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Landscapes and Light

Lesson 9 of 12

Understand & Work With Good and Almost Good Light

Matt Kloskowski

Landscapes and Light

Matt Kloskowski

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Lesson Info

9. Understand & Work With Good and Almost Good Light

Lesson Info

Understand & Work With Good and Almost Good Light

good and almost good. Like so this is kind of what I was talking about before. This is just your run of the mill. You walk up to a nice location Sunrise, sunset. This is your good light it when you see all the other stuff to me, these air nice photos. But it's like they don't take that step above all right, because the light is good, but it's not spectacular. You know, you're not seeing any any crazy things going on, but still good. Like I'm still really happy if I get there and it's better than a sock, then day that just everything's flat. Good, like clear sky. A little bit of warmth again. Not a cloud in the sky barely warm. Sereno, this is, you know, half hour, 45 minute, maybe an hour after sunrise. Still nice. Still warm sun still low in the sky There still good things to shoot. You still have warm light, so don't don't let that time waste Think about what the sun's gonna think about the lighting you're gonna have when the sun rises. What do you want to shoot? To get that first li...

ght. And then now you can start picking apart some of these little scenes that might be around you and and get some that That's still nice. Warm light that happens to be in there again. Good. Almost good. So that we took this. I put this in here because I want to show you this one almost good. Took this. We did the bus ride on. If you talked about the bus on the way up here, um, took the bus on the way up here. We stopped at a location and, like photo challenge, make something happen. And so there's this water. If I stood on the edge, I couldn't get that log in the foreground cause it was over here and it was in the water. And then I saw the sun was going down over there. But the only place I could shoot was this way. So I went out into the water and turn this way. Got the law, got the sun in the trees and my winning an award with it. No, but it's where we were were traveling. This is the location that we were at. Make a photo happen, right? It's not the best like, but it's not horrible. The sun still getting down lower in the sky and the, you know, the post processing. I mean, it's It's just a repeat of everything that you just saw weakened. Drastically change this photo by open in the shadows, pulling back our highlights a little bit. Whites, blacks, a little bit of clarity, little saturation warming up. And then, through a nice light vignette on there, I'll probably hit the lens. Correction is just cause I think there's already there. We go through a nice little vignette on there, but we can make a shot from it. That's before after, Okay, I probably maybe going a photo shop. Clean up a couple of those little spots there, but we could make a shot from It's almost good light again. You're where you are when you're gonna be there. We got to do something. So look for things. Look for the son. Look for, you know, foreground. Try to put the sun on the edge of something, if that's what you get, and that's that's what you have

Class Description

In Landscapes and Light, Matt covers all of the different types of natural light you'll encounter while shooting landscape photography out in the field. 

There isn’t much you can do to influence the light Mother Nature provides on any given day, but you can learn how to work with it. In this class, Matt will show you amazing tips for how to capture the best possible light when shooting, and he’ll discuss the best tools for post-processing and making the most out of any outdoor photo shoot.


Trisha Davis

A lot of helpful tips and tricks to get the shot you need, even if you arent in the perfect location at the perfect time. There is beauty everywhere, you dont always have to travel to find it. Overall I enjoy Matt's classes because he stays on topic and speaks clearly.


Excellent class. I especially appreciated the specifics of what types of subjects work best in each light, as well as the Lightroom tweaks that work best with each. This is a very helpful guide.


I have been looking for this specific type of information. I love the outdoors and have always wanted to be able to capture it. Great course. The examples really helped and loved the part about blah weather. I really needed that because I would just stay home and not shoot on those days. Now I feel inspired to go out in any weather. Thanks.