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Wester Computer Audit (Part 1)

Lesson 46 from: Creating High Converting Landing Pages

Isaac Rudansky

Wester Computer Audit (Part 1)

Lesson 46 from: Creating High Converting Landing Pages

Isaac Rudansky

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46. Wester Computer Audit (Part 1)


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Wester Computer Audit (Part 1)

just to introduce kind of an overview of the different aspects I want to be focusing on. Um, the first thing we're gonna take a look at is is site speed. And I'll just tell you off the bat, the site speed is pretty good. There's a couple of things that you could definitely work on, but that's if there's an, if we ever do uncover an issue with site speed, it is a major deal and um, it's important to fix it. The next topic we're gonna talk about is production quality and first impressions. So many studies have shown that that visitors will make a very quick subconscious first impression of your site, like literally within 100 milliseconds. So we want to make sure that that initial emotional feeling that a person has about your business is very positive and that's what we refer to as production quality. What is that first initial aesthetic sense that a person gets from landing on the page next. The most important thing. Um, we're gonna dive into is the clarity of the headlines, sub headli...

nes, text and calls to action and then different best practices when it comes to formatting the text for the web. We want to analyze effective copy. We want to look for volume of text, understanding where the upstream traffic came from. Who to optimize for this idea of being um contextually aware or contextually perceptive. Uh, and then we want to move into talking about trust elements and security, how people get how people feel about the validity of Western computer, the legitimacy of you as a company working to see if we could figure that out and and improve the trust and and securities to trust security sense that a visitor would get fonts, colors and graphics is another crucial element when it comes to the aesthetic layout of the page, graphical graphical content matching up um, in a logical way with the actual content of the page. And then just an overall sense of intuitiveness, ease of use, structure and clarity. So let's take a look at um, let's, let's let's start off by talking about site speed as far as you know, the first thing we'll kind of dive into here. Overall site speed is very good. There's a few issues. One of the issues that I had mentioned that we, that we have found is um, loading optimized images. So some of the images that you're loading, especially some of these icons, some of the logos you have in the footer, um, are very large images that are being served smaller, but it's always a best practice to make sure that you optimize the images and serve the proper size images. This is the proper size image that's going to be displayed on the page. That's a big aspect here. Um, moving on from there, let's, let's talk about the more important things such as production quality first impressions when I first come to this site. When a user first lands on the site, there's an overall feeling that it's a polished site. So the production quality, the, the initial aesthetics is not too bad. It's not too far off. But once we start diving into things a little bit further, we wanted to we run into bigger issues. When I first land on the site, there's an initial sense of just feeling lost. I don't really understand. I don't really know what's going on. I have a big blank image over here. Right, And excuse my sloppiness of the pen. This blank image is a nice image, but it doesn't tell me much, it doesn't tell me much about Western computer. I look at the logo. This is area of the site is where I get that identity and I see a Western computer. I don't know if you sell computers. Um, I don't know if you repair computers. I don't know if you're a networking company, I just don't know what you do and that's a big problem. So, one way to solve that is by adding a tag line. Okay, so tagline is something which is often overlooked by a company, but it's something which is a very big asset because it's, it's a small bit of text that's clear to the point. It's not marketing text, it's not like, you know, bigger, better, faster, reliable. It's it's supposed to be a mission statement, not a mission statement per se, but it should convey what you actually do. Okay, that's, that's really what a um, a good tagline accomplishes. Now we have a blank image, there's it's never good to have so much space on the site, especially on a smaller screen around a laptop, I'm on a wide screen, so we get some content below the fold. Um but it's never really good to have so much space that is not taken up by meaningful content because this is where my eyes go to first to learn about this site and I don't get that information, I don't really know what the site is about. My eyes, then go to contact us and support. Those are two different calls to action and then lower down, I see live chat. Um and this is confusing. Um If I wanted to get in touch with you, do I do I use this call to action? It's the support. Um for me, do I need, do I need to speak to support? Is it better to do a live chat? So there's three different calls to action that all have the same visual appeal, which is the problem and we'll talk about that in a minute. Okay, moving forward down into the content so I don't I feel lost, I don't really know what's what this page, this specific pages about and more importantly, I don't feel comfortable that I'm gonna be able to find the information that I need on this page. I see a one block of content here. That's very text heavy. Um Once again we have a big area on the top of the site that doesn't give me any information and immediately one starts to get a sense, I'm not really sure where in the site I am and I'm not really sure what this page is about and I'm not so confident, I'm gonna be able to find the information that I'm looking for here. We have a headline distribution now because there's no context that was provided for distribution here. Um we start to get a little bit lost. And what do you mean by distribution? What are you distributing? Who are you distributing for? Where are you distributing? What does this distribution have to do with me? So that's a big issue that needs to be solved. The clarity of the headlines here are are lacking tremendously. Um, And here's the first thing that actually gives some information the sub headline on the page and it's not the first thing someone sees. We're looking at one two three For and the 5th thing someone eyes go to is a sub headline that still doesn't give me the clearest amount of information solutions for the wholesale distribution industry. But what kind of solutions there should be this kind of confusion is why corporate websites and companies that are offering complex products like Western computer and especially a page like this, that is very industry specific. We're trying to give information for people in a specific industry. That's where a secondary navigation comes into handy over here, a menu that can give people some more information like about how this product works, um the solutions for the specific industry and they can navigate right from here um and have a much clearer option. So let's just jump over to the white board and um just just to point out now it's pretty cool. Um we don't we don't usually do this, but but I went ahead and created a Photoshop document with some of these ideas that will go through in a little bit, but here we are in the white board, so here's what I'm proposing. Um you know, this is right right below the navigation. So here's our first box, right, so this box should be Mhm This box should be, you know, it could be a background image, a light background image, a graphical content that has to do, but it should be, your headline headline has to be the first thing somebody sees and that headline must tell a person what this page is about. And there should probably be a sub headline over here as well in that first section. And the sub headline should be clarifying the headline, giving a little bit more context identifying with the person below. What would be great to have is this secondary navigation, our content and a clearly defined action block with our call to action and this is going to set up the overall structure of a really powerful page. So we'll have second navigation um we'll have our body content over here, and this is going to be our clear call to action. Well, what we call our action block, where there'll be a, you know, a clear button. One simple call to action and everything on this page has to support this call to action being the next logical step in the process.

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a Creativelive Student

Great Job!! Isaac's energy is contagious, he is insightful and engaging. It is a lost of valuable content and I feel I learned so much from him in this short time. He is a reason I will end up with the subscription so I can watch this course again along side of his other courses. My only complaint was live streaming kept turning off and I missed information.

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