victims standing with the person that killed their families they've now reconciled with, and I let them write whatever they want they wrote still best friends on the tree behind them, this guy killed his family right here where they're standing, we walked back to the scene of the crime, they're now friends, I said, so what do you have to say to the world? They wrote, love is the weapon that kills all evil? This man's father killed his whole family right here in this water, whether standing and was fearful of meeting him for what his father had done, he finally for gave him, and they reconciled to the reconciliation program and he wrote, they wrote on the rock forgiveness releases fear I just got back from uganda few weeks ago doing a project with former child soldiers who were victimized by the l r a and I was we're doing our therapy with them, drawing with them, taking their photos, doing interviews, listening to their stories every one of these kids were about to see this is martin, he was victimized right here under the I mean he was abducted right here into this tree where he is hiding the l r a came over here he became a commander for joseph kony killed hundreds and hundreds of people with his own hands and now is a leader in his community. Same thing with my friend joseph here he was forced to do unspeakable crimes. Many of these kids were forced to murder their own parents and now they've come back. They escaped from the lra. Now they're leading their villages doing amazing things um leading their families this is judith this is judah standing behind her own artwork and how she was forced to kill her own mother and after seeing her sister killed and this is her story that she drew we just take a picture behind it. This is joseph kony's wife that I worked with she was his sex slave for nine years and was finally escape and here is the most beautiful smile I think I've ever seen knowing what she has been through. Um well tell portrait this was shot in seattle for creative live mother and her four children the husband passed away they never had a family portrait together so we photoshopped her husband and so they could have their first ever family portrait together for help portrait this is back in haiti they got married right after the earthquake when there was death and destruction everywhere and their church was destroyed. And they just married in the grass and said, what do you have to say to the world? And they were, they wrote, love conquers all. Lastly, been doing a lot of photos of orphans, and this is my adopted son gets there.

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