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Landscapes and Light

Lesson 12 of 12

Understand & Work With Mid-day Light

Matt Kloskowski

Landscapes and Light

Matt Kloskowski

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12. Understand & Work With Mid-day Light

Lesson Info

Understand & Work With Mid-day Light

midday. Probably one of the hardest. What works? Clouds puffy clouds in the sky. If you have two canyons, canyons where you're in a canyon and the light can be shining down into it long exposures, location, location, location. So I'm gonna run through some photos here as we wrap up. But these are all midday. This is a canyon. This is a slot canyon. So the sun's coming through and it's hitting all the missed. So midday works here, Sunrise or sunset. I'd never got in that shot. I wouldn't got the beams going through midday. 11 in the morning. Two o'clock. Look how high the sun is. So what All those previous images have in common. Location, location, location. If you're stuck shooting midday, you have to be stuck shooting something cool looking. You just have to be. If you're not, if you're going to go to the local park, you're not gonna get so Location, location, location. You can make something happen midday. Use the sun, puffy clouds do something there. And then and then I wanted to pu...

t this in because I wanted to show you the difference between midday and and the light in color. So this photo was taken with my IPhone at my kid's football practice. It's like a parking lot and light poles over there. I posted it on my public Facebook page. This isn't my friend. Put my public one. It got 2100 lakes in an hour. That's a lot for me. Like, are you supposed to photo and get like 100 or two at 20? 100? Likes in an hour on that photo? You know why? It was the light? I didn't have location, but people love the light. Okay, so that light can be Everything can be all part of the photo if you don't have it. It's got to be about the location. You have to be someplace cool. Put them both together. He had great photos, but one last photo tip here. Long exposures. This one's kind of cool. I did this in Seattle about a year ago. Looked up. This is 12 noon. Looked up. Picture clouds put my neutral density filter on, slowed it down. So now the clouds air streaky. The little black and white conversion makes something. Okay, you can have fun with it. It's not ideal. Not what we set out to shoot that day. But we make something from okay.

Class Description

In Landscapes and Light, Matt covers all of the different types of natural light you'll encounter while shooting landscape photography out in the field. 

There isn’t much you can do to influence the light Mother Nature provides on any given day, but you can learn how to work with it. In this class, Matt will show you amazing tips for how to capture the best possible light when shooting, and he’ll discuss the best tools for post-processing and making the most out of any outdoor photo shoot.

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Trisha Davis

A lot of helpful tips and tricks to get the shot you need, even if you arent in the perfect location at the perfect time. There is beauty everywhere, you dont always have to travel to find it. Overall I enjoy Matt's classes because he stays on topic and speaks clearly.


Excellent class. I especially appreciated the specifics of what types of subjects work best in each light, as well as the Lightroom tweaks that work best with each. This is a very helpful guide.


I have been looking for this specific type of information. I love the outdoors and have always wanted to be able to capture it. Great course. The examples really helped and loved the part about blah weather. I really needed that because I would just stay home and not shoot on those days. Now I feel inspired to go out in any weather. Thanks.