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What To Expect

Lesson 2 from: Launch, Market and Monetize a Podcast

Sam Laliberte

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Lesson Info

2. What To Expect

Lesson Info

What To Expect

So what can you expect from the next few hours together? Well I'm going to start off with this course about the state of podcasting today. So what is the size of the market? Who's listening to podcasts? What is the behavior that they have that's going to be really relevant to you to consider when you're launching your show. Then we're going to talk about formatting your podcast. So we're gonna talk about the different styles, solo podcast, interview style and what types of factors you can be considering when you're deciding what shows for you. We'll talk about picking a genre, we'll talk about the timing and the cadence and how regularly you should put out your show. Then we're going to talk about the tech and the equipment. In my experience, working with hundreds of aspiring podcasters, this seems to be the biggest hiccup that's throwing them off for getting the show off the ground. I can totally relate. It was the same experience for me even launching this online course. If you follo...

w me on instagram, I did a lot of behind the scenes of what the hell am I doing, figuring out this mic, the studio light, learning something technical is super challenging and I want to be your resource to make it so simple so that you can just say, okay SAm, that sounds great. I'm going to get that. I used to call it the core four, but I recently figured out there's 1/5 step, so it's the core five in tech equipment, you're going to learn it. It's going to be so simple then I'm gonna show you how to actually edit a podcast episode. I'm going to make it so simple with a demonstration. I'm gonna in real time record an episode for you and then I'm going to show you how to edit it. I'll share my screen. It won't just be me here and it's going to be so simple. You can always come back to that when you're actually ready to edit your first episode, you have access to this entire course for life. Next we're gonna talk about how you distribute your podcast. How do you get it on Apple podcast? How do you get it on Spotify? What is an rss feed and why does that matter to me? I'm going to make that seem so simple for you and it's going to be a one step process every time you have a new episode to release, then we're going to talk about podcast marketing. So how can I get not just me, my mom, my friends, my sister, that girl from high school to listen to your show, how can we reach a broader audience and what type of techniques really work to do that? We're going to talk about monetizing your podcast. So if you're listening to this and you're like, I don't really want to make money from my podcast. You're probably lying. Every single person I know has been interested in how you can monetize it in some way and there's so many different ways that that looks and I'm going to show you all of them. I'm going to tell you what I do, some step by step processes and also some things that I chose not to do, but I know a lot of people that are doing it and it's totally right for them and including this course are a number of pro tips that came just for me. These are not things that I found on the internet that I've heard work. These are things that I tried that I came up with that are amazing as well as my secret sauce. So things that I've been doing, things that I know will work for you and I'm going to share a step by step process. So you can totally steal the idea and repeat it for you as well. What will we not be covering in this course? I'm not going to tell you about things that cost a lot of money. Okay. There are ways to have a bigger audience and get this off the ground much quicker. You know, you can put out thousands and thousands of dollars of advertising to get your show heard. You can sponsor conferences like the podcast movement or be part of world podcast day. There are lots of things you can do, you can pay a really high profile celebrity to come on your show and post about it. That you get a ton of downloads. That's cool. But this course is designed for people who are scrappy, who want to do it on a budget. So head on to the next video, where we're going to talk about the state of podcasting as it is today.

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Armando Cartaya

Big Up's to Sam Laliberte, awesome course. I have been podcasting since 2020 and I took the course to improve my podcast structure along with my marketing skills and for sure it paid off. I learned so much in this course that I have been applying it to my podcast and how I promote the show. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is podcasting or thinking about it. Thank You Sam putting on the right track. Great tip on Instagram, thanks.

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