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Podcast Genres

Lesson 7 from: Launch, Market and Monetize a Podcast

Sam Laliberte

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7. Podcast Genres

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Podcast Genres

in this section, We're going to talk about picking a genre for your podcast. So when you upload your podcast for the first time and you are signing up for it to be on Apple podcast, for example, really there is a genre category that you need to pick. Apple currently has 16 different categories. They are making some changes That you would choose a predominant category and then you can actually pick a subcategory. So there's 16 different ones. Currently. You definitely want to look those up ahead of time, but you actually want to be a bit more intentional about that. For example, my podcast, it's called the freedom lifestyle, I interview people who are entrepreneurs, digital nomads, freelancers, consultants, people who are working for themselves. What genre do you think my podcast is in? You might think business right, well actually I didn't actually put it in business, I put it in society and culture and the reason why is that you want to also look at how crowded each category is. If yo...

u're trying to get featured in any of the top 100 charts, you really want to look at what type of categories have a lot of shows already that you might not feel comfortable competing with. In my case, I did not want to compete with the tim ferris's and master of scale and the Seth Godin's and all of these really successful business podcasts. I really wanted to set myself up for success. So I tried to look at less crowded genres for me, society and culture is my predominant category. And then my subcategory is places and travel. The reason why for that is of course a lot about my show is being able to work wherever and whenever I'm trying to be a digital nomad myself. Thank you for supporting this courses as part of that journey of helping people working online, including myself. So thank you again for that. And for that reason, places and travel made sense for a sub category for me, if you're trying to decide between two categories, I would definitely pick the one that's less crowded. What do you think the most crowded category is out of all of them? It's actually religion. So religion is the most crowded category. It has the most amount of shows, it has the most amount of episodes in it. The second one is music followed by comedy and the religion and Christianity. One is so popular that it actually has twice the amount of episodes and shows than music and comedy combined. So there's a lot of competition in that space and it's something that you want to be paying attention to. So I'll definitely include a link at the bottom of this video with more information on what categories are pretty crowded. Apple has been making a lot of changes to the categories lately. They probably always will. And so that's something that you always want to be mindful of this year. They've added true crime as a new dominant category and then they've added entrepreneurship, which is so exciting as a subcategory of business. They've also added relationships as a subcategory of society and culture. So if you haven't launched your show yet, and those categories seem like a fit for you, maybe you want to be one of the first shows that are in those and try to get into those charts.

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Armando Cartaya

Big Up's to Sam Laliberte, awesome course. I have been podcasting since 2020 and I took the course to improve my podcast structure along with my marketing skills and for sure it paid off. I learned so much in this course that I have been applying it to my podcast and how I promote the show. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is podcasting or thinking about it. Thank You Sam putting on the right track. Great tip on Instagram, thanks.

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