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Sue Bryce

And without further ado, my lest presenter is someone that I think all of you probably know it's soup, rice he's over there too she she could have a long page full of accolades seen her the awards ceremony and of the fbi and just better well, she's she's always on the list of who's who in photography but other than that she's just a wonderful, wonderful person and a very warm and carrying photographer. So welcome super rice and then they bring on the crown I mean largely underestimated my whole life. This was a an active paradox to me until recently and I worked it out. You see, I'm a fluffy girl. I cry when the sun comes up and I like big here and shoes, but I'm also a ball breaker when it comes to business, I try and balances out as much as I can with femininity and I try and I get away with it quite a lot until you find out I can break a wooden block with my forehead. I truly, truly, truly love being a girl, and in two thousand eight I launched a global glamour revolution. Yes, folk...

s, I'm bringing glamour photography back from the eighties, I built a hugely successful business nine years ago, shooting and marketing to women this was not a sixes choice, but a strategic marketing plan you see I found out a long time ago that woman spent a lot of money on photographs and men don't and the simple truth is we love to see ourselves and we love to feel beautiful so what does this dichotomy between men and women and what is this mystery that makes us so different why are we so different and obviously there's the physical difference between us and how well we fit together you know what I mean then this that muscle they have that one they're like what is that? I don't even know what that poor on then there's the elusive not so easy to do fine differences like this thing without hearing or maybe it turned misfiring synapses for when a guy's really hot for you and he says I need to be with you he means for the next twenty minutes but we hear for the next twenty years women speak twelve thousand words a day men speak towards three thousand words a day we love stories we love gossiping we love nagging we love repeating ourselves and we pretty much just love talking and that's what makes us the best networkers in the world there really is a youtube phenomenon called schip girl say if we go back to caveman times and look at this biologically and we have a look at men have a single bit of focus a long single singular focus better than women think about it, caveman spear going kill mammoth women have a short of vision. They have a shorter, wider periphery cape woman in cave looking after cave children making sure cave children don't fall in the fire watching cave mouth so no predators come and eat cave children. She prepares last night's cave members soup for men when they come home looking good in members, fear in case he comes home and chooses another cave wife. And because we have that shorter, wider periphery, that means that you can advertise to women on the periphery. E t e I am a little bit. I have to have one little bit, right. You guys get movies like fight club and terminator and fast and furious. We get desperate housewives and my all time favorite he's. Just not that into you. It comes down to a basic science. We're actually hard wired differently. Signed. They proved that the male brain is actually compartmentalized instead of like ours. Open it's. What I commonly referred to as the emotional vocal volcanic mess that is the female corridor. You see, men actually have compartment in rooms and their brains that actually have doors that shut and l doors do not shut. Men have a work room, they have a playstation room, a six room they have a let's talk about our relation with tip room but that's like right down the back of the house we don't go there very often on may actually have a nothing room. This is a fact a scientific fact the re stirred male brain is thirty seven percent this is a phenomenon called men havana so the next time you're looking at your spouse and he's just sort of wandered off he's thinking about something and you say, honey, what are you thinking? And he goes nothing he really is thinking nothing when you go, so you're thinking something and you don't want to tell me what it is he now thinks you're crazy, right? The male brain is far more logical than the female brain he comes home from where you're sitting there crying, you're drinking a bottle of wine and you're getting a pound cake because of what kate did you in the lunch room today he goes into man logic mode. Next time kate speaks to you like that, you tell her this and as soon as he goes into man logic mode in touch with the outer, he shuts the door on there and that is it, but you're still talking about it for an hour because you don't have doors and your corridor and this is going to go around your corridor for three hours or maybe seventeen years twelve thousand words. People we keep experiencing this scenario over and over again, in the best part is we've stopped actually talking about what kate was saying to us. We're now talking about what she was eating, what she was wearing in the state of in marriage, pitch to all of our girlfriends on the five studies show that men prefer shapes and structure in advertising translation, boobs and cars, woman professor faces and stories, and the truth is, is studies also show that when a woman is ovulating, she's very attracted to a man that has a high testosterone level except when she's premiums for menopause, or she's more attracted to a man who sit on fire with a softball bed up his ass. So what do women want? They want to share, they want to shop, they want to be loved, they want to be worshipped. They want to look and feel beautiful inside and out and mean want tickets to the super bowl. That is why I aren't a glaring studio for women.

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Kevin Kubota’s Photographers Ignite has teamed up with creativeLIVE to go global! Now anyone, anywhere can enjoy the energy of PI presentations — and it’s FREE! What is Photographers Ignite? Ignite is a style of presentation where participants express their passion for photography with five minutes to speak on a subject of their choice, accompanied by 20 slides that autoadvance at 15 second intervals. It’s like a really cool version of a pep rally, sure to excite your brain cells with innovative ideas and creativity for the coming year.