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Integrating Your Unbounce Form Submissions With Your Mailchimp Account

Lesson 44 from: Creating High Converting Landing Pages

Isaac Rudansky

Integrating Your Unbounce Form Submissions With Your Mailchimp Account

Lesson 44 from: Creating High Converting Landing Pages

Isaac Rudansky

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44. Integrating Your Unbounce Form Submissions With Your Mailchimp Account


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Integrating Your Unbounce Form Submissions With Your Mailchimp Account


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Lesson Info

Integrating Your Unbounce Form Submissions With Your Mailchimp Account

how do you design fans and welcome back in this lecture, we're gonna quickly walk through integrating are unbound form with a male chip account. The process is really the same regardless of which third party integration you're using. But remember you don't have to use any third party integration. Unbound by default will be saving your leads right over here in the leads panel so I can click on view leads and we can see that about an hour ago john smith, this is the test that we ran um a little while back. You can also export those leads into a C. S. V. You could also have a basic integration to email, you know, lead. So if I can set up that email you can go to whoever you want, your client yourself. Um you can send it to multiple email addresses and you can change the subject line, you will get all the information, all the different fields that were submitted in the form. Alright, so but if you want to use a third party integration, which is obviously highly recommended because it allow...

s you to throw those leads into a workflow and manage them in your crm and all that good stuff. Um That's the best way to do it. So let's go ahead and set it up with a male chimp account. Just go ahead and click on mail chimp and you're able to use a male chimp api key which you could get or you could use the o off integration that unbound actually pretty recently added. So we'll click that you enter in your credentials for your mail chip account and if you don't have one, go ahead to mail chimp dot com and create one. It's free to create an account and you click log in. Unbound is gonna pull all your different lists in male chimP lists are just basic kind of buckets of users that you create inside mail chimP that could be used with different campaigns, different traffic sources. So I created a test list. So I'll select the test list which means that people who submit their information through this form will go on to my test list and you have the option of sending leads a confirmation email, a welcome email which is from one bounced. Or I will configure an auto responder manually and mail chimp, which is what I'm gonna do, I don't want to bounce sending anybody anything. Um it's gonna be basically used internally and if we want to create a workflow for cold leads, we could do that. So go ahead and click continue unbound and doing all this stuff in the background. So you see this is like super easy. Right? And now we want to configure our field mapping and always make sure to configure your field mapping. Don't assume that this was done for you. Um perfectly based on the defaults. So we have first name is going to first name, last name going to last name, email. These are the unbounded field and this is the male chimp field, email, right? Phone number is not mapped. So we're gonna need to create a map for phone number. Um And there's no phone number field on this list itself. We're gonna have to go into male chip and do that I. P. Address. I don't need to map that. Um Page I. D. Is good. Unbound variant. Right? So it's gonna tell me which submissions came from, which variant? I don't need to have the submission time. I don't care about that submission date is great page U. R. L. I don't really need to pay the U. R. L. Either because I know the U. R. L. On this page. So the one thing I want to do is make sure I have a phone number fields, I'm gonna jump over into male chimp. So I'm inside my mail chIMP account under lists, under my test list. And I'm going to click on settings and list fields and merge tags. Okay, this is where we're gonna set up additional fields. So we're gonna go ahead and create a new field by clicking at a field. And that field is going to be a number field because we're gonna be doing phone number, I'll title this simply phone number and I'll call this phone over here and it's going to be required safe changes. Once I've seen the changes in the mail chimp by adding that field. I'm gonna jump back into un bounce. And we're gonna have to click done and then refresh it and open it up again because then it'll pull that new phone number field, so go ahead again, click on configure field mapping and now phone number will be able to go to phone. Okay, beautiful. So everything looks like it's mapped, first name, last name, email, phone, are the essentials, the page ideas, the variant and the date and click done now, everything should be good. Right, so we just want to test this to make sure it's working. So I'm gonna open up my page, you don't have to re publish your page once you set up third party integrations. Alright, so that's all saved as is I'm gonna go over here, do a submission johnny smith johnny boy at hotmail dot com. Let's say fake number and submit the form, we'll get to thank you. And now if everything is working correctly with the integration momentarily back and un bounced, we should see our subscriber join this list, right goes through and bounce and bounce integrated with male chimp doesn't happen in a moment, but there it goes right, that was far less than a minute. So johnny boy at hotmail dot com, john smith on bounty page I. D variant was a right, we know are this was the champion variant, the date of submission. The phone number. Okay, so this phone number should not be a number field to probably be turned into a text field come back over here. One more cool thing I want to show you is is relevant to our instance. Right? So just going around and doing all these different tests. We've we've seen a lot of views, we've done a few different tests, emissions. Um What I really want to do is reset my stats before I run my PPC campaign. So you can do that right over here, reset my stats. Everything goes back to zero. We're starting off from a fresh slate. Okay, That's a cool thing definitely to, to work on. I can view my leads again as you can see all the different leads that have come in, different tests that we've run. And that's a basic overview of how to integrate Your son bounced forms with a 3rd party marketing partner and also how to view leads, generate a CSP of the leads or email yourself new leads. Right, so pretty simple. Easy tools to use that will help you obviously market to your leads and follow up with your leads as they start pouring in when you're ready to create a new page altogether. Right? It could be a new U. R. L. A. New domain. Um You just always go back and click click this green button to create new pages. Um and then you can once again start off with the template and take this whole thing again and you can continue to add new domains once you start adding lots of domains per client, you'll see all your different domains here, you can manage then you can delete them, remember you're getting charged $5 per domain. You can add users to your account under the user's window And one cool thing I do want to show you under the settings window which is something which amounts also recently added is this labs feature that allows you to enable in line text editing which instead of having to double click on text and use their text interface you could actually just edit text in line. We will have automatic spellcheck and sometimes it's a simpler interface depending on what people want. I'm just used to it one way so I never end up enabling it but you can definitely experiment and see how that looks. So back to your pages. This is going to be ultimately your list of all the different pages you have in your account under any given client. If you just have one client is gonna be your default client but that's basically un bounced under the settings wheel over here you're able to edit the Champion variant preview page. You could duplicate the actual entire page including its variants. Um you can copy the page, two different client, you could download the html and the CSS on the page and you can delete the page. Those are all different things. You could do. Another cool thing is I've done this a few times on theme forest dot com. You can actually buy some more sophisticated pre built on bounced landing pages if you buy them. I think they're like 10 to 20 bucks each. You could upload them over here. Um and if you don't, you know, you could use other third party templates that other designers have created. It's definitely a fun thing to work with. But that's basically what we need to cover with one bouncer now. So we've built through an entire page. We talked about the design, we talked about the aesthetics, we set up the form submission, we set up our conversion goal, we set up a few different variants and now it's time to actually start running PPC campaigns. Right, So I'm going to actually begin either probably within the next few days actually running campaigns to this page, I'm gonna be tracking form submissions. I'm gonna be giving the leads off to my friend in this business and the idea here is to come back and start analyzing results and learning how to analyze the results of our actual A. B. Test. I'm very interested to see how your landing pages look. I'm very interested in giving you feedback so you can upload links to your designs in the comment section and the question to answer for him. I just please keep all those types of questions and and requests for feedback or analysis in the Q and a forum. Um If you ever do need a private message mean you can but just to be questions not related to course material and you know, just try to keep all the course material related questions inside the student forum on the lecture by lecture basis. If you have any questions, if anything was unclear, don't hesitate to ask. I definitely hope that you enjoyed this process of building a landing page together with me. I hope I was able to convey some of my own thought processes and I hope that you'll be able to now go into a tool like un bounce and really start designing better. Landing pages more effective landing pages, landing pages that are gonna convert better. That'll be clear. That will be more effective. And ultimately your traffic acquisition campaigns, whether they be from S. C. O. Or PPC or email marketing or content marketing will be that much more effective. That much more profitable because your landing pages are now converting a higher percentage of your visitors. So with that I say goodbye for now and I look forward to seeing you guys very, very soon.

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a Creativelive Student

Great Job!! Isaac's energy is contagious, he is insightful and engaging. It is a lost of valuable content and I feel I learned so much from him in this short time. He is a reason I will end up with the subscription so I can watch this course again along side of his other courses. My only complaint was live streaming kept turning off and I missed information.

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